26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’03)

Sunday 26st Sept 2021(‘03): 26h SUN in ORDINARY B


  • Read 11.1-35! Another notorious Yahweh-narrative, as it seems! Much of the negotiation is between Yahweh&Moses! But Yahweh keeps HisOptions always!
  • In terms of the storyteller’s agenda, is it significant ThePeople ultimately blamed?
  • The choice of excerpt, does it make all seem benign&genial? But wouldn’t it change everything totally, if Moses’ wish was fulfilled?
  • Whatever about ‘ConfirmationRhetoric’,  where is the evidence that Yahweh has actually ‘GivenHisBreath’ to all the adult disciples in my local church?
  • Even ‘TheElders’ in the excerpt! They ‘spoke once in ‘TheSpirit’, &then, mum…

2.THE PSALM: 18:8, 10, 112-14 (Tho’ the whole psalm is worth a bar!)

  • Read 18(19):1-14! A devotional exchange for Yahweh’s Work&Law&Redemption!
  • ‘TheLaw-of-Yahweh!’: ‘LoveMe! By loving each other, &everyone, unselfishly’!!
  • Have I found that my struggle to embody this ‘Biggie’ truly revives my soul?
  • What are The7Evidences of ‘TheRevival-of-MySoul’?
  • What are The7Evidences that it’s ‘ImbuedMeWithWisdom’?
  • Has this total psalm come from a WisdomEnvironment, unlike NUM above? ‘Cos it represents a very different ‘Yahweh-in-Action’, less ‘bi-polar’!
  • How prevalent in my local church is anxiety about hidden or forgotten ‘sin’?


  • Read 5:1-19! Warning to TheRich(who-them?), Exhortation-to-Patience, Prayer-is-Powerfull-in-ManyWays, Care-for-OneWhoFallsAway! Anything that touches me?
  • Will this excerpt be condescendingly shrugged-off? As if we were not very ‘rich’?
  • If I read it slowly&carefully, does it assume for itself more ‘actuality”?
  • To what extent is our indulgent lifestyle ‘corroding’ our ‘total health’?
  • Is a sort of ‘karma’ being accumulated by unselfaware life-in-the-world’?
  • My ‘first-world’ consumption of food&energy, at whose expense is this?
  • TheInnocent? In IraqCroatiaWestAfrica? Children&Media? Threadbare Catechesis?

4, MK9:38-43, 45, 47-48

  • Read 9:2-49! The disciples inability to comprehend HisImpendingDeath!
  • Why are ‘disciples’ forever trying to redeem Jesus from HisOwnDifficultChoices?
  • ‘NotOneOfUs’: Has this criterion been over-invoked, despite what Jesus says?
  • &Has ‘OneOfUs’ been uncritically used, so as to condone all sorts of ‘falsity’?
  • Can I adequately value the passion that underlies all these Jesus-Sayings’?

           Anyone who is not against us, is for us!

           Even a cup of water, for Chrissake, is rewarded!

           Whatever causes you to sin, recognise it, & take resolute action!

  1. RIDDLE      Why isn’t my local church struggling,

                                       That all adults receive TheBreath-of-Yahweh?

                                       That all souls are revived, &imbued-with-Wisdom?

                                       That our wealthy lifestyle is seen in-context?

                                       That our chauvinistic self-righteousness be rooted out?

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25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 19 September 2021 (’00): 25thSUNin ORDINARY : B

1.WIS2;12, 17-20

  • Read 1·1 –  2:24! Measured thoughts from the moral heights! But do they convince?
  • Can I name I0VirtuousWomen&Men in IrishSociety?      

In what ways are they being opposed&stalked&ambushed by TheGodless’?

In what ways are they being rescued&lookedafter by ‘God’?

In what ways are they being realistically supported by ‘adultChristians’?

  • Is the veneration of ‘martyrs’ partly an admission that ‘God couldn’t save them’?
  • Is the paucity of ‘virtuous speaking-out’ a hint that ‘support is not anticipated’?

2. THE PSALM : 53:36, 8 ·

  • Read S3(54):1-7(8)! A very familiar formula of ‘wishful thinking” &Will it always  be so, as long as ‘divine power’ is thought of as ‘out-there’, not ‘in-here’?
  • If someone is imbued with one of ‘TheOther-Gods’, say Dionysus or Hermes or Artemis, how would such a one perceive any  need to ‘have regard for God’?
  • Especially if ‘God’ is inculcated in casual, even unworthy, ways!
  • For ‘adultChristians’ nowadays, what is the equivalent of ‘adultJews’ sacefice?
  • What rituals have I & others found to be most supportive?        

