2nd Sunday of Advent Cycle A 2022 (’01)

Sunday 4 December 2022 (‘0) 2ndSUNofADVENT : A.

1 IS11.1-10

  • ‘Jesse!’ Read 1SAM16′ Grandson of Ruth-of-Moab & Boaz-of Bethlehem!
  • The idealised king alluded to here, where are these attributes in my local church”
  • The symbiosis of humans&animals, what is it really an allusion to’
  • Especially since the basic imperative uberall is still, ‘Eat, or be eaten’!
  • Apart from the political&economic ‘peace-stratagems, what 20Initiatives are afoot in my local church, to nurture understanding&tolerance&courage?
  • ‘Rod/Death”‘: This threat of violence, well, ‘Maybe it’s OK in a good cause

2. THE PSALM 71:1-2,7-8, 12-13, 17 (What’s wrong with the other verses’)

  • Read 71(72):1-19! An exceedingly flattering&unrealistic prayer for the monarch’
  • What religious or political leader can claim (or would wish to claim) all this
  • If Jesus is ‘king’, in-what ways are the ‘wretched of the earth’ benefiting’ 
  • With the approach of ‘TheMustBuy&Have’ season, how will ‘ThePoor’ be seen?
  • Will Santa&HisExpandingEmpire succeed in oppressing me, along with them’
  • What other agenda is concealed in the bland piety of this extract?
  • Is this ‘controlling’ of PS71(72) a hint to other sorts of blatant ‘control’?

3. ROM15:4-9

  • Read 14:1 – 15.33! A_ dense exhortation to christians in the local church of Rome to understand&tolerate each other’ Why did he lay so much emphasis on this?
  • What sorts of rivalries&disputes&bitternesses prevail in my local church? &Who is adverting to this widespread malaise, &making ‘Christ’ actual&relevant”
  • What of the claim that ‘Harry Potter’, along with ‘Rock&Rap’, is ‘it’ for-many? 4 MT3:1-12
  • What ‘baptism’ was I ‘plunged-in’? Water? Breath&Fire? Or claims about Abraham?
  • What is the contemporary equivalent of,

Repentance with a view to the closeness of TheReign-of-Heaven? Pharisees&Sadducees presenting for John’sBaptism?

Trees that fail to produce good fruit?

Clearing the threshing floor to winnow out wheat&chaff?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this”

‘One thing that puzzles me about John-the-baptist. .’ ‘Careful now! even though he’s only ThePrecursor. !’ TheOfficialBeliever’s interruption was expansively genial, but still was seen to be laying down an institutional marker’ ‘He’s portrayed so outlandishly’ everything about him, milieu&garb&diet&discourse, so bloated&theatrical’ also the ritual of drowning sinners in the river ..”Not just any river! but the sacred stream of the people’s primordial crossing! into ThePromisedLand!”Sure, other people’s land .’ ‘However! it’s the outlandish bit I really object to! such a casual way of referring to . ‘

.”only the precursor” ..”TheVoice crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye “I don’t wonder he was so dramatically wiped-out.. ‘ ..’martyred for his faith by a debauchee. ‘ ‘He just sounds so fanatical’ like one of those Egyptian hermits, crazed by fasting &solitude&glare! How could anyone normal come out of the desert?”Look, get it right’ He preached repentance, he baptised TheLordJesus, he died courageously! Does it matter a drake’s waddle if you think he’s outlandish?” Probably not! Though I still think he has set a skewed example for…’ Bleahhh!!!’

6. RIDDLE What is the core of discipleship? Tolerance among Christians?

Struggle to emancipate the oppressed? Focus on piety&prayer?

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1st Sunday of Advent Cycle A 2022 (’01)

SUN27NOV2022 (’01): 1stSUNofADVENT A

1. IS2:1-5

  • Read 2:1-4:1! Oracle depicting the fluid spectrum of Yahweh’sMoods, both for &against Jerusalem & its various categories of people! notably the women
  • ‘SwordsIntoPloughshares!’ Which power-structure has ever done, or hinted at, this?
  • What happened when ‘TheMountain-of-Yahweh’ was removed to the (holy) city?
  • ‘TheDays-to-Come!’ Has ‘ForwardLooking’ disempowered ‘Presence’?

2. THE PSALM:121:1-2, 4-5.6-9

  • Read 121(122) 1-9! Celebration of the city of Jerusalem, &its Peace-with-Security!
  • How will I undertake to recite this song in our present circumstances?
  • When TheTemple is destroyed, & questionable events occur in ‘TheHolyLand’?
  • What of the suggestion that I should have ‘TheVatican’ in mind?
  • ‘Peace!’: What would the ingredients of ‘Wholeness’, 25centuries ago?
  • Might women nuance this psalm differently from men?
  • What ‘good’ am praying-for & struggling-towards in my local church?
  • Have years of ‘peace’ lulled ‘christians’ into a ‘perverse&uncaring slumber’?

