15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 11 July 2021 (’00): 15th SUN in ORDINARY : B

1. AMOS7 12-15

  • Read 1:1- 9:15! TheClaim of this terrifying prophet! ‘Yahweh will vindcate   His Moral-Imperatives  by every imaginable natural&historical disaster!’
  • Mid 8th Cent BC, The Holy Land was divided into Judah (south) & Israel (north)!
  •  Prophet’: Declares by Word & Action TheWill of a divinity, say Yahweh or Baal!
  • Who are the prophets of Mammon&Aphrodite&Dionysus&cet in Irish Society?
  • How would I know that Yahweh’ was calling me to become ‘His Prophet’? &Have I any conception of what it would entail, for my safety&health&career?
  • How is my Church contriving to neutralise ‘unwelcome or interfere with prophets’?

2. THE PSALM: 84:9-14

  • Read 84(85).1-13(14)! Why was ‘Yahweh thought to have effective control over  the processes of nature & history & politics?&Why was all-this ‘Justice-related’?
  • ‘Peace!’: The ‘Fullness-of-Life’ imagined & yearned at a particular juncture!
  • Mercy FaithfulnessJusticePeace! The ingredients & Concomitants of ‘Covenant’!
  • How is covenant understood & valued & actualised & monitored in my Community?
  • If I were ‘Yahweh’, what would be my Agenda for the local church of Armagh?

3. EPHl.3-14 ·

  • The ‘Of&In&Through&UnderChrist SluaghGairm  for another UrgentWrestle!
  •  ‘Christ!’: The Will to Universal Reconciliation embodied in Jesus (&Disciples… )
  • How was Paul initiated into knowledge & actualisation of this Plan&Mystery?
  • But is this rhetoric relevant or credible in contemporary Capitalist Society?

4. MK6:7-13

  • ‘The Unclean Spirits/Devils!’: Various ‘dynamic Breaths’ (representing social& psychological& somatic & other factors) imagined to infest people & cause ‘illness’!
  • ‘How do I visualise this ‘Authority Over’ passing from Jesus to The Twelve?
  • These extremely spare& Spartan Mission Orders! Any equivalent nowadays?
  • Is ‘The HomelessBeggingItinerantPreacher’ currently the Offer of ‘Repentance’?
  • Repentance! Voluntary Total Transfer-of-Allegiance from Mammon to Yahweh!
  • But seriously, is all this story anything more than a vaguely edifying fairytale?
  • Which ‘Pairs” in  my Community are being addressed in this excerpt?

5. The presence & action of the Blessed One, is it like this?

What about this new mission-initiative? I hear they’re to be called ‘Staffers’ since only they’ll have a staff of blackthorn, & clothes from Oxfam!’ The Practicing Sceptic spoke casually, but interested! ‘Or is it all as yet under wraps? Spring it on the plebs?’ After a will-I won’t- I pause, The Official Believer responded, as if to a child, ‘No, as far as I’m aware there’s nothing in the pipeline! perhaps someone was heard quoting from the missionary discourse in one of the Synoptics .. ‘ ‘Oh, like Augustine conveniently   overhearing …’   … & fabricated   a   caricature, so as to   subvert the forthcoming diocesan mission. ‘ ‘You mean, they will have bread & haversack, &coppers in their purse?’ ‘Of course! All those words of Our Divine Lord are inspired allegorical… ‘ ‘But will they get to stay in the houses? Ah shake the dust from under their feet?’  ‘Listen, it’s inspired & allegorical & a-child-of-its time! OK?’  ‘OK,  Bossuet!
I just thought I’d heard an interesting initiative! Fine,  fine….. Everything’s in hand…!”

6. RIDDLE    Which is more needed in my Church?

Piety. Controversy, or Authority?