3. JAM3:164:3

  • Read 3.1 4:17! Who could tolerate such gadfly! So many stings near the bone!
  • What excuses will I find, to shred&scatter these strangely-contemporarybarbs?
  • What attitudes&skills are being offered in my local church. first to recognise &deal-with our own bigotry&conflict&powerhunger! Then those of others!
  • What if ‘bleating prayer’ is being substituted for ‘christian initiative’?   

4. MK9:30-37          

  • Did the ‘disciples’, even ‘TheTwelve’, ever transcend their confused impotence?
  • What important clues here, to the huge Potentials&Pitfalls&Fears of ‘disciples’?
  • Will adultChristians’ negotiate the seductivenesscuminnocence of ‘TheChild’?
  • If Christians in Northern Ireland are secretly&selfrighteously arguing about ‘who is the greatest?’, but unable to acknowledge this, how can there ever be ‘true peace’?
  • Is that about ‘TheSonOfMan’ (oneself?) ‘GoodNews’ or ‘RottenNews’?
  • First&Last‘. But what price ‘christian humility         in our own  ‘celtic tigger’?
  • Currently, who is able&courageous&indiscreet-enuff to ‘instruct-disciples’?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gertie, y’know, th’ way everyone thought th’ disciples was men… ‘Who?’ ‘Well, our curate, th’ fella wi’ th’ stack a’ waterford cryst’I, started up again about it, can’t lave well–enuff alone, “Our Lord pickt on‘y men for t’ be His disciples, that’s that, end of story!’ Then  some bitta Hewbrew, “roamila cootila cowsila feetila!” I wanted t  go up an   scratch ‘is  eyes.. . ‘   ‘Cissie!’  ‘God’s  truth,  Gertie!  or  shout  o ut,  “What  about OurDivineMother? Wasn’t She ordained by HerSon at th’ marriage feast a’  Cana?”‘ ‘Oh ..?’  ‘But,  as  my  aunt  Doris  usedta say, I  refrained  for  thiS  bout!  Anyway   ‘ ‘Your aunt Doris knew ‘er onions!’ ‘ … I wouldn’t want t’ gave my fella th’ suck! I c’n imagine ‘ is oul’ whine, “God y’ll want t’ be Pope a’ Rome next, an’ rune us altogether!”‘ ‘Y’re right, Cissie that’s tactics! let’s bade our time! Th’ way things is goin’, th’ll be comm’ before long on their bended knees, you’ll see!!’

6. RIDDLE          Which ‘discipleship’ have I actually chosen?

Dynamic, titular, rhetorical, ha-ha, or  twist-mya rm?

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24th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 12 September 2021 (’00): 24thSUNinORDINARY : B

1. IS50:5-9

  • Read 50.4-9! TheThirdSong ofYahweh’sSlave!
  • Why was Yahweh’sSlave maltreated? (Read TheFirst&SecondSongs’ 42.1-4; 49:1-6)
  • Which ‘help’ is more crucial to TheSlave? that in ‘Torture’, or that in ‘Court’?
  • In my own struggle, what resources do I count as ‘Yahweh’sHelp’?
  • What ‘case’ is being brought-against contemporary ‘YahwehSlaves’?
  • How would I discern If someone belonged to ‘Yahweh’ or ‘TheOtherGods’?

2. THE PSALM : 114;1-6, 8-9

  • Read 114(115):119! Public thanks of one delivered from distress by ‘Yahweh”
  • ‘Death/TheTomb/Sorrow&Distress!’: Some biblical terms for physical or mental suffering, rejection, failure, aloneness, depression etc! Summed-up as ‘Sheôl’!
  • What remedies are offered now, for the manifestation of Sheôl, ‘depression’?
  • In 50words, what is the origin&nature&endurance&healing of ‘suffering’?
  • What substance in the rhetorical wishthink that ‘Yahweh Protects TheSimple!’?
  • Glimpse how this total psalm is a hypothetical source of ‘ThePassionNarrattve’!

3. JAMl:14-18        

  • Which important ‘goodworks’ are being ignored or condemned in myChurch?
  • Is ‘faith’ about ‘language’ ‘allegiance’ ‘powerstructure’ ’embodiment’ or what?
  • Is there a tendency to ‘pray for&about things’, rather than ‘do-them’?

&To keep ‘faith’ infantile&fuddyduddy, rather than risk a dangerous adult praxis?

  • Which is more urgent, to-venerateJesus, or to-activelybeHimineveryway?