3. ROM13:11-14

  • Read 13:1-14! Some relatively simplistic exhortations about ‘authority’ & ‘love’ & ‘awakedness’! But was he more circumstantial in face-to-face settings?
  • How is Paul’s demanding ‘agenda’ being inculcated in adultChristians?
  • Especially in a society dedicated to all the behaviours he proscribes?
  • &What if the persuasions of TheMedia&TheOtherGods are much more powerful?
  • &The warning-for-now, ‘Daylight is rapidly being trampled on by night!’?
  • ‘Armour!’ will devotion to TheSacredHeart suffice? Or is this-other-talk for real?

4. MT24:37-44

  • Read 24:1-25:46! Warning&Comfort fo all Times-of-Persecution!
  • Do contemporary Christians still find reassurance in being told that they are ‘the true church’, &have nothing to fear when ‘TheSon-of-Man’ manifests?
  • ‘TheSon-of-Man!’ Perhaps the powerful presence of Heaven in human form? Or another way of referring to ‘Jesus’? Or each human being I encounter?
  • ‘Stay awake!’ In 45 words, let me describe my own experience of this?

5. The presence&action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Begod,that’s some change in th’ weather since las’ week! It’ll soon be..’ ‘Y’ mus’ be psychological! Y’r man took off this mornin’! ‘Off?’ ‘Advent an’ all that! Th’ man above comin’ like a thief in th’ night!’ ‘Wh’ was tha’ film? Some fella usedta climb in th’ winda an’ them.’ ‘But I thought the whole thing was rather somethin’ or other, he started in th’ middle of it. Givin’ out about Santa’ ‘ Th’ bishop wi’ the deer pullin’ hia chariot.’

‘I felt like stannin’ up an’ shoutin’, “Santa’s really th’ man above! Don’tcha know y’r bible?” ‘ ‘Naw, y’ couldn’t interrupt proceedins like that! OK at a union meetin’. ‘ ‘ Anyhow he got back on track!Tho’ I couldn’t folly ‘im, I was so het-ip about poor Santa.’ ‘I got me photo wit’ ‘im at th’ circus when I was twenty.’ ‘Thinkin’ o’ th’ oul’ Canon.’ ‘ Aw, no thief in th’ night there!’ “Comrades!” he’d shout, “No matter where y’ look, or who y’ meet, it’s always th’ man above!”…. ‘God, he was spot-on! It’s always th’ man above! Santa too…’ ‘It’s prob’ly th’ way they’re trained above, a’d say’ ‘ So was..’ ‘Aw, say no more! It’ll on’y get between you an’ y’r sleep! Get y’r mouth around that pint, an’ let be!’ ‘Begod, sure what more can a body do nowadays!!’

6, RIDDLE TheHour! Jesus’Death? MyConversion? EachCrisis? NightFall? MyDeath?

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Our Lord Jesus Christ Universal King 2022 (’01)


1. 2SAM5:1-3

  • Read 5:1-6.23! David’s establishment as king in Jerusalem!
  • How dis ‘Yahweh’ actually point to David? (read !SAM16:1-13?)
  • How are bishops(&other church-leaders) pointed-to &assessed?
  • How was/is ‘ThePresence-of-Yahweh’ created established tested subverted?
  • Or was ‘ThePresence-of-Yahweh’ a euphemism for ‘male authority‘, as embodied in tribal elders, prophetic brotherhoods, temple priesthoods, royal courts….
  • What made David-of-Jerusalem such a deeply-cherished biblical icon?

2. THE PSALM. 121:1-5

  • Read 121(1220:1-9! A GoingUp YahwehSong for Jerusalem’s Shalom/Peace!
  • ‘Shalom!’ What glimpse here of the ingredients of biblical ‘peace’?
  • ‘God’sHouse/David’sHouse!’ In my local church, how do the religious & the political claims-to-power collaborate? &What of financial&media power?
  • ‘Thrones-of-Judgement!’: How is ‘justice&equity’ assured to each in the local church?
  • Or is that one ignored, or left to the vested interests of the other-arenas-of-power?
  • ‘Strongly Compact!’ Necessary in a city ever liable to siege! But will a striving for it in our contemporaryChurch engender unimaginitive&unfruitful authoritarianism?

3. COL1:12-20

  • SaintsLightPlaceFreedomForgiveness!: Keystones of this writer’s ‘good news’!
  • That intriguing&sparkling & yet opaque-as-Golgotha ChristSong!

Let me first&foremost chant this, more than once with a friend!

How is this related to TheLogosChant of JN1:1-18?

What 7Layers-of-Reality can I glimpse in this ChristSong?

How much of it is being realised&tested&repressed in my local church?

Isn’t all of ot somehow recapitulated in the unsurrenderable image, ‘Body’?

