14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 3rdJuly 2022 (’01) 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time C

  1. IS66:10-14
  • Read 66:1-24! What a moody ending to a moody book!

Is Yahweh relativising TheTemple&ItsWorks&Pomps?

& that ‘TheHumble&ContriteInSpirit’ are temple & worship?

  • Peace!’ If this means ‘wholeness’ have I glimpsed it yet?

Or will I settle for Suppression-of-Conflict, Economical Prosperity, AHidden Wound?

  1. THE PSALM 65:1-7, 16, 20
  • Read 65(66):1-20 Celebration of ThePriorities of ‘Elohim,’ TheTempleDivinity!
  • TremendousDeeds! : Reflected in creation narrative of Gen1.1-2:4a!
  • Name!’ The power of ‘Elohim’ is to control&give-form to ‘Chaos!’
  • AllTheEarth!’ : In light of the dark&bright of 2Milleniums of ‘ChristianHistory!’ how do I understand the response-verse of this vested-interest psalm?
  1. GAL6: 14-18 Paul’s dynamic language! Stimulating&scurrilous&noteworthy! Is anyone nowadays able to cut through the inherited gobbledygook?
  • What have contemporary ‘adult christians’ to brag about?
  • Cross!’ A total lifestyle of DisciplineRenunciationAwarenessFreedom?
  • What is the equivalent of ‘circumcision’ for all adultChristians?
  • If I were to accept ‘Baptism’ now, with full heart, what would I renounce forever?

What new priorities would I embrace? What modes of assessment?

  1. LUKE10: 1-12, 17-20
  • Read 10 1-42! Explorations of HeartService rather than lipservice!
  • In what ways are HisInstructions vital to my local church?
  • Why are ‘HisInstructions’ so specific&realistic&inconvenient&sulky? And why are they being offered-out to us in this eucharist (boo-hoo), as ‘goodnews-for-now?
  • What if beggars (and such itinerant ‘preachers’) are the ones who ‘fulfil’ all-this?
  • In what sense do the threats of vv13-16 apply to myChurch?
  1. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Gran&Effie, Effie&Gran! Innocent cunning, cunning innocence! Earth’s ears&eyes, Earth’s dusk&dawn! Each loved the other for being a doorway into wisdom’s exuberant weavery!

Gran!’ ‘Yes, a thaisge?’ ‘Sam threw Boysie’s mobile in his pinta milk ‘cos he laffed at her spare tyre, an’ he ran off gulpin’. ‘O my goodness..’ ‘..So Mam nudged Sam with her wrinkly, “Better hop over to Boysie’s an’ give th’ poor sob the kissapiece…” ‘My dear how…’ ‘Gran! The Kissapiece? Is it a flower like Chuckie’s Mam gives her when she’s narly?’ ‘If he doesn’t like flowers..’ maybe she’d talk soft, or kinda droopy-face..’ “Boysie, sorry about your..” “Sorry I made ya gulp…” But Gran, kissapiece! It just now went crunmbly behind my mouth! Kiss-a-piece’ ‘Sam ‘ll hafta kiss …a piece…of Boysie’s…hand! To make up, not to be so narly on her!’ ‘An what’ll Sam do then Effie? Effie put the crumbles together again in her ever-alert weavery…another thread a-trembling.. ‘Gran’ kissapiece! The piece-prossis! Sam an’ Boysie ‘ll start a kissapiece-prossis! O great great!’ & Gran&Effie lafft&lafft!!

  1. Riddle

Who and what is delivering peace? TheMedia ThePoliticians TheMilitants TheIndustrialists? Or whoever struggles to marry ‘Citizenship&Discipleship?

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13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 26 June 2022 : 13TH SUN in ORDINARY .C

1. 1K19.16, 19-22

  • Read 19 1-21 Yahweh’s Prophet? Cowardly&violent&pious at-once?
  • Why does ‘Yahweh/TheLord’ seem to encourage&condon e’political assassination’?
  • Are the’seemly’ bits of 1K19 de-contexted here, to present an edifying posy?
  • The habit of constantly referring to ‘God’, does this allow for ‘nuance’?
  • Or, importantly, for separating the teacher’s or preacher’s ‘personal vagaries?
  • Elijah’s&Elisha’s ritual-behaviours’ Familiar ? Outlandish? Banal?
  • What if a ‘YahwehDrivenProphet’ threw their cloak over me, & beckoned?