4. MKS:27-35           ,

  • Read TheGreatThreefoldArgyBargy! 8:2210 52! FramedByBlindStories!
  • ‘TheChrist!’: Very familiar, OK! As Title&Prayer&Blessing&Curse&CasualWord! But what of Peter? Hid he mean ‘The powerfulBreathof Yahweh’sCallToFreedom’?
  • ‘Jesus’Death!’: Was it planned necessarry inevitable unforeseen accidental or what?
  • My best biblical Image&Title&Story through which to understand&embody-Him?
  • How would ‘Peter’ have shown a ‘divine’ rather than a ‘human’ way-of-thinking?
  • Is myCommunity is trying to prevent ‘Jesus’ from speaking or behaving rashly?
  • Has the danger of being a ‘disciple’  been made sufficiently clear to adultChristians?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, as it like this?    

‘In every page of the Gospels, there seems to be a desire to conceal or deny the fact that Jesus’ ministry ended in utter failure! instead of accepting  this, all sorts of  .. ‘That’ll do now! I won’t tolerate meretricious slanders on the inspired truth of TheHolyWritings!’   ‘Surely it’s obvious to anyone who has given up  fuddyduddy&infantile ways of thought…’ ‘This is what comes from marinating your addled ,walnut of a so-called brain in Nietzsche’s bloated ravings! A dip in the Angelic Doctor’s limpid stream would serve you better!’ TheOfficialBeliever pursed his lips & nodded smiling, pleased that this latest attack on inspired truth had been decisively

repulsed! All the more devastating therefore ThePractisingSceptic’s shocking riposte!

‘If your own  faculties  weren’t  poisoned  by  Aquinas’  pseudoAristotle, you’d  have

recognised long since the derivative&tendentious nature of the Gospel! But, at your

age, to begin the quest for real faith…?‘        

6. RIDDLE   Suffering! Which is preferable?

Avoid Endure Embrace Remove or Process it?

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23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 5th September 2021 (’00): 23rdSUNinORDINARY : B

1. IS 35:4-7

  • Read 34:1- 35:10! The unsated revengefulRageOfYahweh,against the traditional aggressors (eg Edom etc), in favour of the oppressed (eg blind etc)!
  • If  this ‘Yahweh’ hasn’t been ‘superseded by the god-of-love’, as some naively claim!

But is still more active than ever, though perhaps in other guises!

  • Apart from ‘wishful thinking’, what evidence is there, of a ‘ god-of-love’?
  • Who are The20CategoriesOf the Oppressed in Irish Society?
  • In what ways are these, ‘as-Yahweh’, preparing ‘vengeance&retribution’?
  • Would ‘wrestling with biblical narrative’ make me more dangerous&endangered?
  • After all, what did Jesus have&do, but wrestle-for-His-life with ‘TheJewishBible’?

2. THE PSALM : 145:7-10     1

  • 145(146).1 -10! Read very carefully the combination of Wisdom&fantasy!
  • What realistic ‘song’ can I offer to ‘Yahweh’?
  • What ‘trust’ am I credibly (or not) placing in ‘princes&mortals’?
  • Who, if not me & my cohort, is ‘,theFreeing&HealingYahweh’?

How will I overcome Shame&Fear&Gullt, so as to speak-up in TheAssembly?  

  • Why am I allowing men&women of straw to keep me in diminishment?

3. JAM2:l-5

  • Read 2.l-26! Which, myCommunity or James’s, is the convincing hypocrite?
  • But is the convention of ‘TheTwoStandards’ so prevalent as to be totally invisible?
  • Of course it’s alluded to, but why are  christians soaisy-oisy about it?
  • James’ ‘synagogue scenario’, how is it being incarnated in ‘my Church?
  • Or, are there sound practical reasons for perpetuating such ‘ aristocratisms’ ?
  • ‘Poor according to theWorld’&’Rich in Faith’&’Heirs to TheKingdom’! Spiffing  how these phrases can slip by, in the current poor state of ‘Liturgy of theWord’!

4. MK7:31-37 

  • ‘ TyreSidonGalileeDecapois’”  Just a geographical antimacassar? or, wow..  ?
  • Does this story hint about His actual techniques as-healer?
  • Why oh why are all adult Christians not thoroughly trained-as-healers?
  • Which raises a deeper question, Who could hold such a ministry?
  • If this story was deeply-imbibed as my local church’s FirstCommandment, what . .

