2nd Sunday in Lent Cycle A 2023 (’02)

Sunday 5 March 2023 (’02) : 2ndSUNofLENT A

1. GEN12:l-14

  • Read 11 l – 12:20! TheScattering TheCall TheFamine TheBetrayal ThePlagues! Why?
  • How am I affected by the devious opportunism of ‘Abram’? (&Reminded-of what?)
  • In what respect is ‘Yahweh’ different from the tribal divinities of all the other nomads?
  • For instance,Muhammad’s call by Allah, &the subsequent ‘Rise-of-Islam’?
  • ‘All-the-Tnbes1‘: But what of those ‘tribes’ who resisted ‘ThePeoples-of-TheBook(s)’?
  • Isn’t ‘Yahweh’ here giving carte blanche for their enforced ‘conversion’, or destruction?

2 THE PSALM 32 4-5, 18-20, 22

  • Read 32(33) 1-22! A Jubilant celebration of ‘Yahweh”
  • What evidences m my local church of ‘ThePresence&Power&Action-of-Yahweh’?
  • Apart from ‘Yahweh’, which other ‘agencies’ do I count on for protection&sustenance?
  • IfYahweh were to ask me, what 20Resources would I admit to needing-from-Him?
  • ‘Famine!’ If we don’t muck in, what signs that ‘Yahweh’ is either aware or capable?

3 2TIM1:8-10

  • Read 1 3-18! Isn’t this writer actually rather anxious about Timothy’s ‘faith’?
  • The12Anxieties in my local church about ‘Faith&Practice&Observance’? &Is there more concern about the ‘enthusiasm’ of children, teenagers or adults? Laity or clergy?
  • ‘HeAbolishedDeath” MyUnderstanding of this in 30words of modern language?
  • What I0Sorts-of-‘Hardship’ am I bearing ‘for the sake of TheGoodNews’?
  1. MT17.1-9
    • What, that no women-disciples are included? &may even be specifically excluded?
    • Was the calling&significance of women in Jesus’ historicall ministry somehow disguised or dissimulated in the formation of ‘gospels’? Unless Jesus actually didn’t call them
    • DAN7·9-14 TheAncientOne! EXOD34: Moses’Face’TheGlory! EXOD24 TheCloud!
    • ‘OnlyJesu’!· Was it all a dream? Or has He absorbed it all? Or is it ‘anti-Jewish’?
    • Apart from ‘devotion’, can I glimpse the ‘big issues’ of this neglected narrative.

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this

James&John, the sons of Zebedee-the-Netmaker, were among the first to answer the call of TheLordJesus!Shulammith their mother, known as TheAppleTree, herself I responded at the same time, &was part of the intimate companionship up to & beyond TheMaster’s Exodus! Well known among TheFollowers was the story, how she pleaded for her sons, &how these accepted to drink from TheLord’sOwnCup!Well known too, the day of indignation, when they desired, like TheThreeMessengers-to-Abraham (peace-be-upon him), to call down fire on TheSamaritanVillages, &TheLord rebuked them, &they earned the nickname BenêRégesh, Sons-of-TheThunder, for their impetuous ardour! Well known also, the inspiring stories, how they finally drained TheLord’s Chalice to the bitter dregs, in their-OwnExodusTogether under Herod Agrippa, a mere decade after TheMaster’s own under PontiusPilatus! Less well known their own peculiar ways of relating together, &how they were in constant communication at all times! What is known to no one, apart from one other, is a brief conversation they shared as they prepared to FallAsleep-in-TheLord! It was the first time since it happened, that they’d ever alluded to TheManifestation-of-TheLord’sGlory-on-MountThabor! ‘James, may we now speak of that blessed moment?’ ‘John, surely we may’! ‘James, did we both hear TheVoice?’ ‘John, surely we did!’ ‘&James, was TheVoice that of a man or a woman?’ ‘John, assuredly it was of a woman’ &Let us say together whose it was’! ‘Amen-amen’ TheVoice-of-TheDivineMother, TheLord’sFirstMotherAlways’ Amen!

6. RIDDLE Which? LeaveHome? HopeInLove? BeHoly? FearNot?

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