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14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

                  Sunday 4thJuly 2021   14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B (’00)

1.Ezek 2 2-5

  • Read 1:1-3:27 InauguralVision&Mindset&InnerExperience&SelfImage of a 6th.centBC maleHebrew ‘Mouth-ofYahweh!’ Familiar? Or…
  • Who now experiences ‘Yahweh’ in these terms? Whatever about our pretensions as we ‘quote from Ezekiel’ or ‘listen to the reading’ offered here without context!
  • What is actually impressed in myCommunity by the slogan, ‘Yahweh says this!?’
  • ’ Son-of-Man!’: This term, meaning ‘human being,’ came to carry a value-added significance, ‘Heaven’sDefinitiveRepresentative!’ (Who, me? Nah, Jesus…)
  • Which ‘Human’ represents ‘Yahweh’ in my socio-religious world if not ‘ThePoorDispossessedExploitedGayDetrited!’ (Read Matthew25: 31-46)

2. THE PSALM 122:1-4

* Yahweh imagined as a monarch or judge who perhaps raises up the trampled!

* Why does ‘Yahweh’ (especially if he’s identified with ‘God!’) seem to be so impotent concerning the rampant misery&oppression in our world?

* ‘Servants&Slaves’ Mistresses&Lords!’: Has this aristocratic modelling of TheYahweh&DiscipleRelation also encouraged complacency&passivity in us?

3. 2COR 12 :7-10

* Read 11: 1-12:21  If this is the lot of a ‘real apostle,’ who’d want such ‘reality?’

* Could I be as ‘indiscreet’ as Paul about my ‘religious&spiritual intimacies?’

* What are my most egregious ‘weaknesses’ as adult&christian? Whom are these inflicted-on? Whom are they shared-with-for-grace?

* Do church ministers dissimulate their ‘weakness’ under cloaks of ‘authority’ & ‘reverence?’ Any prospect of ‘outing’ oneself as creatively as Paul does here?

* ‘Thorn!’ What 20ConcreteAspects of my experience actually ‘TestMyFaith?’

4. MK6: 1-6

* Read Matthew 13:54-58, Luke4: 16-30 What gets emphasised&nuanced&transformed?

* In 45 words, what impressed&offended the Nazarenes about Jesus?

* By what ‘criteria’ did they estimate the worth of His ‘Words&Works?’

* What 5 criteria enable me to judge the value of ‘Teachers-in-TheSynagogue?’

* How do I distinguish between ‘Miracle’ & ‘Healing’ & ‘Cure?’

* ‘Faith!’ A disciple’s will to See&Respond To Yahweh’sNeed in every situation?

* In myChurch, what ‘prophets’ are ‘despised?’ Why? & What can I do?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Y’know what, Gertie…’I was just about t’…’ ‘…in my day, they were always gettin’ up an’ speakin’ out about ever’thin!’ dancin’at lent, or th’ unions, or th’ motherin’ child…’ ‘Cissie, my fella’s an awful man! A smell o’ them an’ he’s off full-cock!

“James Connolly was th’ last o’ the profits! Them boys knows nothin’ about th’ rale m’coy! Goin’ round in their nighties!” ‘All I do is…’ ‘Gertie, aren’t y’ lucky the neighbours can’t hear ‘im, he’s such a squeaky! My fella’s worse, ‘cos when it comes on ‘im, he goes outside in th’ street!’ ‘Cissie, when I was small, this preacher from th’ North usedta stand on th’ corner, shoutin’ about our sins! But he never came inta th’ street, he never got th’ OK!’ ‘Gertie, aren’t we unfortunate nowadays! All-that’s dried-up both sides o’ th’ fence! At least we’ve got mouth o’ bones on th’ TV!’ ‘Cissie! At least we’ll get a bit of a laff before we croak for good!’ ‘Ha ha! Croak for good!’

6. Riddle: Which? LieLow, PretendInterest, or BecomeInvolved?  

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13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

                                     Sunday 27thJune 2021    13th Sunday in Ordinary Time : B (’00)