4. LK23:35-43

  • ‘Save!’ Playing on the name ‘Jesus/Yeshua/YeHoshua/YahwehSave!’
  • Is there a certain repression of the horror of’Crucifixion’, &emphasis on His’Regality’?
  • What significant problematics are being mooted?

Who actually encompassed Jesus’Death? &Who can witness it?

The apparently shameful defeat of the great charismatic hero from TheNorth?

The relation of Jesus, especially in death, to Jewish Faith&Hope?

The imagining that Jesus, in death, was more a ‘King’ than ever!

The need for impartial testimony to the ‘innocence’ of ‘Lamb?Jesus’!

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Amen! Asa I fitfully struggle for sips of precious breath, as I vainly push away, oh abba sustain me, wave-on-wave-on-wave of never-anticipated pain, oh sweet body, oh the mother, hands feet thighs, oh fire-of-thirst more than those who walked in that furnace-of-hatred’s-tyranny! Oh my head, crowned like Absalom, teeth&claws of some desert demon’ &How will I not succumb? &How will I not blaspheme&curse-the-name?even a moment’s strong defiance, worth perhaps any loss of punishment! Oh the cruel mockery of the titulus, ‘King! King!’ What I always glimpsed in their hungry eyes, &fled-from, &warned my own disciples against! Oh the people’s thirst for a king! Oh the hunger for an emperor! Old Samuel knew, &warned the zealots! But who ever heeded old Samuel?

RIDDLE But what sort of king? IntrudsiveDictator? ProphetShepherd?

PrivelegedFromAlways? ListeningFriend? StrugglerFor TheTotalWeave?

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33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 13thNovember 2022 (’01) 33rdSunday in Ordinary Time Year C

  1. MAL 3:19-20
  • Read 3:1-4-6! A polemical Yahweh-word, peevish&tender&recriminatory!
  • What is fruit-for-now of ironic alertness to this & similar ancient oracles?
  • Or are the HebrewYahwisticProphets merely obsessive paranoiacs?
  • TheArrogant & TheEvilDoers!’ : Granted it’s never one’s own crowd!
  • Probably it’s you-know-who in Northern Ireland or Palestine or that housing estate!
  • What-really is ‘ Yahweh’ that it expresses itself in such sectarian fashion?
  • What 3Factors will reorientate society’s slither- into- nihilistic-chaos?
  1. THE PSALM : 97:5-9
  • Read 97(98): 1-9! A ShoutSong for TheReturn-of-theConqueringHero! &
  • Is it purely ‘pathetic fallacy,’ or does ‘Yahweh’sReturn’ constitute a palpable change?
  • Not to ignore the omitted references to’ HisHand&Arm&Victory!’ Say-it, ‘War!’
  • But has ‘ Yahweh’ even got to ‘rule-the-world’ never mind ‘justice?’
  • Unless ‘Yahweh’ is over-hastily equated with ‘colonialist Christainity!’
  • Why am I still clinging to the fantasy of ‘Yahweh’ or(‘ God’ or ‘Jesus’) as ‘King!’
  • & perhaps theMusic &EarthApplause is actually another divinity

3. 2THESS: 7-12

  • To whom have I serendipity to offer myself as ‘role-model?
  • What are the 10 ‘Acceptable’RoleModels’ in my local church? Who are boo-boo?
  • Which ‘ChristianMinistries’ are not, in some respects, ‘free-loading?’
  • In the absence of a properly- negotiated ‘Aim’ for the local church, how will it be feasible to determine what is’ Imitation’ & ‘Idle’&’ Example’ & ‘Work’ & ‘Food?’
  • Currently, what are The10Rules-of-Engagement in my local church?
  • From this excerpt, what’ UtterPriorityForTheLocalChurch’ can I derive?
  1. LK21: 5-19
  • RestorativeJusticeWeek!’ : Formerly Prisoner’s Week! Which-justice?
  • Which- prisoners?
  • The-Temple!’ But which-religion’s ‘fine stonework & votive offerings?’ One’s-own?
  • Has anyone ever truly-read ‘The-Signs-of –the-Times,’ & been subsequently heeded?
  • TakeCare!’ How would I know that someone was deceitfully speaking-for-Him?
  • WarFaminePersecutionBetrayalHatred!’ : This must be about TheEarlyChurch! Or
  • Some other crowd, like TheBuddhists! Sure, won’t ourChurch last-forever!’
  • In what 15Ways are IrishDisciples being Persecuted&Betrayed&Deceived?
  • NotAHair!’ : What signs, that ‘ AdultDiscipleship’ is being nourished&deepened?

5. The presence & action of TheBlessedOne is it like this?

Friend! I must say you appear to be more preoccupied than usual!’

Sir, I greatly value your sensitive words! & The opportunity to speak…’

As always, Friend, speak your-mind, friend-to-friend!’