5. The presence&action of the Blessed One, is it like this?

‘Sir! Your healing of the deaf&dumb! How did you make those unfortunate wretches whole again?’ ‘Friend! In all my coming&going, everything I did was accomplished by Heaven’sBreath!’ ‘Heaven’sBreath, sir! &How did you manage to possess the surpassing prize, which bestowed such power in every realm?’ ‘Not a prize nor a possession, friend! But sheerest gift of The One who sent me to offer TheGoodnewsOfFreedom to all!’ ‘Not only the deaf&dumb . .?’  ‘Friend!  In Heaven’sEyes all are deaf&dumb, all arestill entombed in Egypt!’  All, sir ? How can you say that all..’ ‘Friend’ Not only TheTemple&itsSlaves-of-Power, not only the wretched sick&infirm, but my ownFamlly, my ownDisciples” ‘Sir! What are you saying? Is no one free… ‘ ‘Everyone is deaf&dumb&blind! Only a new creation will satisfy Heaven’s Yearning! Yourself too, friend! Cease this chattering, &once-for-all be filled with HolyBreath! Nothing else is life ..!!’                 1

6. RIDDLE Yahweh’sHealing! Which? Literal Symbolic Ecclesial Cosmic?

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22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 29 August 2021 (’00) 22ndSUNinORDINARY : B

1. DEUT4:l-2, 6-8

  • Read 3:23- 4.40! A Moses Homily to instill fear in ‘The Yahweh People’!
  • ‘Deuteronomy!’: A theological fiction, woven of law&homily, draped on Moses.

Embodying an ethic of reward&puinshment around ‘KeepingTheLaw’!

Legitimating the conquest of Canaan by the ‘ChosenPeople’!

Sanctifying TheJerusalemTemple&itsCult’

  • Is calling Yahweh ‘our god’ sufficient justification for invading others’ land?
  • Or for suggesting that the religion&morality of other peoples are inferior?
  • But is any ‘ChristianChurch’ able to own its-own ‘Jingoistic bigotry’?
  • What is being claimed or concealed when I boldly call this rhetoric ‘word-of-god’?

2. THE PSALM : 14:2-5

  • Is this about priests&worshippers(males only?) in TheJerusalemTemple?
  • ‘Walk!’. Moral/Behaviour! Especially in matters of ‘Justice’ & ‘truth’ (what?)!
  • Nowadays, how to distinguish ‘neighbour’ & ‘godless’? How to keep our heads, in the quagmire of financial (or other!)’Pledges&Interests&Loans&Bribes!
  • Is ‘ truth’ kept alive by parroting catechism answers? Or ‘Justice’ by ferverinos?

3. JAM l:17-18, 21-22, 27

  • Read 1.1-27 of this traditionally undervalued letter (why is this?)! Is it maybe because of its nittygritty approach to ‘morality’? &That final assertion in 1:27!
  • How do I know I’m ‘doing the word’? not just ‘listening to it, &deceiving myself’!
  • In my Church, which aspect of ‘christianity’ is more important in practice? TbeDogmatic TheMoral TheDevotional TheMystical or TheMinimalisticPassive?
  • In 30words, what ‘salvific word’ has been planted in me? &when&by-whom/what?

4. MK7:1-8, 14-15 21-23 (Why the omissions?)

  • Read 7.1-30! But if heart is the truth of religion, what of myChurch?
  • Indeed, would HisWords not be eminently appropriate to myChurch&Community?
  • Why are we still encouraged, to imagine that He’s addressing ‘perfidious Jews’?
  • Isn’t there a hint here that, while myChurch may be rhetorically inflated, it is becoming less&less a moral dynamism in IrishSociety!
  • How’d I respond if He quoted that ‘Isaiah’ to my local church of Armagh?
  • What if ‘human traditions’ are masquerading as ‘commandments-of-god’?  Say, republican or loyalist or economic or other ideological imperatives?

5. The presence&action of the Blessed One, is it like this?

‘Ha-ha’ “lip-service”! that’s a good one… ‘ ‘I suppose y’ were above this mornin’! f’r the usual..”No, looka” I got myself wedged nicely alongside th’ SacredHeart statcha, an’  suddenly I  remembers th’  oul’ Canon shoutin’ down at  us from th’  altar, “Don’t be there like sacks a’ turnips! Up on yer hunkers now an’ stretch out yer ears for th’ word a’ god!” So begod .. ‘ ‘ Aw, don’t be talkin’.  ‘ ‘ … didn’t I decide t’ give yer man all me attention!’ ‘Tell us, whatja. ‘ ‘Nothin’, nothin’ but one  quare  bit, “lip­ service”.. ‘ ‘Lip service? Sounds like… ‘ ‘All I could think a’ was a ball o’ malt! John Jameson if ya please!’ ‘ Ha’  Lip-service! Up on yer hunkers alright! Aw, th’  oul’ Canon ‘d love ya!’ “Deed he would! On yer hunkers an’ ears stretched out! I must try that oftener!’ ‘Do, begod! An’ y’ll be as inspired yerself in th’ heel o’ th’ hunt!”