  1. WIS1: 13-15; 23-24
  2. Read1:1-3:19! Threatening&reassuring&selfconfident mindset of TheScribes!
  3. The Origin&andNature&Purpose of ‘death’ in general? & especially my-own!
  4. What if I compare the worldview represented in this excerpt (and derived from Gen 1-3) with the scientific worldview of contemporary Biology & Cosmology?
  5. The Devil’s Envy! How to express this inscrutable factor in modern language?
  6. How to discern ‘TheDevil’sPartners’ (Remembering The SalemTrials 1692)?
  7. Sure, give-up on Satan&Co! But how to deal with what’s called ‘evil’?
  8. Sure, insist on ‘Satan’sReality’! but how to separate-out trolls and bogeymen?
  9. How does the writer ‘know’ that ‘man’ was made imperishable?
  10. THE PSALM : 29:2, 4-6, 11-13
  11. Read 29(30): 1-12(13)! Poignant evocation of life’s fragility & Yahweh’s fidelity!
  12. ‘TheDead/TheGrave!’ She’ol, the underworld abode of those who’ve died!
  13. Situations of DangerIllnessIsolationLoss could be termed TheDead or ‘She’ol!’
  14. From my experience of dealing with ‘Yahweh,’ is this psalm ‘wishful thinking?’
  15. Another reminder that, biblically, ‘Name’ means something like ‘Power!

3     2COR8.7, 9, 13-15

  • Read 8:1-24! Exploration&recommendation of ‘generosity!’
  • How are the poor in my local church being identified and supported?
  • What excuses are Irish Christians making, so as to avoid the ‘work of mercy?’
  • Read Exodus16! ‘Heaven’sGenerosity’ with ‘meat&bread!’ But, is there a catch?
  • To what extent is my Community strenuously inculcated in interdependence, and the various recriprocities in giving&receiving ‘Heaven’sGifts?’
  • In what sense has ‘TheLordJesus made me rich out of HisPoverty?
  • What are the 7PreciousResources I’m being encouraged to be generous with?

4    MK5:21-43

  • Why does MK insert one ‘12year’ story within another ‘12year’ story?
  • ‘Faith!’ Courageous readiness to embrace&deploy ThePower-of Jesus?
  • How and where can I learn this sort of ‘faith?’ Am I encouraged? Do I dare?
  • What ‘interpretations’ have I been given for these nested stories?
  • To what extent is ‘fear’ still part of the stock-in-trade of myChurch?
  • What’s inhibiting me from pushing near to Jesus, to imbibe His’Power?’
  • Or do I still think this is something ‘churchy&holy&fuddyduddy?’
  • What if His’Power’ is unavailable, until someone burns-with-faith?

5     The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Sir! What is the greatest obstacle to faith?’ ‘Friend! Fear is the greatest obstacle to faith!’

‘& what is fear, Sir?’ ‘Friend! The inability to love, that is fear!’ ‘Sir! Tell me this! Why do I still fear, even though I love?’ ‘Friend! Either the love, or the fear, is not real!’ ‘But how will I know?’

‘Whichever you would hold-with, even unto the embrace of death, that is real!’ ‘Oi-veh, Sir! If my fear is of-death, how then will I hold-with love?’ ‘Choose Friend! Since you must die anyway, seek to die to-fear! & Embrace faith-in-love!’ ‘But, Sir!…’ Remember Friend, love and fear will never flourish on the same tree!!’

6.  Riddle :  Which ‘faith’ in sooth? ObeyTheScribe, LearnTheRhetoric, or BurnWithhisPower?

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12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’09)

Sunday 20 June 2021 (’09): 12thSUNinORDINARY · B

1 JOB, 38, 811!

One of the great images from the hardly-ever-read Bookof-Job! Agam&agam in TheBible, Control-of-TheOcean is reckoned one of the essential DivineAttributes…

2. PS106:23-26, 28-31! (All of this expansive psalm deserves at least one read...)

Yes, the ocean waves are trounced! But the crucial word: in every distress, Yahweh is TheOne who will lead us out of every distress! Why doesn’t happen every time...?

3. 2COR5·14-l7!

In 15words, who or what am I actually livingfor? How will I Know-Christ-in-the-Spirit? What will Enable-Me-to-Be-in-Christ, &BE-a-NewCreation…?

4.  Mk: 35-41!

What if in every tight corner, TheMaster encouragingly admonishes His selfstyled disciples, ‘Why are you so scrumped-by-this? How is it you’ve No-Faith?’Wow, Lord! Are you saying that FAITH will enable me to transform every storm…?

RIDDLE! How will puny-me overcome the crushings-of-ocean?

  • In every situation, good or bad, I cast my cares upon TheLord?
  • Realise, that all, or most, emergencies are self-created!
  • Build up a strategy of self-reservation through disciplined prayer!
  • Learn to recite St Patrick’s BreastPlate totally-from-the heart!
  • Enter into The Baptisim-of-TheHolySpirit with utter sincerity!