This, Sir, is my question! As chaos re-asserts, &our all-to-flimsy discipline, &our all-too-ramshackle-for-now structures have already buckled, where are you, Sir, in the truculent disorder?’

Friend, I am always here, &always there! &always stationed-in friendship with you.’

Only with me?’

&whoever struggles to root their totality in deepest-friendship! With-me, all-other, the-earth!’

Sir! You enthuse & yet you disturb me! What of the ancient&traditional&canonical&institutional voices that beg to speak for you?’

Friend! You know from our fruitful struggles together how it is between us! &How it must be with the flimsy structures & faltering advocates! What-more?’

6. Riddle Justice-for-whom? Prisoners Mothers Children Teachers

Animals Immigrants Disciples Poor Aged?

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (01)

Sunday 6thNovember 2022 (’01) 32nd. Sunday in Ordinary Time C

  1. 2Macc7 1-2, 9-14 (Such a reading of that inspiring story!)
  • Read 6 1-7:42! Suffering of Jews for fidelity to their AncestralObservance!
  • In 35 words, what is TheLaw or Creed that I would unconditionally uphold?
  • How do I understand the credal-phrase ‘Resurrection –of-the Body?
  • In what ways is my local church enduring persecution for ‘true faith?
  • How are mothers being deepened in their role of nourishing ‘true faith?
  1. THE PSALM : 16 1, 5-6, 8, 15 (Wa-wa! Another officious prashock!)
  • Read 16(17) 1-15! How to discern&name&withstand one’s persecutors?
  • Deceit!’ Shouting one-priority in prayer, & quite-another in behaviour.
  • What&who is helping me in the struggle to align easy rhetoric & hard action?
  • Will I parallel pleas-to-Yahweh with strenuous endeavours of my own?
  • Name 20 Personal&ImpersonalFactors I weakly allow to trample my freedom?
  • Can I trust Yahweh (or anyone) to guard&hide me, while I go all limp?
  • What’s my best ritual&discipline&resource&role-model for my-becoming-adult?
  1. 2THESS 2 16-3:5
  • Nowadays, who is at-home to the language&circumstances of 2THESS?

Will the Lord’sMessage be rather low on the list of priorities?

Will it spread quickly, be received with honour, & uninterfered with?

Will ‘TheEvilOne’ be properly identified, not merely sensationalised?

Will those who ‘exhort’ adultChristians also provide dynamic resource?

Will the decrepit state of ‘traditional Christianity’ be acknowledged?

  1. LK20 27-38
  • In 25 words, my understanding of ‘resurrection’ as used in this excerpt?
  • LevirateMarriage!’ A brother had to marry his deceased brother’s widow, if the brother died without fathering a son! (Read DT25:5-10, Gen38!)
  • Is TheSadducees’ problem with ‘leviratemarriage’ or with ‘resurrection?’
  • Are there any analogous controversies in my local church? (SshhSShh!)
  • How coherent or convincing is the tissue of ‘arguments’ given by Jesus?
  1. The Presence &action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

Confidential memorandum to TheMostExcellentHighPriest Caiaphas!

Dispatched by trusted messenger from BarShemaya’, Stalker of TheNazarene!

Greetings! May Heaven’sBlessings adorn YourExcellency!

Your Excellency! It is with very strong sentiments of outrage that I write this secret

memo! The contumacious deportment of TheNazarene is now exceeding all bounds of decency&moderation! Not content with fomenting disaffection against TheHolyTraditions, now, without any training or familial, he is taking on himself the twin offices of teaching-the-truth & interpreting-the inestimable-scriptures! Excellency, I invoke TheWrath-of Moses-the Meek, peace-be-upon-Him, to destroy the upstart Northerner! Only this afternoon, in response to a lightweight&fatuous

test-case proposed by one of TheSadducees (him from Abu Ghosh! Let me not write further, but speak later in person!) concerning the serious question of TheResurrection! What occurred? The Nazarene’s words tumbled forth as plentiful & as valueless as sea froth! But posturing as if he were an ordained teacher! Excellency, let us prepare to purge TheHolyLand of this filth! Fare you well!!

  1. RIDDLE: Resurrection! A statement of hope in the midst of persecution&death?

A mythical rendering of ‘The-Return-of-Spring?’

A joyful realisation of the synergy of ‘Love’ & ‘Death?’

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31st Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 30th October 2022 (’01) 31st SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME C

1. WISDOM 11:22 – 12:2

  • Read 10:1 – 12:2! Wisdom’s&Yahweh’s ‘salvational accompaniments
  • To what extent does this excerpt mirror my own view of TheWorld?
  • How is writer (‘Solomon’) able to speak like this about&to ‘Yahweh’?
  • Can I glimpse here some roots of what later became ‘Christian Apologetics’?
  • How different is this integrated ‘Wisdom ‘Yahweh from the moody ‘prophetic Yahweh’?
  • The ‘persona’ Yahweh is here endowed with, where is it available in my Church?

