30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’03)

SUN 24th OCT 2021(‘03): 30th SUN in ORDINARY: B

1. JER31:7-9

  • Read 30:1-31:40! Carefully, so as to glimpse TheWarmth-of-Yahweh! Ambivalent as it is, as fire is! As mediated through a male prophet’s imagination, c600BC!
  • What are The5Channels through which ‘YahwehSpoke-to-the-People’?
  • What 3Criteria were to-hand, to determine a true from a false ‘prophet-of-Yahweh’?
  • How to discern TheReligious, TheSpiritual, ThePolitical, TheSelfSeeking, ThePurelyFlamboyant, ThePsychotic, in a ‘prophet’? ‘Cos SpeakingForAGod’s perilous-enuff!
  • ‘TheLand-of-TheNorth!’: TheAssyrianExile c725BC cleared Samaria! These were TheTenTribes! TheSurvivors of this were TheRemnant! Who could save them?

2. THE PSALM:125:1-6

  • How did ‘Yahweh’ deliver ‘Sion’ (TheTwoTribes)from Babylon c540BC, so as to Return-to-Jerusalem, &commence TheRefurbishment-of-TheTemple!?
  • What is the equivalent in ‘IrishChristianSociety’ &Has ‘Yahweh’ any longer a part in it?
  • Are any ‘heathens’ looking at our local church, &exclaiming with astonishment, even envy,’Yahweh-in-Christ is greatly at-work-among-them!’? If not, why is this?
  • ‘SowInTears, ReapInJoy!’: Simplistic&fuddy-duddy? Or a well of ancient wisdom?
  • For true gratitude, must I not only know-about, but experience, Exile&Restoration?

3. HEB5:1-6

  • Read 5:1-14! A nutshell on TheOriginNatureComprehensibility of Christ’sPriesthood! In 25 words, this author’s understanding of ‘ChristHighPriest’?
  • Does this knowledge derive from priestly/temple, or from prophetic circles?
  • Why does he presume that ThePsalms are ‘addressed to Jesus by God’?
  • JesusOfferedPrayers&Cries/WasHeard/LearnedObedienceThroughSuffering/ MadePerfect/BecameTheSourceOfEtgernalSalvationForAllTheObedient! A great soteriology’!
  • But, is this ‘knowledge’ only for TheFew(like the author)? How’d they imbibe it?
  • So, Today! Who&where are TheTeachers? Who is initiating into TrueSoteriology?

4. MK10:46-52

  • In 35words, can I imagine the day-to-day experience of BarTimaeus?
  • In a special way, what place his ‘faith’ had in this? Let him tell it his way!
  • ‘Son-of-David!’: A hint about ‘TheOneWhoWasToCome, ToAchieveTheVictory!’
  • Who are shouting out in my church, blind&hapless, to Jesus? (that is, to-me!)
  • ‘Mercy!’: He looked to be included in the many benefits flowing from TheCovenant!
  • ‘Cloak!’: The little he had, he threw it away, & followed Him on TheRoad, naked& singing! (Did his faith overcome, not only the illness, but the ‘permission’ to ‘go’?)
  • Why is our ‘faith’ so weak, that we fail to heal ourself & each other (even physically)?

5. RIDDLE        What is  most needed at present?

                                      Great prophets?

                                      Great Priests?

                                      Great wounded healers?

                                      Great initiators& nourishers?

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