6. RIDDLE Which is the priority? Preserve the churcby front? Wrestle with biblical obscurantism? Accept that He’s criticising my-church?

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21st Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

                             Sunday 22 August 2021(’00)   21stSunday in Ordinary Time: B

1. Joshua 24:1-2, 15-18

  • Read 24:1-28! The ScechemCovenantRitual narrative! That defined TheGod! ‘Yahweh TheOneWho BringsTheSlaveOutFromEgyptForFreedom!’ The Leadership! ‘TheJoshuaGroup, who publicly Declare-for Yahweh!’ TheFirstCommandment! ‘PutAwayotherGods! Cling Totally To YahwehAlone!’
  • ‘Covenant!’ Ritual structure that celebrated&confirmed in specific places & ways & times, the mutual obligation that underpin the realities of religion and politics!
  • What 9 ‘Riruals are definitive of my social&religious&political&personal web?
  • In my complex world, what, above all, does ‘Serving Yahweh’ imply&demand?

2. THE PSALM 33:2-3, 16-23

  • Read 33(34) 1-22 What is ‘Evil?’ & Why is’ Yahweh’ so against it?
  • What if ‘Evil,’ biblically is behaviour that represents and promotes TheotherGods (as reflected in the ten commandments), and ‘Justice’what represents Yahweh?
  • But is Yahweh powerful enuff to ‘protect  HisOppressedFaithful,’ or to ‘ destroy EvilDoers &theirRemembrance?’
  • What gives reality to ‘Yahweh?’ except what Jesus did :Dangerously Embody Him!

3. EPH 21-32

  • What is the cumulative affect of receiving these important biblical writings pick ‘n’ mix piecemeal, often in a lah-di-dah delivery, & usually fatuously glossed?
  • What is he drawing on (anthropologically philosophically etc) for his opinions here?
  • Would an adequate extended imaginative collaborative properly-resourced holistic exploration among married people make any difference to them?

4. JHN 6: 60-69

  • Read 6: 1-71! Glimpse how this grows out of a preoccupation with bread?
  • Why does the language of Jesus’ Teaching seem more tolerable to us? Phrases like, ‘eating
  • HisFlesh,’ drinking HisBlood?’ Were those who objected then, just stupid?
  • What if the truly-scandelous core of HisTeaching is hidden or concealed from me?
  • In what ways does Peter’s ‘Confession-ofFaith’ mitigate the problem, if at all?
  • ‘Belief/Faith!’:  My total existence rooted in ThePriorities&Behaviours of Jesus!
  • Having ‘ offeredHisFlesh,’ why does He then turn & emphasise ‘TheSpirit!’
  • What, above anything else, either seems to undermine, or to deepen, my’ Faith?’

5. The presence and action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Simon, I continually wonder about you, your faith in TheLord…’

 ‘You mean you envy me, Yochanaan, the honour bestowed on a fisherman from Capernaum!’

‘The honour you refer to, Simon, was as much a snare, or at least a testing-of- faith, as anything else! & In my seeing-of-it, you deluded yourself, & tried to delude TheMaster, that your protestations of faith were truth!’ & You of course,Ii say it again! Fawning on Themaster, trying to push me aside, worming into HisBosom! Embarrassing really to all of us!’

‘Simon! Your own words betray your heart’s dark intent like Haman&Achitophel!’ & How can I not compare your own heart’s churnings with the squalid contrivances of Jezebel (I spit) against Elijah the Tishbite?’ ‘Simon! Have we faithfully endured TheRitual-of-PurgatedMind?’

‘Yes! &Have we, Yochanaan?’

‘Yes!’ ‘Peace then!’ ‘Yes, peace, peace!!’


                          Regarding the ‘realJesus,’ which do I seem to do?

                          TotalEmbrace, HedgeMyBets, ThrowSandIn TheAir, WalkAway?

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Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 15th August 2021 (’00)       Assumption of B.V.M: B

  1. APOC 11:19; 12: 1-6, 10
  2. Read 12 1-18! TheWoman, TheMaleChild, TheDragon, TheVoice, TheEarth!
  3. The drama between Heaven&Earth, what biblical or other narratives are evoked?
  4. As I look imaginatively into this shortened narrative,

       Ecologically, what about the destruction of environment & species?

       Educationally, what about the eating of children’s minds by TheMassMedia?

       Relationally, what about the grossly exploited intricacies of the genders?

