Sea at Ibricane Spanish Point

Sea at Ibricane
Spanish Point

Expanse of ocean
Wild waves foam
In-coming, out-going
Continuous motion
Energy, aliveness
Sea birds hovering
Companionship of
Shoreline, firm 

Respect for difference
In-heart, one-ing
In-soul, communing
Homing pigeon
Dance recognition
Each one partnering
Words diminishing
In-body sensing
Experiential knowing

Head and heart
A breath exhaling
Resource in the Self
Resource in the Dark
Gift not spurned
Light from a spark
Finding the key

Recording the dream
Triggers of Memory
Spirit unseen
Guiding the pathways
By ancestors trod
Wisdom of Ages
Goddess recalled
Brigid of Faughart
Brigid, Kildare

Brigid, Patroness of
All People aware
Guard with your cloak
With your all-seeing
Eye, in the Cross, for
Direction, your Crios
Healing nigh
Soul-smith, poetess
Crafts woman, writer

All whom you bless
From dairy to kitchen
Your generous impulse
Sharing and giving
Friendship of table
All gathered, equal
To leaders your insight
To manage affairs
Show kindness in plenty

Quick action your 
A pause in the quiet
With Reflection
To know peace of
With Trinity, One
                     Rose Moran