5th Sunday in Lent Cycle A 2023 (’02)

Sunday 26 March 2023 (’02) • 5thSUNofLENT: A

1. EZEK37·12-14

  • Read 37:1-14!TheValley-of-Bones that stood-again in TheBreath! But will this interest those who bring ‘Death-to-TheLiving’, rather than ‘Life-to-TheDead’?
  • ‘TheGrave!’. The situation of being in religio-political exile in Babylon!
  • ‘I-am” ‘Yahweh’ is the one who brings ThePeople out of every Exile!
  • In which 5Respects are WesternChristians ‘in exile’, & ‘in the grave’?
  • How did Patricius’ ‘exile’ in Ireland bring him to fuller realisation?
  • Which modern Irish Literature/Drama explores our exile from ‘soul’s-truth’?
  • ‘MySpirit”· Which DivineBreaths (other than Yahweh’s) are inhabiting TheIrish?

2. THE PSALM 129 1-8

  • Another very beloved biblical song’ even in Latin! What’s the empathy?
  • AttentionForgivenessArrivalMercyRedemption’ • How important are these ‘attributes’ (credited to a divinity 2500years ago), in our own cynical&ironic society?
  • ‘TheDepths” In what ways is TheUnderworld, TheWorld-of-Death, significant now?
  • &What 20 Situations would I sum up as my experience of ‘TheDepths’?
  • ‘Redemption”· Variously individual&collective, political&juridical&spiritual’
  • How does Patricius in ‘TheConfessio’ mirror the sentiments of this psalm?
  • ‘Soul!’· More elusive & more neglected & more needed than ever, is she not?

3 ROM8 8-11

  • Am I struck in this, once again, by Paul’s strange&wayward ‘line-of-argument’?
  • ‘Spirit” My understanding&experience of this? &Its links with my actual ‘breath’?
  • ‘Spiritual&Unspiritual” How helpful or useful to english speakers is this terminology?
  • What are the indications that ‘TheBreath-of-God/Christ’ is ‘in me’, or anyone else?
  • Why is there apparently a negative prejudice about ‘Body’ in this extract?

4 JNll.1-45 (What sense, offering a ‘shorter form’ of a great story?)

  • What can I glimpse here, of the ‘intimate relations’ between Jesus&The3Siblings?
  • What character-differences can I glimpse between Martha&Mary? (Cf LK10:38ff)
  • How do I take the unusual emphasis in this story on Jesus’ ‘Feelings&Susceptibilities’?
  • ‘If You had been here” Is Jesus’ Absence actually a blessing, if strongly-worked-with?
  1. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?
Yes! TheYouth imprisoned in Egypt'sDryWell!
Yes! TheSlave tested in TheDesert! Great-the-Fruit' Yes! TheLover'sEmbrace in prayer of Day&Night!
Yes! TheFriend, Hawk-in-Chariot, Salmon-in-Curragh!
 Yes! TheMaster, steadied the novice in contrary winds! 
Yes! TheGrace TheUnsurpassed, to preach to TheIrish! 
Yes! TheSower Seed &Ground, &Lord-of-TheHarvest!
 Yes! TheGreenness of Body&Soul, the many years!
Yes! TheValley-of-DryBones filled with Breath!

6. RIDDLE Which ‘Patrick-for-Now’?


TheExile who mined-his-hardship for a PreciousGold?

TheBreathFi1led who learned how to CallBackTheDead?

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