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11th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’97)

Sunday 13th June 2021(1997): 11th SUN in ORDINARY B

1  EZEK 17:22-24

  • Reads EZEK17:1-24 (&31:1-18)! Yahweh’s claim to be Active&Powerful in the Politics of KingMaking&Exile&Restoration! &In the vital dynamics of ‘Covenant’!
  • ‘Cedar!’: One of the great sacred&secular Trees in the AncientWorld!
  • In what sense is myChurch/Community a Refuge for AllComers?
  • If the Promise attributed to Yahweh is but ‘pious exaggeration&wishful thinking?
  • The threat about ‘The Trees’, what would the equivalent in my world be?

2  2COR5:6-10

  • Read 4:1-5:10! Polemic against our ‘perishing/bodily/earthly’ life!
  • Why is it not considered more virtuous to be ‘in the body, struggling&suffering’?
  • How can this writer claim, ‘to live in the body means to be exiled from TheLord’?
  • Why is his claim not more seriously explored &questioned? rather than left there?
  • Where does he draw his confidence&enthusiasm&energy from?
  • What is the effect on us nowadays of imagining Jesus in the scenario of ‘lawcourt’?

3  MK4:26-34

  • ‘Kingdom of God’!’: The presence&action of the One who was at work in Jesus!
  • ‘Parable!’: A fancy word for yarns images similes he flung about like seed!
  • Why are his disciples not trained now to use metaphor as freely&creatively as He did!
  • What of the fantasy, there was ‘excess meaning’ in parables, reserved for disciples!
  • ‘SeedInSecret!’: Does this sound as if someone ‘helpfully’ expanded it?
  • ‘MustardSeed!’: What if this horticulturally suspect image is really a burlesque! Namely, that the work of Jesus will never really be gigantic! scrawny, rather!

4   The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

One of the most difficult(if not impossible) things, that those who invoked TheName of Foundress struggled to accept, was the possibility that She mightn’t always favour or fructify those who invoked HerName!  In spite of Her greatRiddle that everyone knew and quoted, ‘Being right is nothing, being right is everything!’ &Even tho’ TheOracle reminded TheDevotees , to say nothing to TheConvenors, ‘She is not yours, &perhaps you are Hers…! ‘Whatever about this, the vast majority continued to invoke HerName with unquestioning self-righteousness! ‘Let us have no mawkishness! &Let TheOracle itself keep its feet on the ground! Less of this stirring-up-things!’ &So it continued for Foundress’ loyal ostriches! Until the moment the ground melted away from under both head&feet!  Forever after, it was called TheCriticalRemembrance! TheChiefConvenor of the time, marvellous! was approached by Foundress, &reminded of something that however had slippt thro’ the memory of all!  Her FinalRiddle, delivered 3Days before her DanceAway!

                        Foundress is neither your Past nor your Future!

                        The more Honour the less Honour!

                        The less Honour the more Honour!

                        Foundress is both your Past &your Future!

The Crisis of Faith experienced by TheChiefConvenor was as unprecedented as it was fruitful!  He resigned hisOffice, &began ‘TheNationalMovement to ReEmbrace Foundress’! The days of the ostrich were finished!!

  • RIDDLE     

Which is preferable?

Tp wheel out the old tired ParableInterpretation?

Or to make new Stories out of Disciple’sStruggles?

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The Body & Blood of Christ Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 6th June 2021(‘00):The Body & Blood of Christ B

1  Exodus24:3-8

  • Currently, what are the Uses&Fears&Fantasies&Superstitions around ‘Blood’?
  • How are these affected by TheBible, by Catholic devotion, & ancestral taboo?
  • In 45words, my best understanding of the symbolism of ‘blood’?
  • In what ways is a woman’s appropriation of ‘blood’ different from a man’s?
  • What are the great ‘blood stories&rituals’ in biblical&other-mythology?

2    THE PSALM:  115.12-13, 15-18

  • Read 115(116) 1-19! Another great ‘Yahwistic Credo’! So, why truncated?
  • ‘Yahweh’sName!’: The  subversive thought is, ‘HisPower, who is daring to have-it’?
  • To what extent, &in what ways, could I boast that ‘Yahweh-has-freed-me’?
  • ‘Cos after all, if there’s no ‘real freedom’ in regard to this&that ‘must’, about Relationships&Church&State etc, isn’t ‘Yahweh’ purely ‘for the birds’!

