The Nativity of the Lord Cycle C 2021 (’03)


1. IS9:1-7

  • Read the shocking story NUM31:1:1-54 (Also NUM25:1-17)
  • ‘A Child’ Read IS7:1-8:22! The male heir of King Ahaz!  on whom are bestowed flattering ‘divine’ titles! is a sign of Yahweh’s ‘favour’!
  • What hints in this excerpt about the possibility of a non-violent sovereignty?
  • Or indeed, of ‘foreigners’ accepting someone else’s ‘wide dominion’ over them?
  • & Have Christians asserted ‘peace’ rhetorically, & something else pragmatically?
  • Is my local church living&walking in Darkness or Light? &How I’d know?

2. THE PSALM: 95:1-3, 11-13

  • Read95(96):1-13! A ShoutLitany for Yahweh-ehe-King!
  • What signs are there that Yahweh is willing or able to create ‘Justice&Truth’?
  • Why flatter Yahweh, when DionysiusAphroditeHermesHades rule OK?
  • Surely the ‘NewSongToYahweh’ should emphasise&celebrate

            His extreme weakness as regards ‘freeing the oppressed’

            The unacceptable cost of embodying HisPriority!

            The unlikelihood that He can go-it-alone (without Wisdom, that-is)!

            The attractiveness of TheOtherGods!

            The enervating ‘theology’ that stifles Jesus, Yahweh’sEmbodiment!

3. TIT2:11-14

  • Really, what ‘salvation’ is ‘possible for the whole human race’?
  • ‘Everything that doesn’t lead to God!’: What’s left, in that case?
  • ‘WordlyAmbitions!’: We must be ambitious for our world & its species!
  • The ambition of ‘doing good’, how can it be explored & grounded-in-reality?
  • How much of our current ‘world-denial’ is born out of massive&erroneous conviction that ‘HisImminentAppearing’ rendered ‘this-world’ irrelevant?

4. LK2:1-14

  • ‘Census’: To estimate (colonial) resources relative to taxation & military service!
  • Why does Joseph in LK have no ‘problem’ about the child, but Mary does?
  • How does ‘TheCrib’ function as a ‘hint-to-relevance’ in chapel&home&supermarket?
  • Which is more important in this excerpt? ‘TheDavidicDynasty’ or ‘TheShepherds’?
  • ‘Sign’!: ‘Cos the birth of babies in the open was unusual? Or is it the ‘manger’?
  • In what ways is ‘Jesus’Life’ food&nutrition for an ‘adult disciple’?

5.The Presence&Action of the Blessed One, is it like this?

‘I was at midnight Mass there…’ ‘Did he say an’thin’? ‘He did!’ ‘What?!’ ‘Well, t’ be honest withya, I wasn’t in great shape, God forgimme! But I remember one thing…’Was it the one about Santa & Rudolph?’ ‘Wouldya mind, even if y’ are an atheist..’ ‘OK peace at Christmas! What’d he say?’ ‘He mentioned th’ oul’ Canon!’ β€œth’ oul’ Canon?’ ‘Th’ oul’ Canon!’ He says he heard from someone or other what th’ oul’ Canon ‘d say during midnight Mass, after The Consecration, mind-you!’ ‘Begod, I..’ ‘He’d step forward &proclaim it.’ ‘God, I remember it!’ ‘…in that great voice,

β€œHe’s-here! He’s-always-here! He-always-will-be-here!

But what of yous an’ me? But what of yous an’ me?” We’d be waitin’ for it with a lump in our throats! That was the real Christmas then!’ ‘Aw y’re right! A lump in our throats! No frills or flounces! Straight from th’ heart! ‘Ah, boys a’ boys! ‘But what of yous an’ me!’ Ah that’s th’ way.’

6.RIDDLE: His most nourishing ‘title’? Saviour Christ Lord God Son …..or?

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