2. THE PSALM : 144.1-2, 8-11, 13-14

(Why the considerable omissions?)

  • Read 144 (145) 1-21! Favourable&largely-unnuanced portrait of ‘Lord Yahweh’!
  • Given the excerpts in this Eucharist, why so much Fear&Guilt in ‘religion’’?
  • Name!’: How wondrous the power to be restrained&compassionate&friendly!
  • Yahweh’: Again, it must be asked, Which Yahweh and where in the Bible?’!
  • Would this psalm, as distinct from belligerent narratives, support ‘peace’?
  • But, is any People-of-the-Bible’ utterly free from paranoia &chauvinism?
  • Which is preferable? A devotional, or a critical approach to this excerpt?

3. 2THESS 1:11-2:2

  • Read 1:1 – 3:18! In the context of an imminent ‘Day-of-The-Lord’, &of persecution by The LawlessOne’, Paul encourages this ‘church’ to keep faith!
  • How is this ‘reassuring’ letter relevant to our contemporary experience?
  • Day-of-the-Lord!’ Based in OT imagining of ‘Yahweh’sVictory-as-WarGod’!
  • What of the re-iterated claims that ‘Christianity is foundering in Resurgent Paganism’?
  • PredictionRumourLetter!’ Is anyone reading ‘TheSignsofTheTimes?
  • FaithGloryGrace!’: Is this biblical language rubbed-away-&clichéd from over-use?

4. Lk19:1-10

  • What interpretations have I received for this over-familiar story?
  • Jesus!’. Surely a reminder of Joshua/Jesus! Read JOSH 6:1-27 (with shame).
  • Tax collector’s-Curiosity-about-Jesus. What’s the equivalent in my local church?
  • Sycamore!’: Reminder of Amos another disturber! (Read AMOS 7:1-17).
  • The interaction between Jesus, Zacchaeus, &TheBystanders’. Familiar surely!
  • Zacchaeus’ undertaking to TheLord! What precipitated such drastic change?
  • If Zacchaeus was a recidivist Jew, is this a broad hint to ‘wealthy disciples’

5. The presence&action of the Blessed One, is it like this?

God’s-truth, Gertie, it was serious above this morning..’ ‘Oh, Cissie, not another letter from Pope Jonpaul? About y’know what?’ ‘No way, Gertie! A’ve come t’terms with that crack long since! No, this was, let’s say, nearer td th’juggler!’ ‘Y’ mean’’ I mean, y’r man readin’ th’ gospel wasn’t’ th’ usual shovellin’ out th’ silage til th’ duffers!’ ‘Oh’ ‘Some fella in th’ revenue commissioners, I gather…..’’ ‘Aw shush! my fella….’ ‘called Sick-Ace, ’s far as I could…’ ‘Sounds a weirdo t’ me!’ ‘Well, I have t’hand it t’ him’ Y’r man read it very very good, more nor usual! I could really f’r once see in me mind the whole scene’ Th’ wee codger up th’ tree, scootin’ down, stannin’ there, takin it on the chin..’. ‘Fightin’, were they? An’ them supposed t’be in the presence of OurDivineLord?’ ‘But listen, Gertie! Y’r man readin’ it, like who’s that recites ‘is pomes at night! In th’ middle, there was a catch in ‘is voice, an’ he couldn’t finish it!’ ‘Begod Cissie, whatdja do!’ ‘Nothin! I jus’ said t’ myself, “Good on ya, son! Y’re real f’r once!’’’ …’

6. RIDDLE Which God? One who maintains friendship no matter what?

One who unflinchingly exacts the last euro?

One who changes tack with each new papacy?

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30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 23rd October 2022 (’01): 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time. C

  1. SIR/ECCLUS 35:15-17, 20-22
  • Read 35:1-26 ‘Special pleading for TheTempleSystem of ‘offerings’? Or ‘Wishful Thinking’ that must be strenuously called-in-question by our experience of ‘Yahweh’
  • But what if ‘YahwehHimself is ‘The Poor’, rather than this grandiose construct of ‘impartial justice’, that may only represent ‘temple interests’?
  • But who will be imaginative enuff to rescue ‘Yahweh’ from theological entrapments?
  • Where are ‘temple interests’ resolutely incarnated in TheChristianChurches?
  • No respecter’: But read carefully Gen3:14-19 (The Woman); NUM 12:1-16 (Miriam)’

2. THE PSALM. 33:2-3, 17-19,23

  • READ 33(34)1-22(23) A strongly-structure programmatic&catechetical formulation!
  • But is a pious&hopefully-fruitfull ‘reading’ if TheTotalBible compatible with the sort of alert ironic listening that questions ‘vested interests’ & ‘current relevance’
  • In this neat and tidy excerpt, where is my local church mirrored? or threatened?
  • The Lord” In which church-ministries is this ‘icon’ especially embodied&tangible?
  • In what ways is this emblematic psalm ‘being tried-out’ in Northern Ireland?
  • Will men&women, ‘Catholic’&’Protestant’, rich&poor, hear it differently?