2. THE PSALM . 15:1-2 5, 7-11

  • Read 15(16) 1-11 Song of a very-enthusiastic Devotee-of-Yahweh
  • Were such devotees able to visualise ‘Yahweh’?Say, as Animal? Or Fire?
  • What 10 factors are creating in&for me a conviction ofSafety&SelfValue ?
  • Presumably others addressed their divinities with comparable prayer-formulas, & inner experience!, So, how will Yahweh, in particular, or God make a difference ?

3. GAL 5.1, 13-18

  • Name 20 LifeSituations in which I embody ‘real freedom? * Name 20 LifeSituations in which I glimpse I’m entrapped or enslaved?
  • ‘LedByTheSpirit

What is my Understanding&Experience of this awesome life-style?

How am I being encouraged&trained to embrace&endure it ?

Can I name 10 adults in my local church who-truly-live-thus ?

If I’m not struggling for this, what else is worth a torn snotrag ?

4. LK9. 51-62 

  • ‘FireToBurnSamaritans’ What sort of self-righteous ‘DiscipleRage’ 
  • Would he also have rebuked TheBurnersOf’Witches&Heretics&Deviants’? 
  • How can one hear these ‘SwordsPlunged,Rather, InDisciples’ ? 
  • You follow me for comfort, but what of the homeless who-embody me?
  • Disciples, dissolve ties, &burn, as I did, with unwavering flame!
  • You will never falter, only if you are unremorsefullyin TheBreath’
  • ‘ Wa-wa’ Leave Jesus alone, ADBI’ Don’t be rummaging our naive faith’

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this ?
‘ What’s th’ sweat? Y’ seem a bit around th’ collar…’ ‘A’m just down from Mass’. I left early …’ ‘D’ja get sick? a bad pint or a soggy …’ ‘Looka, mind y’r hp ‘ ‘OK, no bull!’. ‘F’r once I decided t’ listen t’ th’ stuff an’ f’r once I could hear the warblers …! ‘God, another miracle,’ ‘As th’ oul’ Canon usedta say, “Listen, t’ y’r cost’ Ignore t’ y’r cost!”…’ ‘Aw, th’ more I rember back t’ that man!’ ‘Anyway’ I never heard th’ man above like that before! I prob’ly thought he was a sorta Sacred Heart! in a red dressin’ gown, like… ‘Course it’s red! but wha’ja hear, that has y’ all…’ ‘If I closed me eyes, it sounded like th’ oul’ Canon..’ ‘Y’mean socialist? an’ no pious mullarkey?’ ‘Yeah! no compromise, comrades!!”…’ ‘Aw, I loved that man!’ No wonder I nearly fell outa me stannin’, beside Th’ Little Flower! ‘Come on! wha’ja hear?’ He said that real Cathcks ‘d have no bedsa their own! An’ had to lave th’ dead there an’ go an’ preach! An’ if y’ ever blinked, y’ wouldn’t getta heaven!’ ‘Begod, no wonder y’re all custard ‘n’ jelly! Even th’ oul’ Canon ‘d find that a dose, saint an’ all as ‘e was!’

6. RIDDLE Which? ThePiousDrivenness-of-Elijah ?
TheBreathRootedness-of-Paul? TheExodusFlungness-of-Jesus?

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The Body & Blood of Christ Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 19 June 2022 (’01): THE BODY & BLOOD OF CHRIST :  C

1. GEN 14 : 18-20

  • Read 14: 1-24 The skirmish of the 5&4 Kings, in which Lot is captured! & then rescued by his uncle Abraham! So, where does Melchizedek suddenly come from?
  • ‘El-Elyon/GodmostHigh’!: One of the many Canaanite divinities!
  • ‘Tithe’ If Salem is the later ‘Jerusalem’, this offering of the’tenth’ to ThePriest-King may serve to legitimate the latter claims of TheTemplePriesthood to ‘tithes’!!
  • ‘Bread&Wine!’. Gesture-of-hospitality that TheFathers referred to ‘TheEucharist’ !
  • What about those ‘blessings’ (what!) of ArmiesBannersGunsParadesHostilities .. ?
  • What aspects of bible-dynamics does the interpolation of Melchizedek alert me to ?

2. THE PSALM : 109 1-4

  • Read 109(110) 1-7! Dialogue of Kingavid 7 ZadokTheHighPriest!
  • ‘Prince/Priest!’: where in my world is there a similiar mutual acknowledgement of the sacred&saecular power? perhaps with an appeal to divine patronage?
  • & where is the antagonism of ‘theocratic’ & ‘democratic’ most clearly evident?
  • How might we critically assess models of authority deriving from TheTemple?
  • ‘FoesUnderYourFeet!’ Is ‘Christianity still espousing&feeding-on such slogans?
  • Especially the fantasies accompanying regal trappings&prerogatives!