       Spiritually, what if Woman&Dragon hint at elements of a larger wholeness? 

  • THE PSALM : 44: 10-12, 16
  • Read 44 (45) 1-17! Royal WeddingSong full of CourtlyFlattery!
  • Apart from its ‘application’ to Our Lady, does this psalm&excerpt offer a glimpse of the status of even royal women as ‘property,’ in Ancient Israel?
  • What is the function of these royal ‘Loved Ones’/ ‘Ladies in Waiting?’ (NRSV)?
  • What religious&political&domestic ‘realities’ are hinted at by this poet?
  • 1COR15: 20-26
  • Read 15: 1-57 He struggles to imagine the DeathChange in Jesus&Disciples!
  • If ‘firstfruits’ belonged to ‘Yahweh,’ then, so must ‘Christ!’ But who belongs to Christ? Can Adam be dispossessed by those who’ve ‘Died-inHim?’
  • How convincing is his scenario of ‘TheEnd,’ & ‘TheDestructionOfDeath?’
  • Might Paul’s violent imagery occasionally have inspired ecclesial or other violence?
  • Especially if groups or individuals are deemed to be ‘EnemiesOfChrist?’
  • Luke 1: 39-56
  • Read 1: 1-2:52 The twinned woven yet contrasted narratives of John&Jesus!
  • 1Sam1-2:11 Archetypal Mother-of-a-Prophet ofYahweh?
  • What are the memorable ‘MeetingStories’ in TheJewishBible?
  • What ‘promise’ did Yahweh make to Elizabeth&Mary? & How was it fulfilled?
  • What is Yahweh promising to contemporary women? &How is this different from the ‘promises’ of TheOtherGods? &Whose ‘promises’ are women heeding?
  • What if Mary’s Song is a programme to be fleshed out by each local church?
  • The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Gertie, I know y’ haven’t much time for religion…’

‘None, Cissie! ‘I’ve none especially since…’ ‘But this about Our Lady is more important nor religion…’ ‘Who?’ ‘After all isn’t she OurMother, Gertie, & that’s the most…’ ‘y’ mean they’ve stoppt havin’ them grand processions, with banners an’ flowergirls? My fella says, ‘It’s the capitalists is runnin’ the show. An’ they’ll not be happy till they get the Angelus off the airwaves! The last bitta religion we’ve held onta!’ An’ then if he’s half pa’latic, Cissie, it’s Faith-of OurFathers!’ That’s what I mean, Gertie! OurFathers! Some sorta coo to oust OurDivineMother!’

‘What?’ ‘A coo! I don’t mean TheHolyfather! He’s all for Her, it’s some others who shall be nameless!’ ‘Cissie, is it you-know-who-I-think?’ ‘It prob’ly is, Gerti!’ ‘But what can we do?’

‘We’ll say th’ Angelus at midnight outside every pub in town!’ ‘What!’ ‘That’ll remind them of theirMother!’ ‘God, Cissie, y’ wouldn’t want to be up for disturbin’ the peace!’ ‘No, y’re right, Gertie! A better idea ‘ll dawn on us, bye&bye…’

  • RIDDLE   The reality of ‘ HerAssumption!’

Is it more necessary to Ignore or Conceal or Assert it?

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19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

SUN 8thAUG 2021(‘00) 19th SUNinORDINARY: B


  • Read 18:1-19:21! What was it about Jezebel that intimidated resourceful Elijah?
  • ‘TheBush!’: Read GEN21 (Hagar)! EXOD3(Moses)! JON4(Jonah)!
  • Elijah’ unintegrated crane-bag of Piety&Violence&Luck&Timidity&Charism!

            How does this offer me a glimpse of my own work-in-progress?

What sorts of disciple do I still need to undertake?

&Especially in regard to my dynamic non-rational serendipitous aspects?

2.THE PSALM:33:2-9

  • Read 33(34):1-22! an optimistic moralistic ‘wishful think’ about Yahweh!
  • What counts for me as ‘Yahweh’s Reality’, moment-to-moment, day-to-day?
  • What especially allows me to ‘taste’ the desirability of being ‘Yahweh’sSlave’?
  • Does the passive hearing&reciting of psalms like this  lull me into being unable to strenuously work-with the ‘fragmentation’ glimpsed in Elijah’s narratives?
  • Who has a vested interest in the propagation of optimistic ‘wishful think’ prayers?


  • What will enable me to listen more robustly to Paul’s ‘commonplace’ here?
  • &’Transubstantiate’ it from mere rhetoric to be the beginnings of ‘real food’?
  • ‘TheHolyBreath!’: Is this important biblical/theological ‘breath’ becoming the core of my inner&outer discipleship? &The dynamism to embody ‘commonplaces’?
  • What ‘chance’ has ‘Christ’, in a marketplace thronged with ‘OtherGods’? Will He be trampled, or inculcated wimpishly, or prematurely frighten would-be disciples?