3. 2Tim4:6-8, 16-18

  • Why is the first (though not the second) half of this excerpt regularly quoted?
  • Can I name 10 disciples in my local church whom this excerpt would mirror?
  • Libation’: In honour of which divinity is this writer’s ‘life being poured out’?
  • Where in my world is part of a ‘drink’ poured-out ‘in honour’?
  • That day’ HisAppearing!’ The writer’s Death?An imminentReturn? TheLastDay?
  • TheLordStoodByMe!’: What 10Resources are available to me as ‘AdultDisciple’!
  • Have I the visceral hotness&steadiness, myself&others, to seize ‘ThePower’?

Not ‘pagans’, forsooth, but is ‘TheWholeMessage welcome to ‘Christians’ themselves!

4. Luke 18:9-14

  • Can I express in 35words the essence of Pharisaism, &its contemporary relevance?
  • What is the equivalent of ‘Pharisee’ & ‘Tax Collector? in my local church?
  • How has this story been ‘interpreted’&’applied for me, as I struggled into adulthood?
  • AtrightswithGod!’: how can we be sure, merely by eavesdropping on someone?
  • Which man is more ‘sympathetically’ outlined? &Why is this?
  • Humbled/Exalted!’: Why is this ‘value’ inculcated? In what way is it heeded now?
  • What of the claim that Irish Catholics’ are exceedingly xenophobic&homophobic?

5. The Presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this

I’m rather surprised that you have the temerity to put you foot inside TheHolyPlace at all’ never mind ‘Yes I saw you there too! but then you’re accustomed to praying out like that.’ ‘But not really happy about it’ I heard the prophet from TheNorth recently, speaking harshly about Pharisess! their public shows of piety….’ One of my colleagues told me about it! I’m not sure I like his attitudes to authority, &speaking out against ‘ ‘But praying there just now, falling into the usuall self-importance, I was actually sneering at you, how words re-echoed like a pang inside me, I thought i’d faint, I barely….’ ‘Don’t be like that! pray, be self-important as suits you’ as behoves you’ &let that prophet be quiet!’ ‘But your own prayer was so edifying!’ ‘Not at all! it suited the moment’ Remember! always seize the moment to fit your own needs! no one else’s…..’!’


Virtue’ SustainTheTemplel? Become Yahweh?

BeHumble? NeverBePutDown?

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29th Sunday in Ordinary Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 16 October 2022 (’01) : 29thSUNmORDINARY TIME. C

1 EXOD17:8-13

  • ‘Amalekites!’· Read lSAMl5:1-35! The ‘BloodFeud’ between Israel&Amalek demanded the totalextinctionoftheenemy’ Howcanwestillcondonethis?
  • Isn’t the pious violence of this excerpt not an outrage to thestrugglefor‘TruePeace’? Specifically the collusion of ReligiousLeader&God&Prayer&Slaughter’
  • ‘ArmsRaised!’ Why does this symbolic gesture seem to offer amilitary advantage?
  • To what extent are ‘religious leaders’ still expected to ‘bless’violence?
  • What is ‘TheEnemy‘ of my local church? &How is it perceived&dealt-with?
  • What factors are frustrating my endeavors to grasp‘my-own-freedom’?

2. THE PSALM· 120·1-8

  • Can I explore-into this song of ‘Yahweh’sVersatileProtection’?
  • What are The15’ImplacableDangers‘ threatening my local church?
  • Which of these are being taken seriously? Which are being poohpoohed?
  • But will the vaguelyhopefulrhetoric of the ‘response’ (vv3-8) change anything?
  • Is this psalm actually a spell to ‘protect’ TheKing’sBodyguard?
  • What is effectively preserving TheIrishChurches from wandering intotheswamp?

