A Memory

A Memory,

                   Freshly sprung from the Chokmah Gathering at Crowne Plaza 23 March 2022

It is now some forty years since I first met, no not the Dauphiness at Versailles,

Rather Tom Hamill at St. Vincent’s.

It came about in this way.

6th Year RE class was unusually stirred as I arrived.

Shauna and a group were playing with the Luigi board the previous night.

When dad arrived home, saw what they were at he poured scorn thereon.

Proof positive, when dad was told by Luigi exactly how much was in his bank account.

What for do. Down to the library, in vain hopes of finding something on the Ouija board.                             

 Cautions raising their heads: it’s the devil’s work; nothing good can come of it, et al.

And the further thought, what if this should reach onto the ears of Mother Brendan,

and she after redeeming my application for the post from the waste paper basket.

Sr. Librarian googled and came up with Tom Hamill.

Next lesson sees me opening the door of St. Vincent’s to the Man Himself.

True to form, Tom listened, then offered his own take.

Post nuclear explosion, a group of scientists searching in south pacific for an island uncontaminated.

To allay any fears the locals may have had. they first point their geiger counter at themselves and the 

needle goes haywire. Next they turn the counter towards the islanders; needle never budges.

That same night, boiled scientists provide a tasty meal. Let’s have some of what these strangers

are enjoying.

What a Man, eh.

Jim McHugh 23/3/2022