Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 15th August 2021 (’00)       Assumption of B.V.M: B

  1. APOC 11:19; 12: 1-6, 10
  2. Read 12 1-18! TheWoman, TheMaleChild, TheDragon, TheVoice, TheEarth!
  3. The drama between Heaven&Earth, what biblical or other narratives are evoked?
  4. As I look imaginatively into this shortened narrative,

       Ecologically, what about the destruction of environment & species?

       Educationally, what about the eating of children’s minds by TheMassMedia?

       Relationally, what about the grossly exploited intricacies of the genders?

       Spiritually, what if Woman&Dragon hint at elements of a larger wholeness? 

  • THE PSALM : 44: 10-12, 16
  • Read 44 (45) 1-17! Royal WeddingSong full of CourtlyFlattery!
  • Apart from its ‘application’ to Our Lady, does this psalm&excerpt offer a glimpse of the status of even royal women as ‘property,’ in Ancient Israel?
  • What is the function of these royal ‘Loved Ones’/ ‘Ladies in Waiting?’ (NRSV)?
  • What religious&political&domestic ‘realities’ are hinted at by this poet?
  • 1COR15: 20-26
  • Read 15: 1-57 He struggles to imagine the DeathChange in Jesus&Disciples!
  • If ‘firstfruits’ belonged to ‘Yahweh,’ then, so must ‘Christ!’ But who belongs to Christ? Can Adam be dispossessed by those who’ve ‘Died-inHim?’
  • How convincing is his scenario of ‘TheEnd,’ & ‘TheDestructionOfDeath?’
  • Might Paul’s violent imagery occasionally have inspired ecclesial or other violence?
  • Especially if groups or individuals are deemed to be ‘EnemiesOfChrist?’
  • Luke 1: 39-56
  • Read 1: 1-2:52 The twinned woven yet contrasted narratives of John&Jesus!
  • 1Sam1-2:11 Archetypal Mother-of-a-Prophet ofYahweh?
  • What are the memorable ‘MeetingStories’ in TheJewishBible?
  • What ‘promise’ did Yahweh make to Elizabeth&Mary? & How was it fulfilled?
  • What is Yahweh promising to contemporary women? &How is this different from the ‘promises’ of TheOtherGods? &Whose ‘promises’ are women heeding?
  • What if Mary’s Song is a programme to be fleshed out by each local church?
  • The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Gertie, I know y’ haven’t much time for religion…’

‘None, Cissie! ‘I’ve none especially since…’ ‘But this about Our Lady is more important nor religion…’ ‘Who?’ ‘After all isn’t she OurMother, Gertie, & that’s the most…’ ‘y’ mean they’ve stoppt havin’ them grand processions, with banners an’ flowergirls? My fella says, ‘It’s the capitalists is runnin’ the show. An’ they’ll not be happy till they get the Angelus off the airwaves! The last bitta religion we’ve held onta!’ An’ then if he’s half pa’latic, Cissie, it’s Faith-of OurFathers!’ That’s what I mean, Gertie! OurFathers! Some sorta coo to oust OurDivineMother!’

‘What?’ ‘A coo! I don’t mean TheHolyfather! He’s all for Her, it’s some others who shall be nameless!’ ‘Cissie, is it you-know-who-I-think?’ ‘It prob’ly is, Gerti!’ ‘But what can we do?’

‘We’ll say th’ Angelus at midnight outside every pub in town!’ ‘What!’ ‘That’ll remind them of theirMother!’ ‘God, Cissie, y’ wouldn’t want to be up for disturbin’ the peace!’ ‘No, y’re right, Gertie! A better idea ‘ll dawn on us, bye&bye…’

  • RIDDLE   The reality of ‘ HerAssumption!’

Is it more necessary to Ignore or Conceal or Assert it?

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