3. 1 COR11:23-26

  • This ritual narrative! the most familiar&controverted&bloodsoaked of all!                         
  • Read 11:2-34! His Reminders&Strictures&Premonitions about TheHouseWorship!
  • Why did the struggle about ‘transsubstantion’ come into prominence at all ?
  • Subsequently, why did it become so bitterly divisive? & eventually, so irrelevant ?
  • How does thise’Eating&Drinking’ usefully ‘ portrayHisDeath’ ?

4. LK9 11-17

  • Read EXOD 16: 1-35′ In truth, where does food come from ? & hat’s it for ?
  • Why do TheTwelve/TheDisciples show such reluctance to feed the people ?
  • What about the ‘rationalisations’ of this ‘exodus narrative’ ? That He’d previously stached food in a nearby cave ? Or, that they all shared their sandwiches ?
  • In my world,

             How are we ensuring adequate sustenance for all the people ?

             In what ways if food being wasted  or spoiled or abused ?

             Is all foood ‘eucharistic’, & each Eucharist ‘truly food’ ?

5 The presence & action of the BlessedOne, is it like this ?



                         THOU! ALL THE EUCHARISTS, STILL WE STARVE!!




                      THOU! IN VAIN THE PIETY, IN VAIN THE CULT!

                           THOU! WHAT PRICE FAITH IN-FAMINE!



6. RIDDLE    TheBody&Blood!  A kind of blessing? An occasion of power?

                      An ancient ritual? A feeding for dangerous work?         

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The Most Holy Trinity Cycle C 2022 (’01)


1. PROV8:22-31

  • Read 8:1 – 9:6! But what, if anything, have ‘Wisdom’& ‘Yahweh’ in-common?
  • & Who is this so-alluring & so-versatile divinity called ‘Wisdom’? (SIRACH 24!)
  • ‘Created’!: Why does this poet seem to subordinate ‘Wisdom’ to ‘Yahweh’?
  • Can I name 3FemaleBiblicalCharsters who are not subordinated to males?
  • How does the poet imagine

            The methods by which Yahweh unfolded&arranged ‘TheWorld’?

            TheAppearance&Attributes of Her-Who-is-0Called’Wisdom’?

            The Appearance&Attributes of Him Who-is-called ‘Yahweh’?

            Their modes of CollaborativeSynergy?

2,  THE PSALM: 8:4-9

  • Read 8:1-9! Celebration& Assertion of human dignity&dominion!
  • But is this poet somewhat-less-aware,  both ecologically&cosmologically?
  • If the other species are ‘under our feet’, what hope have they got? Unless ‘we’ free ourselves from our customary ‘biblical chauvinism‘, &rediscover ‘Wisdom’!
  • Why is it presumed that the divinity of GEN 1 is also the ‘exodus divinity’?
  • What if David planned a ‘religious composition’ analogous to Constantine’s ?
  • ‘LittleLessThanAGod’! But if he is infested with one of ‘TheOtherGods’?
  • Say, Dionysius Artemis Hermes Aphrodite! Or Yahweh, TheMoodyOne, Himself!

3.  ROMS 1-5

  • As context, who will brave the ‘carrick-a-rede’, to read all-of-this-great-epistle?
  • ‘ByFaith-through-Jesus!’: What? Very simple? Or very obscure or, just shattering?

4.  JN 16:12-15

  • Read 16: 1-33! ‘TheseThings’? TheAdvocate TheFather ThatDay Peace TheWorld!
  • ‘Spirit/Father/Mine’!  Another hint that was woven into ‘TheTrinity’!
  • In 25words, can I guess&express ‘EverythingTheFatherHas’?
  • What are the 20principal Resources that make-up ‘MyWorld’?
  • In what sense have I been given access to ‘TheCompleteTruth’?
  • What assures me that ‘TheSpiritOfTruth’ is not being ‘muzzled’?
  • What diverse voices are diversely ‘TellingMeOfTheThingsToCome’?

