17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 25 July 2021 (’00): 17thSUNinORDINARY: B


1. 2K4·42-44

  • ‘Elisha/El-hasSaved!’ 2K2 8! Larger-than-life wonderworker & political activist!
    • ‘FirstFruits!’: Many varieties of ‘firstfruits’ (also the ‘firstborn’!) were offered to ‘Yahweh’ (Or TheTemple&ThePriests!)! Why was this? (Read DT26:1-11!)
    • What about ‘Yahweh’sSaying’, ‘They will eat, &have some left over!’?
    • What alternative ways of seeing ‘food’ are suggested by this very reticent story?
    • Is there a danger, ‘food’ has lost its links with ‘Yahweh’ (&so, with ‘ThePoor’!)?

2. THE PSALM: 144:10-11, 15-18

  • Read 144(145):1-21! Optimistic upbeat praise of YahwehsGoodnessToAll’! Who wouldn’t want this Yahweh’! But where’s the impotent rage & moody jealousy?
    • How will I place with this song the realities of Famine? &of ‘TheFoodCham’? &the imperative ‘Eat or be-eaten!’? &generally, human impact on the environment?
    • What of ‘Yahweh’sOpenHand’? &The metaphor of ‘grantingTheDesires OfAllWhoLive’? &The claim that ‘He is Just&Loving&Close… ‘?

;   3. EPH4 .1-6

  • ThePrisioner inTheLord!’: Is this a title (honorary or not!)? Or a summary of his existential faith? Or an autobiographical detail? Or a biblical allusion?
    • In 30words, how do I describe my Calling orVocation as a ‘christian’?
    • How am I affected by Paul’s ‘exhortational language’ in this excerpt?

especially terms like ‘complete seflessness’, &’the unity of the spirit’, &’one body’?

  • How are adultChristians m myCommunity being trained in ‘mutual love’?
    • What would I say to him, in response to this inspirational excerpt?     

4. JN6:l-15       

  • Read 6:1-71! JN’s multifaceted narritave&discursive jewel! &Another of several foundational ‘passover-scenarios’ that serve to explore&unfold ‘TheHour’!
    • What reminiscences of the Exodus/Sinai stories are here? (Read EXOD24!)
    • Jesus&Philip! ‘: What sort of question was asked, what sort of response given?
    • Why is there such anxiety about food in our society? including Diet&GM&Allergies&Additives&Anorexia&JunkFood&Bulimia&Famine&Organic…
    • So many men? &One small boy? &No women&children? Another ‘sign’?

15. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gran!’ ‘Yes, my dear?’ ‘Boysie an’ Sam nearly got married!’ ‘O, I hope notbing’s happened?’ ‘The loaves an’ fishes, Gran!’ ‘Did Mam interfere, an’ say it’d be a sorta  miracle...‘ ‘Gran’ Sam said to Boysie in her jokie-voice, “Boysie, let’s get hitched soon'”, an’ Boysie said, “0 not again! I want the neeve paudrix at it!”…’  ‘…the football team?’ ‘..so Sam shouted in her tractor-voice, “Y’seem t’ think this is the loaves an’ fishes!”, an’ Boysie kicked over the sofa an ran out, gulpin’! an’ Mam said, “That’s-that! Yez nearly got married!” ‘0 my goodness, Effie!’ ‘Gran, the loaves an’ fishes!’ ‘When the people were hungry, a mhilis, Jesus blessed a plateful of bread an’ fish, anfed the whole crowd…’ ‘Like the neeve paudrix!’ ‘…more, even!’ ‘Maybe Boysie thought Jesus would do it again for him an’ Sam?’ ‘So, let’s ask Jesus… ‘… to come an’ feed the whole crowd with loaves an’ fishes! great!’ ‘Then Sam an’ Boysie… .. can get married! great great!!’

6. RIDDLE    Is food-for-the-hungry a pointer to TheEucharist? Or TheEucharist a pointer to food-for-the-hungry?

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