3. 2TIM3·14 – 4:2

  • The gripes&imagings&hopes&ideals&trials of an early Christian missionary!
  • Can I summarise in 60words the marrow of my ‘ChristianInstruction’?
    • Who were Thel0’Teachers‘ who encouraged&formed me as an 1adultChnstian’?
    • In my local church, how is ThcTotalBible KnownAcknowlcdgedReceivedOffcred- OutInterpretedPick’N’MixSupprcssedLa-Di-Da’dTriialisedDistortcdAppeascd?
    • Whichis morevalued? TheTotalBible, TheCatechism, TheDabitur, AdultConscience?
    • What of the opinion that ‘TheBible’son’yfrProdestance!’?
    • For anadultChristian’, what confers ‘authority’ on ‘Church Teachers’?
  • ‘PrayContinually!’: An alert Jesus-way of Living&beingAwake-in-ThePresent
  • ‘NeverLoseHeart!’: What is actually nourishingthisadaptive-power?
  • What 20Aspects-of-IrishSociety are subverting my adult-resolve? &Is my local church itself ready to succumb to the many allures of modernity?
  • “What about the judge’s three reasons for heeding the widow’s urgent plea?
  • How can God both ‘delay to help’, &’see Justice done speedily’?
  • ‘AnyFaithOnEarth!’: Even morefraught question, in a ‘totallyChristianMilieu’
  1. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Wha’ happened? didja go at all this morning? was it cancelled .?’ ‘It might as well a’ been! aw, lea’ me alone!’ ‘Here’s y’r pint! stick y’r head in that t’ cool y’ off!’ ‘Well, he was hoppin’ back an’ forth between this widda, an’ Moses with ‘is hands up in th’ air.. ‘ ‘Wha’ ..’ ‘Seems, th’ sohjers-o’-God ‘d kill all round them, as long as he kept them up’ sounds sorta bull t’ me… ‘ ‘It’s worst nor bull’ remember th’ oul’ Canon .’ ‘Aw, no bull there…’ ‘…”Comrades! No resort t’ violence! That’s how y’ II always know-th’ man­ above’s with ya! No violence on no one, never!'” ..’ ‘Aw, I love t’ hear it over an’ over!’ ‘But not head-a-wit above! goin’ on forever about God enablin’ ‘is own crowd in th’ strife! an’ th’ other bless-me-father with ‘is hands up like th’ lone ranger” ‘An’ what about th’ widda?’ ‘A’m not sure! anyhow, she didn’t figure much in th’ end! jus’ them boys killn’ rings round them! for God, begod! aw, lea’ me alone…!’

  1. RIDDLE Prayer? WordFormula? PotentSpell?

NowPresence? SuperstitiousCredulity?

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28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 9 Oct 2022 (’01) • 28thSUNinORDINARY TIME : C

  1. 2K5·14-17
  • Read 5·1-27!

What biblical&personal stories are evoked by this rich narrative?

Which other ‘leaders‘ (political etc) interrelate like the two kings?

Who is the most pivotal&significant character in the story?

How are Offices&Concerns&Persons ofmylocalchurch in all this?

Elisha&Gehazi! Typical eye-for-eye? Or twoaspectsoftheone person?

2. THE PSALM. 97·1-4

  • Read 97(98).1-9! But what are Yahweh’s’Wonders‘ that all-earth praises?
  • Make a ‘new song‘ for ‘Yahweh’sWonders’ (what?) in this local church!
  • Why are 97(98):5-9 omitted? Surely not a bit ‘pagan’? Or ‘over the top’?
  • ‘WondersSalvationJusticeTruthLove!’: Are these anything more than familiar chiches?
  • ‘RightHand&HolyArm!’: Extending Blessing, Sword, Bread&Wine, Keys or Rod?
  • How will a song inthe‘TempleLiturgy‘ become a dynamicreality in society?
  1. 2TIM2 8-13
  • ‘JesusChristRisenFromTheDead! SprungFromTheRaceOfDavid!’: In what ways is this ‘Jesus/MessanicGoodNews‘ relevant or important or powerful for me?
  • But” who or what, in Church&Society, may actually be ‘ChainingUpGod’sNews’?
  • ‘TheSaving’‘ What is reliable, or comprehensible, or even ‘Christian’, about this?

In what ways that make a difference, haveI ‘died-withHim’?

What’s the affect of the claim, that I’m ‘HisOwnSelf’?

LKl 7 11-19

  • Where is theemphasis as I listen carefully to this story? TheBorder TheLepers TheTen ThePriests TheCure TheThanks TheSchismatic TheFaith? Or something else… ?
  • Are ‘cradleCathohics’ (lay&clerical) not incrediblyblaséabout‘ThcFaith’? Say, that it’s unquestionable invulnerable innocuous incomparable & the-real-thing?
  • ‘TheBorder!’ Where in society, &in my life, is the boundary between ‘acceptable’ &‘unacceptable’religion? say, taboos about ‘otherChurches’, or ‘otherFaiths’?
  • Would it have been OK if ‘TheNine’ had ‘PraisedGod’ inTheTemple or atTheRiver?
  • Is it arguable that ‘ourfaith’isn’tuptomuch, with so much illness&mayhem&distress?
  1. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gran, a lepper?’ ‘Yes, Effie! Sounds like Sam an’ Boysie were havin’ another dance!’ ‘No, Gran’ Even Mam, she always laffs, an’ pushes Sam’s rolypoly! but yesterday she made a few gulps ‘ ‘Another shoutin’, was it?’ ‘Gran, we were all sittin’, watchin’ the thing, an’ suddenly Boysie said a word to Sam…’ ‘Oh, such people to be…’ ‘ .. an’ Sam stood up and threw her mobile at him, “Y’ve some badger’s snout on yerself, y’ scorlesslepper?’ Gran, lepper?’Well, luveen, what’ll we say…’ ‘Boysie fell back with his mouth open like a bag ‘ ‘is it somethin’ empty then, or sorta worn out .’ ‘Gran, it’s comm’ t’ me!leppen!’ he’s leppin’ about like an empty bag’ but that makes me feel really gurbly…’ ‘There’s a special sorta lepper, Effie, that’s like an empty bag, all worn out, made everyone feel awful gurbly ..’ ‘Except Jesus! He never feels gurbly! even at leppers.. ‘ ‘An’ never call, them scorless ..’ ‘Poor Boysie! I don’t feel gurbly about him…’ ‘Cos Jesus loves Boysie ‘ ‘Oh Gran, let’s say a wee prayer…’ ‘…that Sam ‘ll stop feelin’ gurbly about Boysie’ ‘an’ really love him, like Jesus does! great, great!”