  • Read 6:1-71! How would Elijah or Paul or Yahweh hear all the biblical echoes?
  • In what ways is ‘TheFather’ drawing, sending, speaking or showingHimself-to me?
  • Life: Power, mediated by biblical story&ritual, of being fully-Jesus in TheWorld!
  • Why is one Bread-from-Heaven(Manna) not ‘lifegiving’, yet another Bread-fromHeaven(Jesus) is? But that Jesus models&enables a ‘way’ that ‘casts out fear’!

           & can any of this be understood, apart from the imagery&power of ‘ThePassover’

5.The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Confidential memorandum to TheMostExcellentHighPriest Caiaphas!

Dispatched by trusted messenger from BarShemaya’, Stalker of The Nazarene!

Greetings!May Heaven’sBlessings adorn YourExcellencey, this Festival of Pesach! In accordance with yourBidding, I have attached myself to the group of pious flatterers

who constitute the larger part of TheNazarene’s following! Two days ago, by some magical devising, or more likely by a pre-arranged stratagem, he seemed to feed a very numerous crowd to satiety with a few fragments of food, this arousing on these simpletons the ludicrous desire to make him their king! &As if this weren’t sufficient treason, he claimed that what he could provide was more powerful & more lifegiving than ThePricelessFood, TheManna, offered to OurFathers by Moshe, peace be upon Him! He seemed to hint indeed, in a manner I found disquieting due to the proximity of the great Festival, that he himself was the new manna! I think YourExcellency will smell here, something even more baneful than treason!! Fare You Well!!!

6. RIDDLE   Which offers the best exemplar to live This OneLife by?

                      Elijah  David  Paul  or Jesus? 

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18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’03)

Sunday 1stAUG  2021(‘03): 18th SUN in ORDINARY: B

1. Exodus 16:2-4, 12-15

  • Read 16:1-35! The strange story of the ‘man-ha?’ that fell from ‘heaven’ for 40years!

& the more serious ‘Resentment-towards-Yahweh’ behind it!

  • What was the ‘real freedom’ that was being offered by Yahweh?

What was the cost involved? &the benefit? &Was it perhaps rejected in the end?

  • If each narrative divinity(eg Dionysus Aphrodite Hermes Artemis) is offering a particular ‘freedom’, maybe Yahweh’s is just too demanding?
  • In my local community, is there too much, or too little, ‘complaint’?
  • How could ‘Egypt’ conceivably appear more attractive than ‘The Wilderness’?

2. THE PSALM: 77:3-4, 23-25, 54 (Hardly a suck or a sip of this great song!)

  • Read-with-inseeing 77(78):1- 72! This ritual song is called a ‘parable/dark-sayings’ at the beginning! Can I glimpse the lurking dark truth?
  • Shredding the psalm to derive a ‘theme’ surely obscures the overall ‘parable’!
  • How are TheDarkSayings&Doings-of-Yahweh-inJesus’ being passed on to me?
  • The general non-reference to ‘Yahweh’, has this made our ‘religion’ shallow?
  • ‘Cos, isn’t the challenge of TheChallengeBible, ‘Yahweh’sCovenantWithTheOpressed’?
  • ‘BreadFromHeaven!’: What’s my current experience of this ancient myth-theme?
  • ‘HisHolyLand!’: To imagine He gave them Canaan, ‘saved’ them from ‘Wandering’

3. EPH4:17, 20-24 (Boo-hoo! Aren’t vv18-19 the nails in their coffin!)

  • ‘The aimless kind if life pagans live!’ Who? Not Christian? Whew!!
  • What areThe3Priorities that give consistence&direction to my life?
  • ‘Self!!: What is this, that can be corrupted by illusory desires?

How is it replaced by ‘TheNewSelf’ created ‘in God’sWay’? &OurMindRenewed’?

  • What 5Aspects of ‘MyOldWay-of-Life’ am I prepared to ‘GiveUp’ for Christ?
  • ‘TheGoodness&Holiness-of-TheTruth’! But what-is-truth?

Unless it is the full embodiment-in-my-world of TheAspirations-of-Yahweh-in-Jesus?


  • ‘Eternal Life!’: A new lifestyle mirrored to me by the narratives of Yahweh-in-Jesus! Not merely for contemplation&exegesis, but for actual embodiment!
  • What food cannot last, &in what sense? What food endures? &How?
  • What nourishment&support do I need, so as to live a ‘Jesus’?
  • Will even ‘Reception-of-TheEucharist’ ‘work’, without further ado?

