3rd Sunday of Advent Cycle C 2021 (’00)

Sunday 12 December 2021(’00) : 3rdSunday of Advent C

1. Zeph 3: 14-18

  • Read 1:1-3:20! Threats of punishment for all, with a sort of eventual conversion!
  • Who is speaking as violently&promisingly as Zephaniah into my time&space?
  • How understand the Anger&Disgust&Tenderness of ‘Yahweh’s Prophets?’
  • Can I visualise Yahweh-The-Warrior, exulting&renewing&dancing –for-Her?
  • ‘In-Your-Midst’: How is Yahweh’s ‘Presence’ perceived&actualised?
  • How significant is it that all these sentiments are expressed to a female?
  • What are the pros&cons of presenting Yahweh as a ‘CharismaticWarrior?’

2. The Psalm Is 12: 2-6

  • Read 9:2-12:6! Fruit of attributing to Yahweh a LordshipOverHistory?
  • In what ways do I experience ‘Yahweh’ as ‘MyStrength&Song&Saviour?
  • But then, what empathy or understanding or desire is evident in my Church, to comprehend the biblical mythology, in a deep dynamic dangerous way?
  • Has our inexorable torrent of ‘GodTalk’ eclipsed the different reality of ‘Yahweh?
  • Wishful thinking aside, what ‘glorious deeds’ has ‘Yahweh’ performed?
  • In all honesty, is any divinity ‘greater-in-our-midst’ than Dionysus?
  • Is this psalm compatible with the assertion, ‘Yahweh is the weakest of the gods?

3. Phil 4: 4-7

  • In my understanding & experience of it, what are the 5 IngredientsOfHappiness?
  • What distinguishes being ‘happy’ and being ‘happy-in-the-Lord’?
  • How can I say to anyone else, ‘There is no need to worry!’?
  • What are the 20PrincipalWorries that are gnawing contemporary ‘christians’
  • Why is ‘a radical Christian discipleship ’not being seriously commended to all?
  • What are the ‘ingredients’ of ‘a radical Christian discipleship’ for here&now?

4. Luke 3:10-18

  • The WellOff & Taxcollectors&Soldiers!’ What is the equivalent in my community?
  • Who is addressing these with the (apparent) straightforwardness of The Baptist?
  • What fruit can be reasonably expected from the cut & dried maxims?
  • How are ‘adult christians’ with ‘roles-in-society’ being deepened-in-faith?
  • Or are they left to boggle-on , with Sunday ‘homilies’ that don’t ‘rock-the-boat?’
  • What ‘boat’ did John&Jesus&Paul rock, that got them so quickly ‘dispatched?

5. The presence&action  of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

Listen, Gertie, there’s one man I’ve always wondered about…’God, Cissie, tell- us! Is it y’ know like…’The way he be in the pictures, up til ‘is oxthers in water, halfdressed in an oul sheepskin…’ ‘…Tarzan, like? ‘…baptism’ OurDivineLord! ‘Oh…’Say, was he a sorta priest, or was he married, or what…’ ‘I always thought he was nunna them…’ ‘Above at mass, he didn’t seem too sure!’ ‘What’s new?’ ‘Whether he gave it all up for God, or maybe had married Mary Magdalene, then run away & done penance with th’ animals…’ ‘Th’ animals?’ ‘The main thing he said, an’ I think he mighta got this right, was that he told them all what was what! An’ warned them, “ If yez think a’m a dose wait’ll OurDivineLord comes! An’ that’s official!” ‘So…’ ‘A’m not so sure about th’ animals! I read somewhere in school, they can’t commit sin ‘cos they’ve no soul!’ ‘Well, there’s one thing, he’s left me real worried about yer man! God, wasn’t life simple before they started reading this Vatican counsel…’

6. Riddle: Which is best? To be Happy or Free or Pure or Loved or honest?

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