Chokmah (sounds like hok-mah) is the Hebrew / Aramaic for personified Wisdom in the Bible used by Jews and Christians.

An aspect of Bible study Fr Tom Hamill regularly emphasised was the importance of approaching and understanding scripture as narrative to be read and heard within its historical and social context. That context was the story of the Jewish people as they evolved through centuries. Within this framework Tom identified and discerned three different aspects of Divinity in the stories of the Bible:
Elohim emerges as the God of Order who created the world in an orderly fashion and set boundaries;
Yahweh comes forward as ‘The One who Frees’ in the long arduous journey of the Israelites from slavery to their own Promised Land;
Chokmah as ‘Wisdom’ who existed : “from the beginning” and is depicted as feminine and the third principle of Divinity alongside Elohim and Yahweh.

Chokmah was the overarching name adopted by Tom in 2004 for his ongoing workshops. In earlier years he had developed a logo which linked Chokmah with Brigid who carries the twin aspects of Christian saint and Celtic Goddess.

He frequently referenced 2 passages:

Proverbs 8:23-3 where Chokmah announces that she has been in existence from the beginning……

Sirach (Eccesiasticus) 24.