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  • 28 August 2023: In Memory of Máirín Ní Mhurchú by Rose Moran added
  • 23 March 2023: Poem ‘Faughart of Her Birth’ by Rose Moran added
  • 23 February 2023: Poem St Brigid by Fr John Cullen added to Poems.
  • 6 December 2022: Video “Turas Peannaide Bhríde” by Éamonn O’hUallachain added below.
  • 22 October 2022: Poem “A Blessed Town” by Séan Ross added.

Turas Peannaide Bhríde 2023

A poem, St Brigid by Fr John Cullen, via Jim McHugh added to poems in thanks and in appreciation of the peannaide 2023 with Éamonn O’hUallachain on 23rd February 2023.

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Faughart of Her Birth

We climbed the steps to her Shrine
With Angelus Bell remembered Tom
Spoke aloud the names of Friends
Who often prayed that Prayer with him
Remembering all who could not come
His care to stop for Angel Call
Mairéad and Muireann leading

We began the pilgrimage with Eamonn
Who introduced the Peannaide
But not without the background of her
Story: Brigid, Biddy, Brigantia, Latin: daughter 
Of Slave-woman, Brocassa and the Chieftain
Dubhthach, in a rich tapestry of History
Myth, Folklore and the Pilgrimage Tradition 

We read aloud first verse of Tom’s Poem:
Lady! Cailleach! Brigit! : A Hymn of Praise. 
Began one side of stream: ‘an taobh abhus’
Continued on with Prayers and verses of
The Poem, stopping at each Station, four
In close proximity. We walked the Walk 
To The Stations of The Healing Stones

We passed other shrine remembrances
Lourdes, Knock and Calvary all reminders
Of the Christian journey, spirituality with
History linked, met other Pilgrims, noted
Bush with ribbons and the awakening 
Earth of Imbolg and always, as with Tom
The wider scene and our own connection

Healing Stones: Knees, Eyes, Body, Head
Our Hearts attuned. Eamon tells each story
And leaves a space to listen to the other
Faughart Parishioners, to pilgrims from the
Brigid Places: Ardagh of her Baptism and
Consecration, Kildare: Convent and Flame
Holy Wells, Liscannor and Limerick Border

Dublin, Monaghan, Belfast, Northern
Ireland, stories of The Biddy Boys in Dingle
And The West, the Crois Bhríde a woven 
Belt worn for Protection. Shapes and
Sculpture of stones ignite Imagination
We sing Gabhaim Molta Bhride and 
Continue to her Well on Faughart Hill

A hilltop view of the mountains we once
Climbed, Armagh from Louth; on other
Side, Loughcrew in Meath, Cavan
Below us in the sun the sea, Dundalk Bay
Beneath our feet Bruce history. We cross 
The style into Cemetery, stop at Well and 
Make our final circle round the stone-
Marked mound. We read aloud The Thirteen
Shouts for Brigid, women and men
Alternating: A Pilgrimage to remember.
                                                      Rose Moran  

Turas Peannaide Bhríde by Éamonn O’hUallachain

As we stood at Tom’s grave in October 2020, following the ritual of Remembrance, the germ (or gem!) of an idea/project unfolded in our conversation. Tom’s grave in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Dundalk, lies in the  shelter of his beloved mountains and in the shadow of Faughart. All who knew Tom will remember his love of Brigid of Faughart and his unpacking of the rituals, stories, poetry, traditions and myths associated with her.

Indeed he celebrated every St. Brigid’s Day at Faughart and his own ‘SHOUTS for Brigid’ are found in many of his writings.

Éamonn O hUallachain was there that day in St. Parick’s and Raymond Manley, also. The gem that was unfolding, was polished into a diamond recently, with a video of the Peannaide of Brigid in Faughart, filmed by Raymond and beautifully documented by Éamonn.

That video is going up on the Chokmah website now in plenty of time for St. Brigid’s Day, 2023. It is our hope also, that we  will do the Peannaide together, in Spring 2023.


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