4th Sunday of Lent Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 27th March 2022 4thSUNinLENT : C

1. JOSH5·9-12

  • Read 5·1-12! Entering Canaan’ another realisation of TheParting-of-TheSea!
  • Circumcision of the ‘wilderness males’! another Consecration-to-Yahweh’
  • The ‘Shame-of-Egypt’ is removed for the men! but what of the women?
  • Why is it said three-times in this excerpt, that they ate food from Canaan?
  • TheManna stoppt falling! What is hinted here? Blessing or curse? (Read EXOD16!)
  • When&how did I reject mollycoddling, &become an adultChristian?
  • &Ifl I settle in ‘Canaan’, can I still ‘love-Yahweh-with-all-my-heart’?

2. THE PSALM: 33:2-7

  • Read 33(34):1-22! Enthusiastic testimony of one-devoted-to-Yahweh,

about HisCare&Protection! But is He ‘inside-like-breath’? Or ‘outside-like-a-king’?

  • What does Yahweh benefit from all the adulation&impetration?
  • Is Discerning&SpeakingTruth encouraged (or not!) in myChurch&Commumty?
  • How do I imagine ‘praying for favours’ actually ‘works’?
  • In my local church, what is the palpable equivalent of ‘Yahweh/TheLord’?
  • ‘Terror !’· What are ‘TheTwelveSorts-of-Terror’ that assail me as an adult?

3. 2COR5·17-21

  • Read 4:1 – 6:12! His strikingly-enthusiastic apologia as a preacher!
  • Can I express in 35 words my Understanding&Experience of being ‘In-Christ’?
  • “‘Reconciliation!’: Is this easier ‘between-us&God’, or ‘between-us&others’?
  • How am I valuing&attaining ‘reconciliation’ between disparate parts of myself?
  • “‘Sin!’: How could even ‘God’ make ‘TheSinLessOne (Himself?) into Sin’?
  • TheGoodnessOfGod! Us? what an extravagant illusion! Or maybe we’re showing it?

4. LK15.1-3, 11-32

  • What other ‘Father&TwoSons’ stories in TheBible?
  • What interpretations have I been given for this Jesus-narrative?
  • Is there an impression too, that ‘Father&SonTransactions’ are paramount?
  • Which of these three men is most biblical, most realistic, most cunning?
  • “If the property was actually ‘divided’, why is the elder son so ‘impoverished’?
  • Imagine a very frank exchange between these three very self-centred men’

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Mam droppt Effie at the little farmhouse for her regular Thursday-visit! &as she began the awkward awkard of turning the LandRover in the street, Gran waved her to hold it! ‘Madge, I nearly forgot’ How’s Samantha after her hard bout a’ flu? she musta been weeks…’ ‘Gran, she’s really bounced back’ She’s put on so much condition, in fact, she laffs, “I’ve got like the fatted calf! I better watch, or they’ll feed me to the younger son!”, that’s Boysie’s brother, who’s an even worse pain-in-the­ winda’ than Boysie!’ &Off she sped in a hall of gravel! Back in the kitchen, Effie waited til Gran set out the stuff for the ritual making-of-bread ! Then she moved her give-out! ‘Gran!’ ‘Yes, luveen?’ ‘The fatted calf? Why’d Sam think they’d feed her to Midgie?’ ‘In the old days, the people kept a special calf, in case someone important turned up an’ had to be fed!’ ‘Or a chickkie, or a nice loafie?’ ‘Yes’ an’ Jesus said that God has a special..’ ‘Fatted herinn’, Gran?’ ‘…for you, Effie.. ‘ ‘..an’ you, Gran!’ ‘. not just a fatted calf or herrin’…’ … but a fatted everythin’! great great!!’

6. RIDDLE  TheFather! FoolKnaveSaintDitherer, or what?

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