3      HEB9.11-15

  • What do I make of the mindset&style&self-confidence, &yet gobbledygook, of HEB?
  • Is there not in my church a squibble ‘Don’t actively critique anything churchy’?
  • So, how can I see through the coldblooded ‘positivism’ of this excerpt?

4      MK14:12-16, 22-26 (But what of the essential  vv17-21?)

  • Read 14 1-72! So, who was it that deeply-betrayed Jesus ‘Bequest’?
  • ThePassover/Pesach!’: Nakedly, TheYearlingUnblemishedRamRoasted&Eaten!
  • ‘MyBody!’ But has fascination with ‘substance’ obscured the ‘solidarity’ not only among those present, but with  all TheHungry&TheThirsty&thePoor?
  • ‘My Blood!’.  Literalising this, as if He spoke English, has obscured the challenge to disciples, to have their life totally in ‘covenantal’ ministry-to-others’!

5    The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

God, it’s on’y after comin’ back t’ me now, sittin’ here wi’ this ball o’ malt in me fisht, what th’ oul’ Canon usedta say about  TheBlessedSacrament! ‘Who?’ ‘Aw, I loved that man, whatever bitta religion I’ve held onta ‘s purely his doin’ , socialist an’ all as he was!’ Aw y’r words is bringin’ it back t’ me! even tho’ ‘am nothin’ an’ a pagan, an’ never darken th’ door now , God forgimme me heart’s all on fire again at the thought of ‘im’ why was ‘e taken away from us at all, I can’t make it out! An’ him still on’y a yoot of eighty!’ ‘An’ d’ya  remember ‘is great apake about ThePrisoner in TheBlessedSacrament! ‘T’ be sure I do!’ Go on, begod, say it for me! Bring ‘im back til us!’ ‘God I have it dancin’ on me tongue like John Jameson! ‘Say it then!’  ‘He’d stand there like James Connolly, an’ proclaim it out about Our Lord, ‘Don’t be lavin’ ‘Im there a prisoner, like some beautiful animal in the Zoo’ gawkin’ an’ gabbin; at ‘Im! Bring ‘Im out in yer heart inta the streets an’ lanes! Give ‘Im yer eyes an’ hands.’ an’ yer feet, an’ yer love-for-all!’ ‘Aw boys a’ boys is it too late? Can we still try an’ do what ‘e wanted us ta…pagans an’ all as we are?’

RIDDLE       Which? The reassuring slavery of Egypt? 

                       Or the unpredictably-demanding freedom of the Wilderness?

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The Most Holy Trinity Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 30 May 2021 (’00). THE MOST HOLY TRINITY: B

1. DT4:3234, 39-40,

  • Read 4·1-40! One prototype of the ‘hellfire sermon” Fictitiously attributed to Moses!
  • Is ‘keeping Yahweh’sCommandments’ still linked nowadays with Family&Prosperity &Longevity&UndisturbedPossession of the ‘Canaanite’Land? (As in TheNorth!)
  • Who wonders about the persistence of ‘bibbcal’ models&mindsets even in ‘ politics’?
  • But what prospects that IrishChristians will be inculcated in the dangerous skills that will  enable them to critically&ironically embrace TheTotalBible, &yet see-throughit!

2. THE PSALM 32·4-6, 9, 18-20, 22

  • Read 32(33) 1-22! Apart from Flattery of ‘Yahweh’, &biblicalChauvinism, what-else?
  • What is the real value of boasts about being ‘PeoplcOfYahweh’ or ‘TheTrueChurch ?
  • Isn’t this excerpt as a whole reassuring&familiar&undemanding, really?

unless Yahweh’s Slave is expected to EmbodyYahweh! Say, ‘KeepThemAliveinEthiopia’!

3.  ROMS 14-17

  • If these four dense verses are offered out quickly, &typically without ‘expreession’ (not to mention ‘context’ or ’empathy’), what’ll be the net result for anyone there?
  • If ‘TheBreath’ is somehow about being ‘ChildOfGod’, why is ‘Breath/Spirit’ not more

intensively explored&cultivated in myChurch? Not by exhortation’ but by training’!

