Easter Sunday Cycle A 2023 (’02)


1. AA 10:34, 37-43

  • Read 10:1-48! ‘Exemplary story’ exploring a problematic that we think we are OK about! Namely, whether to accept ‘Pagans/NonJews/Unclean’ in TheBody?
  • Surely, continuing to repeat the medieval shibboleths has failed to empower us!
  • Who is struggling to bring-about in my local church, Peter’s break-through in AA10?

2. THE PSALM 117:1-2, 16-17. 22-23

  • Again, read 117(118):1-29! Is Easter a truly appropriate festival for this song?
  • HisLove!’ What is this? Where does it especially occur in my wilderness?
  • Would ‘TheDaughters-of-Israel’ be willing (or allowed) to testify with such alacrity?
  • Biblically, what is the special&ungainsayable place of women in Easter?
  • On balance, is my local church in TheTomb, in TheDoldrums, or RaisedToLife?

3. COL3:1-4

  • What 25 ‘HeavenlyThings’ are my thoughts regularly fixed-on?
  • What 25 ‘EarthlyThings’ are my thoughts&resources devoted-to?
  • What of the claim, ‘Catholics’ talk is heavenly, their activities earthly?
  • If ‘Christ’ isn’t being ‘revealed’ now, what’s the betting on it happening later?

4. 1COR5:6-8 (Why an ‘alternative’, forsooth?)

  • What do I know about the nature purpose action dangers metaphors of ‘yeast’?
  • Why do TheJewishPeople purify their homes of all old yeast in Passover/Springtime?
  • What are the signs that ‘Sincerity&Truth’ have made much headway amongst us?

5. JN20:1-9 (Why is Magdalene’s Story, vv11-18, not included?)

  • Read 20:1-31! Glimpse of Mary, Peter, TheDisciple, TheDisciples, & Thomas! &Can I encapsulate in a few words what each of these very different characters saw?
  • The Lord!’. Whatever about ‘Jesus’, who could ‘take TheLord out of TheTomb’?
  • The running&outrunning of Peter&TheDisciple, where is this in my local church?
  • Why did the two men not communicate their intuitions to Mary?

6. The presence&action of the Blessed One, is it like this?

It sure was like old times above this mornin’ for Easter Sunday! Whatdja think?’ ‘Hang on til I call’ A couple a’ large Jemmies when y’re ready’ water on th’ side! Wha’were y’sayin’? ‘Above this mornin’…. ‘ Well, not a patch on th’ oul’ Canon’ ‘OK’ But apart from ’ ‘Y’ sound sorta anxious, did I not dig it, or something’. Obviously, I knew y’d be makin’ comparisons,,,’ ‘Th’ on’y bit I could hear, this story of Peter an’ y’r man having a race t’ th’ tomb! Sounded weird, like a relay race’ ‘Right, an pussyfootin’, who goes int’ th’ chamber..’ ‘like Newgrange, begod..’.first! An’ what’d the’ see? His shroud!’ ‘Why dn’t they search around..! ‘I was thinkin’ he musta left out a shkelp of it, so itsh-bitsy! ‘What I was thinkin’, th’oul Canon on Easter Sunday.’ ‘Aw, were y’ now? So was I, begod! He’d walk down inta th’ middle of us, wi’ them white gold clothes ’ ‘No shroud there!’ ‘An’ speak it out, like th’ hero he was! “Comrades! Th’ GPO was great! An’ . ‘Clontarf was greater! But Th’FirstEaster was th’ greatest! Because not king nor soldier, but th’ poor man leapt inta freedom! Let’s never, ever forget that ’” ‘Aw yes’ Freedom! but haven’t we betrayed him too?’


What is the true Resurrection for 2023?

Embrace TheAlien as equally-loved-in-the-Lord?

Listen more sincerely to Women’s-Perception-of-Truth?

Commit all our resources to a Praxis-of-ThisEarth?

Trot-out TheAgenda of TheCounterReformation ?