6 RIDDLE Who as more valued in TheLocalChurch? BishopPriestMotherLawyerPhysicianInfant SchoolteachcrPoliceCrippleVandal?

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27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

2nd OCT 2022 27thSUNinORDINARY C

1. HAB1:2-3. 2:2-4 (Brief! but if it were allowed to ‘come slowly’…)

Read 1:1-2:20

What maelstrom of emotions is churning in this ‘Mouth-of-Yahweh’?

What is pouring-forth like this, in my local church?

Which 7’Plagues-in-IrishSociety’ do his strictures apply to?

What are ‘AdultChristians’ doing to acknowledge&address these?

Or are we baptised ostriches who think ‘TheOtherGods’ are no longer there”

Or is Habakkuk just shouting ‘wolf’ to keep us all un line?

Or do I still find comfort in the rhetoric of a ‘Holy&InfallibleChurch’?

Is it a matter of sink-or-swim for the awakened adult?

2. THE PSALM 94:1-2, 6-9 (But vv10-11? Wow!)

  • Read 94(95): 1-11! Hint of danger beneath the joyful ‘ring-out’!
  • Which? Face Yahweh’s MOODS? Embrace Temple’s costlyReassurance?
  • In what evident&worthwhile sense are we ‘InHisPaasture&Led ByHisHand’?
  • ‘TheTesting-ofYahweh!’: Reads EXOD17:1-7; 321-33:6! NUM14:1-25 etc!
  • How is Yahweh (&HisRepresentatives)(who?) being tested nowadays?
  • Why is ‘Yahweh’ so constantly ‘angered’ in the ExodusNarratives?
  • Why are ‘adult christians’ still implicated in ‘TheGiving&ReceivingOfFlattery’?

3. 2TIM1:6-8, 13-14

  • If this excerpt were actually a postcard sent by Jesus!

Whether as a woman ora man, how’d I understand&accept it?

How would I check that it wasn’t a hoax or a virus?

What ‘program of adult education’ is implicit in it?

Write a note in response? Where’d I send it? & Who’d I tell?

4. LK17:5-10

  • ‘Faith’ ChurchFormulations? MyLifePatterns? Feelings&Gestures-Holiness?
  • But is Jesus’ ‘thaumaturgic’ sort of ‘faith’ politically&ecclesially-correct nowadays?
  • What about the ‘master/slave’ ideology, immanent in the attached ‘parable’?
  • Have Christians been too blasé about ‘slavery’ of one sort or another?
  • including ‘enslavements’ to FantasyComfortSelfRighteousnessParamountGuilt…

5. The presence&action of theBlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Sir! There is a question that pulls at my heart.’ ‘Then speak. Friend. Straight from the heart!’ ‘The storytellers remark, Sir, that you often spoke of masters&slaves.’ ‘Indeed, Friend!. As heaven’s-word does too, on many occasions!’ ‘My question, Sir, is this! As someone from the ends of the earth who is not one of Your people, I wish to know what Your attitude is to the enslavement of other men&women?’ ‘Those who are slaves of TheEvilOne, &of HisSinfulWiles, those, Friend, I struggle in every way to liberate! Those too, who are slaves of human traditions, I try to awaken them to break their clinging chains & run free in the love of the poor! These, Friend, are the cunning enslavements, because to all but a few they seem like piety&truth!’ ‘But, furthermore, Sir, what about the man or woman who by violence or misfortune becomes the property of another? Condemned forever to another’s whims?’ ‘Amen, Friend! I feel your sadness as you speak! But no matter how zealously we struggle for this third great liberation, it will never truly come to pass, unless the first two enslavements are overcome! Amen!!’

RIDDLE Whose exhortations to heed? TheChurch The Media AdultConscience TheGodFather The Friend The CulturalArbiters TheAncestors The Body TheEarth?

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