A Blessed Town

A Blessed Town

In the swirling tide of the River Dee
As it moves towards Annagasson’s cauldron
We tramped across the bridge of dreams
A wandering band of Halloween players.

As the October moon over the Nun’s steeple
Played tricks on our childish imaginations
The fireworks and bangers pushed out the boat
We were on fire with Halloween’s energy field.

Past Cuchulainn’s battle rage as Ferdia 
moved towards Smarmore’s healing baths.
In the twinkle of an eye I was back
At the Ford watching a pitched battle.

When we reached the Statue of Vere Foster,
Halloween’s demise was sadly over
My strange imagination wanted more
As friends and foes moved homewards

At that moment I knew my head was strange
I could see the statue moving,
The ground itself like shifting sands
Moved under my feet.

At twelve years I knew this swirling feeling
Was the beginning of a inner tensions
The rush of blood to my forehead
As Winter’s icy Season begins. 
Sean Ross