5. The Presence &Action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gertie, d’ya know what he told us above this mornin’? ‘God, Cissie, I hope he didn’t come out wi’ somethin’ rash!’ ‘Wait’ll y’ hear! TheTrinity’s th’ best thing God ever told us about Hisself!’ ‘I don’t know now, Cissie! What about OurDivineMother? An’ Th’Infant a’Prague? An’ Th’ThirdSecret?’ ‘An’ listen! ‘Cos it’s a mystery, we really don’t know nothin’ about it! It might as well be in greek!’ ‘That’s what I thought all along…’ ‘except that it’s th’ rale m’coy, whatever language, an’ whatever y’ think..’ ‘An’ what about th’ man above? Does He figure at all?’  ‘Right there in th’ middle, he said! Called Him Th’SecondPerson! He’s th’ word made flesh, like in th’ Angelus!’ ‘God, don’t let on t’ my fella, he’s always foamin’ at th’ mouth, an’thun c’n start th’ fool rantin’. God, where’d I get ‘im from, Cissie? He’s like th’plagues of Egypt!’ ‘I know Gertie! Tha’ fella’s been y’r cross an’passion.’ ‘That’s th’ why Gertie’s trinity’s Our divineMother an’ Her 2 dacent men! ‘Cos nothin’ else ‘ll manage that lucifer a’ mine, God forgimme!!’

6. RIDDLE.   The Trinity! Which is more imperative? Visualise, Interpret,

                        DanceWith, Demythologise, or JustEmbrace It?

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Pentecost Sunday Cycle C 2022 (’01)


1. AA2:1-11

  • Read 2:1-47! Paradigm-narrative! SourceContentAffectof TheApostolicPreaching!
  • ‘All!: The120Disciples! TheTwelve! TheAssembledNations!
  • ‘Tongues/Languages!’ GEN 11:1-9! The inclusiveness of One, the richness of Many!
  • Where in my local church is this manifold ‘public utterance of truth’?
  • Why are so many disillusioned about our training in ‘TheHolyBreath’?
  • Is ThePreaching only for&to men? Or is ‘TheHolyBreath’ something greater?

2. THE PSALM: 103:1, 24, 29-31 (What? This great CreationSong?)

  • Read 103(104) 1-35! How poignant in our ecological blunderings!
  • In 35 words, my Understanding&Experience of ‘TheBreath-of-Yahweh’?
  • But will the masculine divinity truly-inspire me to ‘Love-the-Earth’?
  • Especially if I think He’s ‘elsewhere’. Waiting with my ‘Salvation’…
  • What of the song’s assertion that ‘Wisdom’ is ‘TheContainerOfEarth’?
  • Is there a hint that ‘Yahweh’sBreath’ is feminine, & ‘Mother-of-AllTheCreatures’?

3. ROM 8:8-17

  • Read 8:1-39! His daring exploration of the dynamics of ‘TheBreath’!
  • ‘Brother/Sons’! Is it possible that Paul would exclude women from this?
  • What are The20PrincipalCategories of ‘Spiritual’ & ‘UnSpiritual’ behaviour’?
  • What if ‘TheBreath’ & my-own”Breath’ were to pulse-as-one?
  • Is our prevalent disdain of ‘ritual breathing’, &collusive pollution of tghe planet’s atmosphere, contributing to the repression of ‘TheHolyBreath’?

4. JN 14: 15-16, 23-26

  • Read 14:1-31!The JohannineCommunity endeavours to name TheNuances-of-Power that underpin its faith! &theirOrigin&Interrelatedness&Implications!
  • ‘Advocate’! Does He envisage that this ‘DefendingCounsel’ will take His-place?
  • Or is ‘TheArrival-of-Father&SonTogether’ also imagined to be ‘TheAdvocate’?
  • Can I glimpse here, cohabiting in a relaxed&innocent fashion, ideas&images&possibilities that were entrained another time&place into the trinitarian dogma?
  • ‘BeWith&Teach&Remind!’ What’s TheAdvocate’s ‘priority’ in my local church?

5. The presence&action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Apart from the stimulating skepticism of Job,” ‘Careful now!, TheOfficialBeliever interjected with avuncular geniality! ThePractisingSkeptic nodded, then plunged on with enthusiastic precipitateness! ‘..I can think of nothing in all TheBible more dark &more strange than the so-called Last Supper Discourses’ ‘Less of the so-called, if you don’t..’

‘in John’ Especially the opaque relationships’ ‘ Not so, TheHoly&UndividedTrinity is a mystery! But it’s not opaque!’ ‘You jump in, that smooth theological way, as if’  ‘Not smooth as you understand smooth, nor theological as you bad-mouth theology, but the sublimest dogma of all!’ ‘ Sure, if you insist! though not yet in John! I doubt if even that community of spiritual elitists had the least intention of declaring anything as non-obscure as a trinity-of-persons!’ ‘&Why not? considering they were specially inspired to embrace the totality of truth that emanated from the lips of TheWordIncarnate!’ ‘Well, so you choose to think! But for me,  your simple-minded exposition of TheTrinity has merely betrayed the dark strangeness of John!’ ‘Away with you! Why do I bother?, not so avuncular now!’

