11th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A 2023 (’08)

Sunday 18 June 2023 (’08): 11thSUNinORDINARY : A

1. EXOD19:2-6!

Again, notice the occurrence together of two narrative divinities : ‘God=ELOHIM, &TheLord=YAHWEH’! Of the two, whose Agenda is being presented-to-Moses?

2. PS99:2-3, 5!

Pious applause for ‘TheLord=YAHWEH’! But, ELOHIM’SPeople Called-TheShots…

3. ROM5:6-11!

Again, note that in this version of ‘TheRomans’, we are treated to more male talk! Also, ‘Sinners, Enemies, God’sAnger’! Is this mitigated by his saying, ‘We’re reconciled…’?

4. MT9:36 — 10:8!

Why is He quoted as saying to TheDisciples, ‘Don’t enter Samaritan or Pagan territory’? Surely there were ‘lost sheep’ there too? Even in ‘PaganIreland’! Today too!


TheFirstCommandment-of-ELOHIM : Be-Obedient, &Know-Your-Place!

TheFirstCommandment-of-YAHWEH : BeCompassionate-to-All, No-Matter-Who!

Which-of-These (apart from TheOtherGods), is inculcated in my local church?

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