Oh Thou that art The Totality!
 That Thou wouldst bless me in truth!
 That Thou wouldst enlarge my boundaries!
 That Thy Hand always be with me,
 &Keep me from every evil,
 &All infliction of pain!
 (Prayer of Jabez 1 Chronicles 4:10 /translated by Tom) 


This page is offered on our Chokmah site as another way of honouring Tom’s indefatigable and dedicated working with us.  He constantly shook out threads of nurturance from a wide variety of fabrics by introducing us to sources of learning and directing us to methodologies for dealing with experience.  In so doing he enabled us to enter into a necessary ‘enlarging’ of the ‘boundaries’  of our own limited world-views. These ‘threads’ led into multiple and often complex scenarios: academic, literary, mythological, poetic, theological, biological, psychological, devotional, historical, mystical, cosmological and more along the way!

We will start the ball rolling with some familiar names and invite you to come back to us with comments but also with your own favourite ‘thread’ – whatever is significant for you on your search  supporting you in ‘joining up the dots’ and helping you intergrate within and without……..


Cynthia Bourgeault

Michael Meade