 6. RIDDLE   TheHolyBreath! CharismaticEnthusiasm? Or Mother-of-AllThatLives?

                        Or TrueLife-of-TheCommunity? Or ActualPresence-of-TheChrist?

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Ascension of The Lord Cycle C 2022 (’01)

1 AAl·l-11

Sunday 29 May 2, 2022 (’01) : ASCENSION OF THE LORD

  • Read 1.1 – 2 47! How to deal-creatively with TheDepartureOfJesus! from the christological&ecclesial&hierchical&apostohc points-of-view!
  • ‘Witness!’ Concerning Jesus, what are TheChurches testifying-to? &In what ways does this ‘witness’ connect (or not) with the vagaries of contemporary experience?
  • ‘LiftedUp/Cloud”: What traditional Jewish stories&psalms&rituals are evoked?

2 THE PSALM 46:2-3, 6-7, 8-9

  • Read6(47)·1-9! But why are the ‘Jewish’ elements removed from the excerpt?
  • ‘GoesUp” A procession to TheTemple, or up steps, carrying TheArk?
  • Why did a small nation claim that their divinity was ‘over all the earth’?
  • ‘Fear!’· Struggle to incarnate the moral imperative (what?) of Yahweh!
  • What reasons am I given, for shouting&singing-praise to ‘God’ & ‘TheLord’?

3 EPH1·17-23

  • Read 1·3 – 2 10! TheBlessing of Participation in TheMysteryOfChrist!
  • The hierarchical structure-of-power&rank in which he visualises Jesus, what is the equivalent in my religio-political world?
  • As an adult disciple, whence do I derive&test my ‘KnowledgeOfGod’?

4 HEB9.24-28, 10 19-23

  • Read 9:1-10 39! The Shadow&Substance of TheRemovalOfSin!
  • In what way is ‘Blood’ powerful in the modern world?
  • ‘Once&ForAll!’ One of the great claims of Christianity to be the ‘fulfilment’ of Judaism! But am I thereby also finding holistic access to ‘Christ’sAchievement’?
  • How will this Eucharist enable me to embody His’MomentOfConsummation’?

5 LK24:46-53

  • Read 24·1-53! Some explorations of TheNewWeek-of-TheLord!
  • How is my local church enduring the presences&absences of TheChrist?
  • To what extent is the ‘program’ presented here by-Jesus, also-ours?
  • In what sense is it connected with ‘WorldComtnumcationsDay’?
  • In 35words, how would ‘Jesus’ address the current labyrinthine system of communications that enwebs our planet&ourselves&our-future?

6 The presence&act1on of the BlessedOne, is it like this?












TheAscension! TnumphantClosureOfHisEarthlyMission?



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6th Sunday of Easter Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 22 May 2022 (’01): 6th Sunday of Easter: C

1. AA15:l-2, 22-29

  • Read 15:1-41! Many sons of dissension around&within the roots TheChristian Churches! What sorts? &How are they relevant to my local church?
  • Why is the impression given that only men-disciples dissent, decide, &dispose?
  • What is the valence in my local church, of TheVatTwoDocuments, the various teachings&declarataons from TheVatican, the exhortations of the local bishop, the explorations of contemporary theologians, the muted controversies?

2 THE PSALM • 66:2-3, 5-6, 8

  • Read 66(67):1- 7(8)! A ShoutFor’Elohim/God’, TheTempleDivnity!
  • ‘Face!’: Like TheSun! A reminder too of the modem ‘Cult-of-TheBeauteousFace’!
  • The insistent emphasis on ‘All/Nations’! Is this purely disinterested&altruistic?
  • Why were ‘TheNations’ not encouraged to deepen their own religious cultures?
  • What other imagings of ‘God’ are suggested nowadays, apart from ‘Emperor/King’?
  • But will other ‘imagings’ then look for ‘other rituals’ (apart from CourtlyPomp!)?
  • Say, what appropriate ‘rituals’ for ‘Friend’, ‘Lover’, Teacher’, ‘Shield’,.?

3. APOC21:10-14, 22-23 (Hey, what about vv15-21?)

  • ‘InTheSpirit/Breath!’: Another hint that these ‘Visions’ come from a ‘ritual’!
  • What is hinted by the constant references to ‘great height’?
  • ‘TheNewJerusalem!’: How was this apocalyptic fantasy fulfilled (If ever!)?
  • What is hinted by the synergic presence-together of ‘God’ & ‘TheLamb’?

