The Stories-Have-Begun-To-Re-Emerge


I come across these cherished ‘gems’ in Tom’s book ‘MEMORIES’ when I open it and marvel again at the treasure trove of insight and wisdom he’s left us with  always a nudge to look deeper, to look behind the apparent obvious, to question and find the link to experience…

In November, as we remembered especially our Beloved Dead, in approach to Thanksgiving and Advent I came across this ‘jewel’: 


I was reminded of ‘All The Light We Cannot See’…In those loved ones, gone before us, in these dark wintry times but heartfully and gratefully, as well, came the thought of ‘all the light’ left to us especially by Tom, in memories of his insightful shepherding, his healing wisdom, his poetry, all  signposts to other wisdom literature and especially in own thoughtful , often provocative nudgings!

Jesus didn’t speak English, he often wryly told us! Tell the story, he’d encourage us. Is that your experience, he often questioned, as one might diverge into shades of philosophy or reasoned argument or ‘my’ homespun, faltering attempts to make sense of things! And that’s another story! Nothing was ever ‘insignificant’ and the light shone on the biblical narratives was illuminating and inspirational..

In these darkest of days, I hope you find light in this poem!

Muireann Maguire