  • Is it possible (wa-wa !) that church ministers only know&value ‘TalkAboutSpirit’?
  • ‘CoHeirs!’. Whatever about ‘HisGlory’, which one of us would share ‘HisSuffenng’?

4. MT28:16-20

  • In what ways am I happyenuff Just to  ‘worship’ Jesus, &be a ‘devotee’ (limited!)  of His?
  • What about ‘TheHesitaters’ in these final important moments of MT’sTestemony?
  • Can I glimpse f ormyself the 7Aspccts of ‘JesusDiscipleship’ I’ve ‘Hesitations’ about?
  • But does myChurch give Space&Structure to value&explore my’Hesitations’?
  • ‘In TheName!’  If this Triadic’Power’ is denied to disciples, can apathy be avoided?
  • I AM-WithYou!. What if Yahweh is withdisciples! To Encourage&Ordain&Anoint!
  • But Will MakeDisciples’ become paramount? Or the older ‘TeachAllNations’?
  • ‘Cos ‘disciples’ are dangerous&authoritative’ but ‘teaching’ can form ‘zombies’!

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Yes, just as much was hidden in TheHolyofHolies, &much in TheSong-ofSongs, so too was much hidden in the sacred narratives of TheNazarene! Most of this was unperceived by careless piety&pedantry, or dissimulated by vested interests political&ecclesial! Some wiser spitits glimpsed the alien threads in the tapestry, &kept their counsel! though one or two carried their discoveries back, as what was obscurely called heresy! How did His own disciples weigh HisMission & HisGlory, especially after HisTakingAway? The shifts in Bame&Faith&Power! My own deep reservations, rarely if ever suspected even by the others in the leadership! Useless to divulge it, or not to!  Just this, I thought His tendency to shatter the one vessel must be vigorously combatted! which I’ve done, but with what grace indeed?


Which? A remote dogmatic Trinity? Or a dynamic salvific-now-throughme Jesus?

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Pentecost Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 23 May 2021 (’00) B: PENTECOST SUNDAY

1. AA2:1-11

  • What warrant was there for adding the word ‘apostles’ to AA2:1? Read 1 15 – 2 47!
  • ‘EveryNation”: So what about Chinese&Bantu&Eskimos&ToryIslanders?
  • ‘Spirit”    The power depends on BeingFilledWith,Speaking&Listening, ‘HolyBreath’!
  • Why is it taken for granted (as elsewhere!) that no women were dynamically-present?
  • &If this is another set-piece, deploying People&Structures&Discourses of ‘Power’?
  • Why has ‘TheSacramentOfConfirmation’ become so relatively vacuous&irrelevant?
  • Which? Many-languages, one-truth? Or, many-truths, one-language? Or.  (GENl1!)

2. THE PSALM :103·1, 24, 2931, 34 (A paltry begrudgement!)

  • Read 103(104):1-34! What a zestful ecologically-friendly Yahwistic fantasy!
  • ‘Spirit”: Where is ‘Yahweh’sBreath received? &Why is it reckoned to be so crucial?
  • Why has ‘Christianity’ (&Its ‘offspring’ Colonialism&Capitalism&CultivatedPhilistinism &Conservatism) had such a pathetic record in the broad questions of Ecology&Cosmology?
  • In 40words, could I offer a resume of contemporary ‘Darwinian science’?

3. GALS:16-25

  • Read 4:21 – 6·10! In my world what’s the concrete equivalent of ‘Law’ & ‘Flesh’ & ‘Spirit’?
  • ‘InheritTheKmgdom!’: Actually embodywith-others the rhetoric of  ‘FruitsOfTheSpirit’
  • If he was aware of what we call ‘TheUnconscious’, how would he express&deal-with it?
  • Apart from lists&exhortations, how do I know if I’m led by ‘spirit’ or ‘self-indulgence’?
  • ‘In 45words, Paul’s ‘spirituality’, insofar as it’s reflected in this excerpt?