4. JN14:23-29

  • Read 14 1-31! Exploration of Jesus’ manifold relatedness to ‘TheFather’!
  • ‘KeepHisWord!’: Make HisPriorities&Choices&Behaviours actually-one’s-own!
  • Can I glimpse in this abstract the clues that led to the dogma of ‘TheTrinity’?
  • How is ‘TheHolyBreath’ at-work in my experience as ‘adult disciple’?
  • Whyis TheHolyBreath from ‘Confirmatton’ not much more assiduously unfolded?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Sir! TheAdvocate, TheHolySpirit, may I ask as one who’s learnt to gabble the language, what is this for You?’ ‘Friend! It is TheBreath that sustains me in my great struggle as a witness’ &In my great work as finger-of-God!’ ‘But sir, may I be so bold as to wonder, where is TheBreath hidden when I most need it? when my world topples in ruin,when prayer is impossible, when love is but a word that lacks all fire?’ ‘Friend, TbeBreath is yours moment-to-moment! only, you-yourself must yearn &embrace&breathe-it!’ ‘Sir, how will this be? since I find it all so unfamiliar!’ ‘That which is most intimate & most near, is also most unfamiliar! TheBreath indeed must be wooed by the hopeful lover!’ ‘Where will I begin, sir?’ ‘Friend, begin with your own familiar breath, that moves between the unknown & the known! ask TheAngel that breathes while you sleep, to grant appreciation of that familiar breath! everything will flow from this” ‘Sir, I thank You for Your friendly encouragement! may what You suggest be but the beginning-of-breath, that will invest me in-time-of­ grace with TheAdvocate, TheBreath!!’

6. RIDDLE   Which is the most nourishing aspect of my local church?

Our courageous dealing-with the manydissensions?

Our understanding&experience of that which we call ‘God’?

Our cultivation of TheBreath as TheTeacher&Remmder-of-Jesus?

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5th Sunday of Easter Cycle C 2022 (’01)

                                        Sunday 15th May 2022 (’01)  5th Sunday of Easter                   

1. AA14:21-27

  • Read 14.1-28! Some basic patterns of early Christian narrative! Greatly enriched by the intriguing allusion to Zeus&Hermes, and the accompanying éclat!
  • ‘Prayer& fasting!’ Hints the place in rituals of ‘altered states of consciousness?’
  • What are the 12 PrincipalHardships I endure as an ‘adult Christian?’
  • Why is ‘Hardship’ deemed to be essential to ‘practical discipleship?’
  • But can the current passive minimalist devotion be called ‘discipleship?’
  • Elders! What criteria of AgeGenderExperienceHonestySkillCourageLaffter?
  • In 45 words, how would I encourage adults now, to be ‘truly-converted?’

2. THEPSALM: 144:8-13 (An ungenerous loyful)

  • Read 144 (145) 1-21!  Big flattering hopefull ‘YahwehShout!’
  • Since Yahweh is still a crucial, if misrepresented reality,
  • Will I gather the courage to distinguish ‘Yahweh’ from ‘God?’
  • How can I even begin to know an essentially  nomadic divinity?
  • What of the claim that ‘Yahweh’ is still imprisoned in TheTemple?
  • Am I yet safer with a ‘devotional Jesus’ than a ‘raging Yahweh?’

3. APOC 21:1-5

  • Read 21: 1-22.7!  How will this Jewish-apocalyptic imagery feel when slowed-up?
  • ‘God-with-us!’ More than ever, it must be strenuously asked, ‘Which-god?’
  • Cos TheOtherGods also are undertaking to ‘wipe away our tears’ & promising ‘surcease of death & sadness’! & they have the Media&InformationTechnology!
  • How can ‘AdultChristians’ continue to pretend&keep silent&kowtow?
  • ‘MakingNew!’ Are the paradigms of Copernicus&Nietzsche&Einstein part of this?

4. JN 13:31-35 (What? Such a paltry?)

  • Read 13: 1-38! What is the double-insistence of ‘Glorification’ and ‘Love?’
  • In 25 words my Understanding&Experience of ‘Glory?’
  • What are the 15Ways in which Jesus has ‘loved’ me?
  • In how many of these ways am I loving any&some-one else?
  • How are we ‘known’ as disciples? Mutual Love? Or BelongingToA ‘Church?’
  • (‘Cos one maintains, the other transcends&dissolves, boundaries!)

