28th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 9 Oct 2022 (’01) • 28thSUNinORDINARY TIME : C

  1. 2K5·14-17
  • Read 5·1-27!

What biblical&personal stories are evoked by this rich narrative?

Which other ‘leaders‘ (political etc) interrelate like the two kings?

Who is the most pivotal&significant character in the story?

How are Offices&Concerns&Persons ofmylocalchurch in all this?

Elisha&Gehazi! Typical eye-for-eye? Or twoaspectsoftheone person?

2. THE PSALM. 97·1-4

  • Read 97(98).1-9! But what are Yahweh’s’Wonders‘ that all-earth praises?
  • Make a ‘new song‘ for ‘Yahweh’sWonders’ (what?) in this local church!
  • Why are 97(98):5-9 omitted? Surely not a bit ‘pagan’? Or ‘over the top’?
  • ‘WondersSalvationJusticeTruthLove!’: Are these anything more than familiar chiches?
  • ‘RightHand&HolyArm!’: Extending Blessing, Sword, Bread&Wine, Keys or Rod?
  • How will a song inthe‘TempleLiturgy‘ become a dynamicreality in society?
  1. 2TIM2 8-13
  • ‘JesusChristRisenFromTheDead! SprungFromTheRaceOfDavid!’: In what ways is this ‘Jesus/MessanicGoodNews‘ relevant or important or powerful for me?
  • But” who or what, in Church&Society, may actually be ‘ChainingUpGod’sNews’?
  • ‘TheSaving’‘ What is reliable, or comprehensible, or even ‘Christian’, about this?

In what ways that make a difference, haveI ‘died-withHim’?

What’s the affect of the claim, that I’m ‘HisOwnSelf’?

LKl 7 11-19

  • Where is theemphasis as I listen carefully to this story? TheBorder TheLepers TheTen ThePriests TheCure TheThanks TheSchismatic TheFaith? Or something else… ?
  • Are ‘cradleCathohics’ (lay&clerical) not incrediblyblaséabout‘ThcFaith’? Say, that it’s unquestionable invulnerable innocuous incomparable & the-real-thing?
  • ‘TheBorder!’ Where in society, &in my life, is the boundary between ‘acceptable’ &‘unacceptable’religion? say, taboos about ‘otherChurches’, or ‘otherFaiths’?
  • Would it have been OK if ‘TheNine’ had ‘PraisedGod’ inTheTemple or atTheRiver?
  • Is it arguable that ‘ourfaith’isn’tuptomuch, with so much illness&mayhem&distress?
  1. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Gran, a lepper?’ ‘Yes, Effie! Sounds like Sam an’ Boysie were havin’ another dance!’ ‘No, Gran’ Even Mam, she always laffs, an’ pushes Sam’s rolypoly! but yesterday she made a few gulps ‘ ‘Another shoutin’, was it?’ ‘Gran, we were all sittin’, watchin’ the thing, an’ suddenly Boysie said a word to Sam…’ ‘Oh, such people to be…’ ‘ .. an’ Sam stood up and threw her mobile at him, “Y’ve some badger’s snout on yerself, y’ scorlesslepper?’ Gran, lepper?’Well, luveen, what’ll we say…’ ‘Boysie fell back with his mouth open like a bag ‘ ‘is it somethin’ empty then, or sorta worn out .’ ‘Gran, it’s comm’ t’ me!leppen!’ he’s leppin’ about like an empty bag’ but that makes me feel really gurbly…’ ‘There’s a special sorta lepper, Effie, that’s like an empty bag, all worn out, made everyone feel awful gurbly ..’ ‘Except Jesus! He never feels gurbly! even at leppers.. ‘ ‘An’ never call, them scorless ..’ ‘Poor Boysie! I don’t feel gurbly about him…’ ‘Cos Jesus loves Boysie ‘ ‘Oh Gran, let’s say a wee prayer…’ ‘…that Sam ‘ll stop feelin’ gurbly about Boysie’ ‘an’ really love him, like Jesus does! great, great!”

6 RIDDLE Who as more valued in TheLocalChurch? BishopPriestMotherLawyerPhysicianInfant SchoolteachcrPoliceCrippleVandal?

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