Reflections on the Graveside Ritual of Remembrance

(Originally written for the ritual for Tom at his graveside last October.)

 Friday 2nd October 6.20am 2020
 Feast of the Guardian Angels
 The full moon reigned luminously 
 In a sky adorned by shapely windblown clouds,
 Windswept skeletons of trees,
 Swayed dancer-like as loyal witnesses organised themselves,
 To gather, to celebrate and to give thanks, for,
 Our priest, and our brother, our mentor and our healer,
 Our dear friend Tom.
 Thus began the day chosen to mark Tom’s passing from
 A co-vid stricken world to the glory of 
 The Eternal Father, Jesus our Saviour, his blessed Spirit, the Mother Mary
 And the entire Body of Christ, the ever expanding and new
 Kingdom of God.
 Greetings to all who will assemble in body and spirit from 3 – 3.45pm.
 At that time, this Autumn Workshop of the Chokmah Committee
 Will bear their first fruits in thanksgiving.   Amen a Thiarna Dia.
 Sending peace, love and blessings.   

  Mairéad Ní Dhubhghaill