4. JNl5:26-27, 16:12-15

  • Can I glimpse here, what was later formulated as ‘TheHoly&UndividedTrinity’?
  • Pragmatically, which of the ‘ThreePersons’ is most valued&referredto in myCommunity?
  • ‘TheCompleteTruth!’: How do I understand&experience this elusive ‘state-of-affairs’?
  • To what extent will this ‘truth’ also comprise ‘scientific&aesthetic truth’, for instance?
  • Has any system or group or savant a ‘monopoly’ or similar ‘hen’ on TheSpirit? ‘
  • ‘Spirit!’: Read JER3l .31-34! EZEK37·1-14! JOELl·1 – 3.21!

5. The    presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

About TheHolySpirit..!   ThePractisingSceptic was admirably tentative!   ‘You mean, I presume, TheThird Person of TheHoly & UndividedTrinity?’ TheOfficialBeliever was pedantic, ironically perhaps! ‘I mean to explore the biblical expression…’ ‘So. ‘ ‘Well, John seems to imagine it coming through Jesus on EasterDay. ‘ ‘Not imagine, recount!’ ‘ . while Luke in Acts has it descending at Pentecost, over a month later!’ ‘So? Surely TheEconomic Trinity isn’t confined to just one day, in its Opera-ad-Extra’ ‘ ‘My real quandary is this, however1  What evidence is  there, of any such dynamism  among contemporary  Christians?’ Are you serious? Open your eyes! TheTrueChurch…! ‘. is like a sleeping budgie about to fall off its perch!’ ‘Outrageous’ Ad hommem! get your head out of the sand, if you can! &make your  peace with truth! Then your fabrications about TheSpirit will evanesce!  &all will  be. ‘ ‘. merely, pious breath!!’

6. RIDDLE Which is best? Truth or Life or Love or Self?

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Ascension of The Lord Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 16 May 2021 (’00)   ASCENSION OF THE LORD


1. AAl 1-11

  • Why is there so little about ‘WomenApostles or Disciples’ in LK’s 2nd volume (AA)? “
  • ‘TakenUpToHeaven!’· Read GENS 1824 (Enoch!), 2K2:l-18 (Elijah!)
  • TheHolySpiri t!  The divine action imagined as irresistibleBreath or Wind!
  • Which inspires, or in which disciples are ‘plunged’, or that ‘invests’ them with ‘power’!
    “Insofar as TheHolyBreath is active in myCommunity, what ‘power’ is asked or given?

2. THE PSALM 46·2-3, 6-9

  • Read 46(47):       1 – 9(10)’ A litany of flatteringShouts for a TempleProcession!
  • What is the purpose (&fruit!) of ‘praise for God’? &For ‘divine’ human rulers!
  • ‘AllTheEarth/TheNations” Surely one root of the ‘missionary/colonial’ mindset!

3 EPHl.17-23

  • How did Paul create the inspirational inflated exuberant language of this excerpt?
  • Has Paul’s imagining of ‘Christ’ absorbed ‘God’, &the need for ‘God’?

Does it seem as if God could ‘retire’, &leave it all to the rule of ‘TheRisenChrist’?

4. EPH4.l-13 (Why is an optional reading offered? &A shorter form’)

  • Where can one learn nowadays the rare skills casually enumerated here by Paul?
  • Can I name 5Adults who embody these ‘virtues’ in any sense?
  • ‘Body!’ In Paul’s language, it often hints at a ‘fragile solidarity’!

5.  MK16 15-20

  • Read 16   120!   After the disturbing 16·8 (the original ‘ending”) various ‘improvements’!
  • The ‘Signs AsssociatedWithBelievers’, to what extent are these encountered in myChurch?
  • Why are these exotic quasimagical ‘powers’ given such prominence on this festival?
    In 35words, how is ‘TheAscensionNarrative’  empowering me as ‘AdultChristian’?
  • The presence &action of the Blessed One, is it like this?

MostExcellentLady! In response to your query, what sustains&fruits our  arduous  lifelabour, I make known to you our exoteric credo’ This is offered to each wombling, &gradually inculcated with gradual incarnation! Dissidence, whether covert or overt, is as valued as every other life-process!