Cos maybe the current ‘theology’ is encoraging illusory claims&hopes!

  • ‘BreadThatEndures/BreadFromHeaven/Bread-of-Life!’: Yahweh-in-Jesus ritually&dynamically present, in ways that best-nurture CovenantLove!

5. RIDDLE       Which is the most important bread?

               That received devotionally in EucharisticCommunion? 

               That eaten-with-gratitude in family rituals?

                That given-with love- to the poor? 

                That allowed with-inadvertence to moulder?

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17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 25 July 2021 (’00): 17thSUNinORDINARY: B


1. 2K4·42-44

  • ‘Elisha/El-hasSaved!’ 2K2 8! Larger-than-life wonderworker & political activist!
    • ‘FirstFruits!’: Many varieties of ‘firstfruits’ (also the ‘firstborn’!) were offered to ‘Yahweh’ (Or TheTemple&ThePriests!)! Why was this? (Read DT26:1-11!)
    • What about ‘Yahweh’sSaying’, ‘They will eat, &have some left over!’?
    • What alternative ways of seeing ‘food’ are suggested by this very reticent story?
    • Is there a danger, ‘food’ has lost its links with ‘Yahweh’ (&so, with ‘ThePoor’!)?

2. THE PSALM: 144:10-11, 15-18

  • Read 144(145):1-21! Optimistic upbeat praise of YahwehsGoodnessToAll’! Who wouldn’t want this Yahweh’! But where’s the impotent rage & moody jealousy?
    • How will I place with this song the realities of Famine? &of ‘TheFoodCham’? &the imperative ‘Eat or be-eaten!’? &generally, human impact on the environment?
    • What of ‘Yahweh’sOpenHand’? &The metaphor of ‘grantingTheDesires OfAllWhoLive’? &The claim that ‘He is Just&Loving&Close… ‘?

;   3. EPH4 .1-6

  • ThePrisioner inTheLord!’: Is this a title (honorary or not!)? Or a summary of his existential faith? Or an autobiographical detail? Or a biblical allusion?
    • In 30words, how do I describe my Calling orVocation as a ‘christian’?
    • How am I affected by Paul’s ‘exhortational language’ in this excerpt?

especially terms like ‘complete seflessness’, &’the unity of the spirit’, &’one body’?

  • How are adultChristians m myCommunity being trained in ‘mutual love’?
    • What would I say to him, in response to this inspirational excerpt?     

4. JN6:l-15       

  • Read 6:1-71! JN’s multifaceted narritave&discursive jewel! &Another of several foundational ‘passover-scenarios’ that serve to explore&unfold ‘TheHour’!
    • What reminiscences of the Exodus/Sinai stories are here? (Read EXOD24!)
    • Jesus&Philip! ‘: What sort of question was asked, what sort of response given?
    • Why is there such anxiety about food in our society? including Diet&GM&Allergies&Additives&Anorexia&JunkFood&Bulimia&Famine&Organic…
    • So many men? &One small boy? &No women&children? Another ‘sign’?

15. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gran!’ ‘Yes, my dear?’ ‘Boysie an’ Sam nearly got married!’ ‘O, I hope notbing’s happened?’ ‘The loaves an’ fishes, Gran!’ ‘Did Mam interfere, an’ say it’d be a sorta  miracle...‘ ‘Gran’ Sam said to Boysie in her jokie-voice, “Boysie, let’s get hitched soon'”, an’ Boysie said, “0 not again! I want the neeve paudrix at it!”…’  ‘…the football team?’ ‘..so Sam shouted in her tractor-voice, “Y’seem t’ think this is the loaves an’ fishes!”, an’ Boysie kicked over the sofa an ran out, gulpin’! an’ Mam said, “That’s-that! Yez nearly got married!” ‘0 my goodness, Effie!’ ‘Gran, the loaves an’ fishes!’ ‘When the people were hungry, a mhilis, Jesus blessed a plateful of bread an’ fish, anfed the whole crowd…’ ‘Like the neeve paudrix!’ ‘…more, even!’ ‘Maybe Boysie thought Jesus would do it again for him an’ Sam?’ ‘So, let’s ask Jesus… ‘… to come an’ feed the whole crowd with loaves an’ fishes! great!’ ‘Then Sam an’ Boysie… .. can get married! great great!!’

6. RIDDLE    Is food-for-the-hungry a pointer to TheEucharist? Or TheEucharist a pointer to food-for-the-hungry?

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