Pentecost Sunday Cycle C 2022 (’01)


1. AA2:1-11

  • Read 2:1-47! Paradigm-narrative! SourceContentAffectof TheApostolicPreaching!
  • ‘All!: The120Disciples! TheTwelve! TheAssembledNations!
  • ‘Tongues/Languages!’ GEN 11:1-9! The inclusiveness of One, the richness of Many!
  • Where in my local church is this manifold ‘public utterance of truth’?
  • Why are so many disillusioned about our training in ‘TheHolyBreath’?
  • Is ThePreaching only for&to men? Or is ‘TheHolyBreath’ something greater?

2. THE PSALM: 103:1, 24, 29-31 (What? This great CreationSong?)

  • Read 103(104) 1-35! How poignant in our ecological blunderings!
  • In 35 words, my Understanding&Experience of ‘TheBreath-of-Yahweh’?
  • But will the masculine divinity truly-inspire me to ‘Love-the-Earth’?
  • Especially if I think He’s ‘elsewhere’. Waiting with my ‘Salvation’…
  • What of the song’s assertion that ‘Wisdom’ is ‘TheContainerOfEarth’?
  • Is there a hint that ‘Yahweh’sBreath’ is feminine, & ‘Mother-of-AllTheCreatures’?

3. ROM 8:8-17

  • Read 8:1-39! His daring exploration of the dynamics of ‘TheBreath’!
  • ‘Brother/Sons’! Is it possible that Paul would exclude women from this?
  • What are The20PrincipalCategories of ‘Spiritual’ & ‘UnSpiritual’ behaviour’?
  • What if ‘TheBreath’ & my-own”Breath’ were to pulse-as-one?
  • Is our prevalent disdain of ‘ritual breathing’, &collusive pollution of tghe planet’s atmosphere, contributing to the repression of ‘TheHolyBreath’?

4. JN 14: 15-16, 23-26

  • Read 14:1-31!The JohannineCommunity endeavours to name TheNuances-of-Power that underpin its faith! &theirOrigin&Interrelatedness&Implications!
  • ‘Advocate’! Does He envisage that this ‘DefendingCounsel’ will take His-place?
  • Or is ‘TheArrival-of-Father&SonTogether’ also imagined to be ‘TheAdvocate’?
  • Can I glimpse here, cohabiting in a relaxed&innocent fashion, ideas&images&possibilities that were entrained another time&place into the trinitarian dogma?
  • ‘BeWith&Teach&Remind!’ What’s TheAdvocate’s ‘priority’ in my local church?

5. The presence&action of TheBlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Apart from the stimulating skepticism of Job,” ‘Careful now!, TheOfficialBeliever interjected with avuncular geniality! ThePractisingSkeptic nodded, then plunged on with enthusiastic precipitateness! ‘..I can think of nothing in all TheBible more dark &more strange than the so-called Last Supper Discourses’ ‘Less of the so-called, if you don’t..’

‘in John’ Especially the opaque relationships’ ‘ Not so, TheHoly&UndividedTrinity is a mystery! But it’s not opaque!’ ‘You jump in, that smooth theological way, as if’  ‘Not smooth as you understand smooth, nor theological as you bad-mouth theology, but the sublimest dogma of all!’ ‘ Sure, if you insist! though not yet in John! I doubt if even that community of spiritual elitists had the least intention of declaring anything as non-obscure as a trinity-of-persons!’ ‘&Why not? considering they were specially inspired to embrace the totality of truth that emanated from the lips of TheWordIncarnate!’ ‘Well, so you choose to think! But for me,  your simple-minded exposition of TheTrinity has merely betrayed the dark strangeness of John!’ ‘Away with you! Why do I bother?, not so avuncular now!’

 6. RIDDLE   TheHolyBreath! CharismaticEnthusiasm? Or Mother-of-AllThatLives?

                        Or TrueLife-of-TheCommunity? Or ActualPresence-of-TheChrist?

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