‘As a young woman, Foundress was thus addressed, “Beloved Representative’ Begin the unfolding of our inscrutable truth!  Every mote&moment’  every coming & going! every bone & blood & breath! every dynasism! whatever familiar & outlandish & ambivalent! Nurture, &be-nurtured-by, this interwoven necessary totalitv!” &Foundress chanted, Yes to all &Yes to every nuance”‘

The remaining 60Years of HerAllottedTime, Foundress laboured  to  incarnate  this  exoteric/ credo’ & at HerDanceAway left it to HerCollaborators’! WithBlessing! TheMother ***

7.    RIDDLE

Which is most in need of ‘rehabilitation’?

His’Baptism’, ‘Death’, Raising, GoingUp’, or ‘Return’?

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6th Sunday of Easter Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 9 May 2021(’00). 6thSUN of EASTER : B

1. AA10·25-26, 34-35, 44-48

  • ‘OnlyAMan!’: Has there been a tendency to treat some ministers of the gospel as ‘divine’?
  • What is called ‘TheHolySpirit’ here, how, if at all, is it linked with ‘TheTrinity‘?
  • Apart from ‘ecstasy’, what are the more reliable indicators of ‘Jesus’Spirit’sPresence’?
  • If I don’t ‘clothe myself in Jesus’, maybe ‘TheHolySpirit’ isn’t ‘available’ or ‘real’?

2 THE PSALM: 97.1-4

  • Read 97(98):1-9! A ShoutSong for TheApproachOfYahweh’
  • If I were to make&sing a ‘NewSongToYahweh’, what would it celebrate?
  • What if ‘Yahweh’s Salvation’ is the whole-hearted ‘StruggleForJushce’?
  • ‘Hand&Arm!’: Is there a hint that ‘Justice’ may call for ‘violence’? (Read MTll:12-19!)

3 IJN4 7-10

  • In my experience, what is the relation between ‘knowledge’ & ‘love’?
  • What of the claim, that an increase in one leads to a ‘ diminishment of the other?
  • Why does this writer think that ‘God’s’ essential activity is ‘loving’?
  • ‘Sins! “Behaviours&Attitudes that deviate from ThePriorities of ‘God”

4 J N15.9 -17

  • Why must ‘The Father’s Love’ be mediated through Jesus, rather than ‘come directly’?
  • Why have ‘Christians’ been inculcated in all sorts of other ‘commandments’? Say,

Save your own soul, no matter what!

Be loyal to your own crowd, hate the others!

God gave us all this to enjoy’ so let’s honour Him by doing just that’
Do the necessities, like prayer&chapel&dues, but don’t bust yourself!  
As long as you’re in the true church, the man-above’s happy’

Learn the catechism, &keep your nose clean, &let no one walk on you’

5. The presence & action of the Blessed One, Is It like this?

‘Gran” ‘Yes, a mhihs?’ Thursday again, Effie’s opportunity to explore  with  Gran, hawk & eagle, her girl’s perceptions! ‘Sam’s boyfriend, Boysie she calls him, came in while Mam an’  Sam  were laffin’, an’  very soon was givin’ out  big fatso shouts an’  wavin’  himself an’ banging his red  face. ‘  ‘An’ what  did Mam  do?’  ‘She laffed  an’  spoke a  green  throw-out to Boysie’ then Boysie said to Mam&Sam, “See how yous” a twistyword, I couldn’t pull it over, Gran!  “love one another ”   an’  ran out the door, cryin’ an’ yelpin’ m his chicken voice!’ ‘My poor Effie! I’m sorry  you  had  to  witness  all that   ‘  ‘Gran! love one another!’  ‘Yes, a thaisge! Boyie’s word!’ ‘Why did it make him cry in his chicken voice?’ ‘Maybe he was hoping’ the three o’ them ‘d love each other .’ ‘Not Mam’ she says to Sam, “How d’ya do it? I wouldn’t love that  pofull o’  rat’s vomit  even for  the  lottery!” An’  not Boysie! he called Mam a green&purple  throw-out! I forget...’  ‘Maybe Boysie was hopin’  the  three o’  them  might say  a prayer t’ Jesus!. ‘ ‘Yes, Gran! that’s really why he was wavin’ himself, because Mam an’

Sam wouldn’t say a prayer t’ Jesus with him! great great!”


If he returned, which would more surely recognise ‘his-own’ in us? Jesus, or John, or Peter?

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