St Brigid

St Brigid
Something of the spirit of St Brigid, patron of Ireland, is reflected for1February by Fr John Cullen, 
presently working on interfaith ministry with the homeless in London.

Her habit is a celtic-woven costume.
Her prayer beads are snow drops and daffodils.
Her abbey is a forest grove of oak where the wind heralds
a new springtime of whispering hope.

Her bread is shared with a gospel service.
Her heart becomes a full basket of scraps from broken lives.
Her generosity is the giving away of her father's sword to befriend and welcome
the least, the last and the lost.
Her altar is clothed with the tattered presence of the poor.
They are the invited guests who share the bread of changeless love.

Her soul is holy ground.
All who were once forgotten are called, named and welcomed.
They chant: here comes everybody!
Her faith is a currach setting sail in a versatile vessel
through stormy waters,
to the  shores of r•e• st and renewal.

Her crozier is a beam of light that scatters all darkness.
Her mitre is woven with the colours of compassion and healing.
Her signature smile is one of God's care and caress. She is the shepherdess of a Love that knows no end.
Dear Soul-friend of Kildare, Saint, Abbess, Founder, Presence and Promise,
you are an anam cara to us all.