2nd Sunday in Ordinary Cycle A 2023 (’02)

SUN 15th JAN 2023 (’02) : 2nd SUN IN ORDINARY TIME. CYCLE A

1. IS 49:3,5-6 (Shreds of TheSecondServantSong)

  • Read 49:1-6. ‘The training of TheServant for an unheard-of mission’
  • What insights are offered here, into the nitty-gritty of ‘Friendship-with-Yahweh’?
  • TheNations/TheEnds-of-the-Earth!’ Apart from the experience of Exile-in-Babylon, what other factors may have broadened&deepened the prophetic imagination?
  • In what ways is ‘the conventional Christian worldview’ over-narrow&over cautious?
  • Express in 60 words the content of this ‘worldview’? &Whence its ‘authority’?
  • What if ‘TheOtherGods’ claim to have ‘formed me in the womb as their slaves’?

2. THE PSALM 39:2-4:7-10

  • Read 39(40):1-17 ‘DeliveranceSong of a faithful Follower-of-Yahweh’!
  • Which Friend or Parent or Teacher is ‘stooping down’ to ‘make my steps secure’?
  • Is a ‘listening presence’ better than ‘sacrifice&offering &holocaust&victim’?
  • What is ‘TheWill-of-Yahweh’ for my local church
  • How would I know if ‘TheOtherGods’ were ‘imposing their will on me’? &Which-one?
  • SealedLips’!: In myChurch, is this a non-speaking of ‘praise’ or ‘critique’ or ‘debate’

3. 1COR 1:1-3

  • In 60words, compose a relevant&incisive introduction of myself to my local church?
  • Appointed-by-God!’ For any ministry, how is such a claim understood&verified?
  • In what ways is my local church similar or dissimilar to that of ‘Corinth’?
  • What is the ‘Vocation/Call’ directed to my local church, as a whole?
  • Judging by this ‘introduction’, what ‘power-structure’, if any, obtained in Corinth?

4. JOHN 1: 29-34

  • As TheBaptist saw Jesus coming towards him, he spoke a series of riddles!

How would even God’sPaschalRam free TheWorld from its ownEnslavements?

One I never met nor know, Him I reveal-to-all through death-by-water!

The one after me is also before me! The one under me is also over me!

What I didn’t know, TheVoice knew! What I couldn’t, TheBreath would!

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

What I can’t understand is this’ ‘ThePractisingSceptic was characteristically pro-active’!’ Yes.? ‘TheOfficialBeliever’s dry intervention carried a tone of authoritative cheveux-de-frise!’ ‘how the narrator of TheFourthGospel’ ‘JohnTheMysticEagle!’ could say that JohnTheBaptiser saw Jesus coming towards him’. Yes, TheLamb-of-God!’ ‘&called him ‘TheLamb-of-God’ ‘So, what’s your problem?’ ‘&then?’ ‘&then, on the heels of this declaration..’ ‘Public act of faith in the..’ ‘..twice admitted he didn’t know him.’ ‘According to the flesh, perhaps! but in the realms of TheHolySpirit, everything including sin is serenely&beautifully transfigured by the action of.. ‘Hold it, Lacordaire’ ‘Mind if I utter one full sentence uninterrupted?’ ‘Not at all! Just that you spend so long plodding to the dénouement, I’ve forgotten how the weary string of clichés started out.’ ‘Is the fact that JohnTheBaptist is made to contradict himself.’ ‘How dare you, tête-de-choux’ Oh, you sneezed, milord?’ say in that barefaced way.’ ‘..that TheBible’s inspiration needs to be carefully scrutinised?’ ‘No! That TheHolySpirit could be party to such an’ ‘But look at it, it’s there in your own Douay, even .’ After a long long silence, TheOfficial Believer spoke, ‘The Tradition says, When you think you’ve found an error, take it that you are mistaken, not the sacred author…..’


Which God is now-for-me?

Friend, Whisperer, Appointer, Chooser, Teacher?

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