5. The presence&action of The BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Y’re in y’r suit, y’ musta been above this mornin’! any inspiration? ‘No, he was explainin’ somethin’ til us, but he lost me in th’ middle a’ th’ burra!’ ‘Wha’? th’ usual, goin’ over th’ readin’.. ‘Like turnin’ hay!’ ‘He mentioned glory, the man above said, God ‘d give ‘im glory…’

‘Like glory be t’ Th’ Father, in Th’ Rosary, I remember.’ ‘Glory’s a sorta bright light, he said! But very holy, not like th’ floods say, in Dalymount!’ ‘What’d the man above want all this light f’r?’  ‘T’ show th’ whole world how holy he is! Ornerry saints does on’y have a bittov it on their heads! Our Lady does have it comin’ out of HerHands!’ ‘HerHands?’ ‘An’ sometimes y’ see it when  someone gets married, a kinda glory!’ ‘Did he mention th’ oul Canon?’ ‘What d’ya think y’rself?’ ‘Well, he wasn’t inta any a’ that stuff! Turnin’ hay!’ ‘Remember him!’ ‘Socialists are people who love one another!!…’ ‘Aw God be good til ‘im! He was away ahead of ‘is time!!’

6. RIDDLE            How to be a disciple? Hardship, DivineFlattery, SpinThrRhetoric. Give&AcceptDifficultLove?

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4th Sunday of Easter Cycle C 2022 (’01)

                         Sunday 8th May 2022 (’01)     4th Sunday of Easter

1. AA13: 43-52

  • Read 13: 1-52! Paul and Barnabas set out on TheFirstMissionaryJourney
  • In 25 words, what’s the origin&nature&criterion of my own ‘vocation?’
  • How can someone be certain they are presenting ‘TheWordOfGod?’
  • How ‘actual&real,’ for me are ‘TheOtherGods’ & their ‘Callings’ of&to me?
  • Especially since my ‘CradleMonotheism’ maybe un-alert to them?
  • What distinguishes ‘Yahweh’sSalvation’ from, say, Baal’sSalvation?

2. The Psalm 99: 1-3, 5

  • Read 99(100):1-5!  CelebratoryEntry of Yahweh’sFlock into TheTemple?
  • What makes ‘Yahweh’ in particular, worthy of Praise&thanksgiving?
  • And why are Yahweh’s people imaged as ‘TheFlockOfSheepheOwns?’
  • ‘Merciful Love!’: The active mutuality that binds Yahweh&ThePeople in ‘covenant?’

3. APOC 7:9, 14-17

  • Read 7: 1-17! TheRituals of those ‘SealedWithTheName’ & ‘RobedInWhite!’
  • What relation between ‘TheCrowdFromIsrael’ & ‘TheCrowdFromAllNations?’
  • ‘Persecution!’ When followers of a ‘True’ are opposed to those of a ‘FalseGod?’
  • For Biblical people, what makes Yahweh a ‘True’ & Baal a ‘FalseGod?’
  • In this excerpt, what is the relation between ‘God’ & ‘TheLamb?’
  • ‘HungerThirstSunWindTears!’ : Where & who are these in my local church?
  • Who, in contemporary Ireland is articulating ‘Threatening&ConsolingVisions?’

4. JN 10: 27-30

  • Read 10: 1-30! Four messianic amphlifications of a biblical image!
  • ‘BelongListenKnowFollowGiveNotLostNotStolen!’: Shepherd&Sheep! In my own StruggleForMaturation, how are these moments perceived endured connected?
  • In this brief&familiar&apparently-innocent excerpt,
  • What can I glimpse of the early christological&ecclesial&trinitarian dogmas?
  • How is the modern world subverting the calm confidence of TheSpeaker?
  • Where is this programmatic challenge being unfolded in the local church?
  • Eternal life, sure! But is it ‘wishful thinking’ or a ‘shattering of slumber?’

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gran!’ ‘Yes, darling?’ ‘Sam fell out with Boysie an’ called him a name!’ ‘Oh my poor Effie…!’

‘They were comin’ back to Mam’s in Boysie’s jeep! Outside, they stoppt cruckit, I was watchin,’ an’ Sam fell out the door in the flowerbeds! Boysie got out laffin’ to give her a help, but Sam shouted in her tractor voice, “y’ misst y’r focation, y’…, ”an’ she called him a name, “Y’ shoulda been a nundertaker, with y’r oul’ dead snot on ya!’ an’ wouldn’t let him in, an’ Mam bustin’ her sides !’ ‘Oh my goodness…, ‘Gran! Boysie misst his focation!’ ‘Righto, Effie! His focation! What’ll we say?’ ‘Is it like Mam says on the mobile, “One of those occasions!”,,,? ‘A special occasion, maybe…’ ‘…when Boysie shoulda been …’ ‘…shoulda known that he shoulda been…’ ‘…a nundertaker!’ Gran&Effie paused for breath, &laffed! ‘But, Gran, how’d he not know?’ ‘He misst…’ ‘…his focation! His focation…’ ‘…woulda…’ ‘…toldhim…’ “Boysie, go & be a nundertaker!”…’ ‘But, instead…’ ‘…he misst his focation! Great great!!

