Forty Biblical Years

Forty Biblical Years
Forty years of workshops
Exploring different routes
Forty years of prayer and healing
Inspired the Chokmah Group
Reading, writing, ritual-making
Chants, songs, hymns, dance
Healing prayer and healing icon
Scripture stories, memories, poems

Centering and focus-time
Dream-image-sharing first, a.m.
Circled around the centre-piece
Of symbols, nature, art
A candle in the middle, the
Flaming light of Heart invites us
To be ‘present with intention’
For our time
At one with all creation, all
Creatures great and small to
Deepen us to consciousness
Put ‘mind in heart’ and practise:
Sit still and choose a sacred word
Return to it when thoughts intrude
Be present to the heart-beat of
The Eternal-Incarnate

Remember all who cannot come
Together we connect the names
And the intentions in the prayer
Of Healing Code. Readings from
Cynthia, Teilhard, Mark Patrick,
Tom, the writings of the Mystics;
Each Passover Celebration;        
Diarmuid O’Murchu: Incarnation

To listen with attention to each
Voice within the group, reflect
Upon the written word and share
A feeling/thought, be challenged
And encouraged to express a
Different view and glimpse in one’s
Experience the light that’s shining
 Rose Moran