The Body and Blood of Christ Cycle A 2023 (’08)

Sunday 11 June 2023 (’08) : THE BODY&BLOOD OF CHRIST : A

Apart from ‘transsubstantiation’, &’instituting a sacrament’ etc, other important understandings of TheChristEvent are enshrined in TheRitual-of-TheFinalMeal :

* HisWords-to-TheBread&TheWine hinted HisOwnMotto,

which He was also Entrusting-to-HisDisciples, ‘Me-for-You’,

a motto that orientated Him to EveryOne-He-Met!

* HisWords also hinted another rendering of HisLife’sMotto,

also Entrusted-to-EachDisciple :


1. DEUT8:2-3, 14-16!

Apart from ‘HolyCommunion’, which I’m told is ‘MySpiritualFood’, what is actually my day-to-day ‘nurture’, for better or worse, in this ’21stC.Wilderness’? Wow, what a cocktail of chancey foods&drinks&all the other strut-your-funky-stuff…

2. PS147:12-15, 19-20!

Yes, ‘Peace=Wholeness/Prosperity’ is established! But it will never last! Unless His ‘Laws&Decrees’ are truly-internalised! That-is, ‘BeCompassionate-to-All!’…

3. 1COR10:16-17!

‘TheBlessingCup’ is the name of TheThird of TheFourCups-of-ThePassoverRitual! ‘Body’ here signifies ‘Solidarity’: both with ‘Christ’sTruth’, &’EachOther’sTruth’!


Marvellously eloquent song! But very ecclesiastical, medieval, &masculine! Lurking there too, the centuries-old fascination with the ‘transsubstantiation’ : to the practical occlusion of what is at least as crucial : HisEntrusting-HisMotto-to-AllDisciples!

5. JN6:51-58! (Give this great chapter a good slow chew-chew!)

Another example of this storyteller’s ‘irony’ : when someone, disciple or crowd, hears a word or phrase to mean something other! Often, this facilitates eventual understanding!

Start by hearing the terms ‘Body, Flesh, Blood’, as HisTotality-as-HeavenlyNurture…


‘Come-on! What’s TheBody&Blood-of-Christ, really? An’ no ifs&buts…’

* TheMass, instituted at TheLastSupper, &handed over to TheMen-He-Ordained!

* It’s TheEnhancedPassover, which should be Celebrated-at-eachFamilyTable!

* TheTotality-of-TheChristGift : given to EachDisciple-as-Exemplar&Nurture!

* It’s TheCorpusChristiProcession, which should be brought back, to help devotion!

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