6. RIDDLE       Which will nourish an adult faith?

DogmaDevotion ControversyRitualRevivalismConscienceAttention?

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3rd Sunday of Easter Cycle C 2022 (’01)

              Sunday 01MAY 2022(‘01): 3RD SUN of EASTER : C

1.AA5:27-32, 40-41

  • Read 5:17-42! Apostles&Temple&Jesus&ThePeople!
  • What other biblical narratives are evoked? & What aspects of my own local church?
  • Read LK22:39-23:49! Where was Gamaliel’s moderate voice on that occasion?
  • Or Pilate’s moderate if ineffectual voice on this occasion?
  • How can Peter, who denied Jesus, now seek to blame TheHighPriest?
  • ‘Obedience!’: In terms of ‘adult conscience‘, how do I discern ‘God’ & ‘Man’?
  • ‘Humiliation!’: Why does this excerpt omit ‘TheFlogging’ (v40)?
  • How risky is public&prophetic profession of Jesus in my local church?

2. THE PSALM 29:2, 4-6, 11-13

  • Read29(30)1-12(13)! A condition of Illness or Oppression or DarkMood or Peril,
  • was reckoned to be equivalent to sojourn in ‘TheRealmOfDeath’!
  • Will it make a difference if this psalm is sung by a woman or a man?
  • How might the listening EucharisticGroup ourselves become ‘TheSavingYahweh’?
  • ‘Cos it’s clear from Jesus’ case, that Yahweh does nothing unless I do it!
  • How do we imagine ‘Yahweh’ ( Or other narrative divinities like ‘Dionysus’)?

3. APOC5:11-14

  • Read 4:1-6:17! Beginning of the complex obscure ‘Ritual-of-Unveiling’!
  • Is there a basis in APOC for a much more ‘ecological‘ worldview than usual?
  • ‘PowerRichesWisdomStrengthHonourGloryBlessing!’: In Irish society, who has the   giving of these? who receives them? & where am I in it all?
  • To what extent might this scenario be the wishful thinking of  TheOppressed?

4. JN21:1-19

  • Read 21:1-25! Why has Simon/Peter such a prominent role in these final stories?
  • Read JN18:15-17! What does this ‘TripleDenial’ mirror in my discipleship?
  • Is the problem of ‘recognisingJesus‘ an important reminder to myChurch?
  • What about the tension between the ‘ecclesial’ images of Fish&Lambs?
  • Have I found that thoroughgoing ‘AdultDiscipleship’ is the ‘Death’?
  • ‘LoveMe/FeedMine!’: What does this ‘interrogation’ hint about ‘JesusIntimacy’?

5. The presence*action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

 ‘God, Gertie, wha’ happened ya? Y’were cryin’! Excuse me f’r askin’, but was Herkalays up til ‘is tricks again?’ ‘No, y’re right, Cissie! but it was nothin’ like…’ ‘My fellss just as likely t’ try ‘is gatchees, ‘cept knows ‘e wouldn’t get away wit’ it’ ‘cos Cissie’s ..’ ‘ Looka, Cissie this jus’ came on me above ..’ ‘At Mass?’ ‘They were readin’ th’ stuff, an’ suddenly I hears, “Feed my lambs, feed my sheep!”, the man above an’Peter..’ ‘Yeah th’ first pope..’ ‘An suddenly like a big hot wave, didn’t I think a’ th’ poor wee lambs over in Louth..’ ‘ God, Gertie, I never..’ ‘An’ all their mothers an’ fathers!’ ‘God it’s a fright altogether! an’ all the other animals! all over in..’ ‘He said it was like a sacrifice! for th’ sins a’ society, th’ celtic tiger!’ ‘Wha’?’ ‘Though a’m not sure about that: ‘The man-above wouldn’t be that cruel, would he, Cissie..?’  ‘Gertie, it’s comin’ on meself now, th’ hot wave, like’! thinka th’ people over there, thereselves! God, will th’ ever recover?’ ‘Well, Cissie, let’s offer up our drinks the day f”r them all!!’ ‘Sure what more can we do?’ ‘God’s truth, Cissie! What more can any of us do!!’

6. RIDDLE    Which is more nourishingly real? Apostolic legends?

                     Eucharistic Community? Apocalyptic Fantasies?