13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

                                     Sunday 27thJune 2021    13th Sunday in Ordinary Time : B (’00)

  1. WIS1: 13-15; 23-24
  2. Read1:1-3:19! Threatening&reassuring&selfconfident mindset of TheScribes!
  3. The Origin&andNature&Purpose of ‘death’ in general? & especially my-own!
  4. What if I compare the worldview represented in this excerpt (and derived from Gen 1-3) with the scientific worldview of contemporary Biology & Cosmology?
  5. The Devil’s Envy! How to express this inscrutable factor in modern language?
  6. How to discern ‘TheDevil’sPartners’ (Remembering The SalemTrials 1692)?
  7. Sure, give-up on Satan&Co! But how to deal with what’s called ‘evil’?
  8. Sure, insist on ‘Satan’sReality’! but how to separate-out trolls and bogeymen?
  9. How does the writer ‘know’ that ‘man’ was made imperishable?
  10. THE PSALM : 29:2, 4-6, 11-13
  11. Read 29(30): 1-12(13)! Poignant evocation of life’s fragility & Yahweh’s fidelity!
  12. ‘TheDead/TheGrave!’ She’ol, the underworld abode of those who’ve died!
  13. Situations of DangerIllnessIsolationLoss could be termed TheDead or ‘She’ol!’
  14. From my experience of dealing with ‘Yahweh,’ is this psalm ‘wishful thinking?’
  15. Another reminder that, biblically, ‘Name’ means something like ‘Power!

3     2COR8.7, 9, 13-15

  • Read 8:1-24! Exploration&recommendation of ‘generosity!’
  • How are the poor in my local church being identified and supported?
  • What excuses are Irish Christians making, so as to avoid the ‘work of mercy?’
  • Read Exodus16! ‘Heaven’sGenerosity’ with ‘meat&bread!’ But, is there a catch?
  • To what extent is my Community strenuously inculcated in interdependence, and the various recriprocities in giving&receiving ‘Heaven’sGifts?’
  • In what sense has ‘TheLordJesus made me rich out of HisPoverty?
  • What are the 7PreciousResources I’m being encouraged to be generous with?

4    MK5:21-43

  • Why does MK insert one ‘12year’ story within another ‘12year’ story?
  • ‘Faith!’ Courageous readiness to embrace&deploy ThePower-of Jesus?
  • How and where can I learn this sort of ‘faith?’ Am I encouraged? Do I dare?
  • What ‘interpretations’ have I been given for these nested stories?
  • To what extent is ‘fear’ still part of the stock-in-trade of myChurch?
  • What’s inhibiting me from pushing near to Jesus, to imbibe His’Power?’
  • Or do I still think this is something ‘churchy&holy&fuddyduddy?’
  • What if His’Power’ is unavailable, until someone burns-with-faith?

5     The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Sir! What is the greatest obstacle to faith?’ ‘Friend! Fear is the greatest obstacle to faith!’

‘& what is fear, Sir?’ ‘Friend! The inability to love, that is fear!’ ‘Sir! Tell me this! Why do I still fear, even though I love?’ ‘Friend! Either the love, or the fear, is not real!’ ‘But how will I know?’

‘Whichever you would hold-with, even unto the embrace of death, that is real!’ ‘Oi-veh, Sir! If my fear is of-death, how then will I hold-with love?’ ‘Choose Friend! Since you must die anyway, seek to die to-fear! & Embrace faith-in-love!’ ‘But, Sir!…’ Remember Friend, love and fear will never flourish on the same tree!!’

6.  Riddle :  Which ‘faith’ in sooth? ObeyTheScribe, LearnTheRhetoric, or BurnWithhisPower?

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