2021 Where will the Gathering Be


 Where will The Gathering Be?
 It began in Mount Oliver
 North of Dundalk
 Each year a special Mount
 Oliver Group
 Each summer a workshop
 A mingling of years
 Began to include many new
 Eventually two Summer-
 Schools were established
 July in Dalgan, August in
 Larne and each semester
 In Dundalk Town the
 Healing Group weekly
 And the Saturday Sessions
 Under the title Chokmah
 From place-identity we
 Took on a group-spirit
 Led by Tom and his
 Faithful Committee
 Now drawn to south-west
 For Thanksgiving Requiem
 We gather one another 
 Re-visit our connection
 We re-tell our story and
 The Story of Jesus
 Take courage from 
 Assembly and the Spirit
 Among us
 Re-member Tom and 
 How he inspired to be
 Mindful, each-of-other
                         Rose Moran