12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’09)

Sunday 20 June 2021 (’09): 12thSUNinORDINARY · B

1 JOB, 38, 811!

One of the great images from the hardly-ever-read Bookof-Job! Agam&agam in TheBible, Control-of-TheOcean is reckoned one of the essential DivineAttributes…

2. PS106:23-26, 28-31! (All of this expansive psalm deserves at least one read...)

Yes, the ocean waves are trounced! But the crucial word: in every distress, Yahweh is TheOne who will lead us out of every distress! Why doesn’t happen every time...?

3. 2COR5·14-l7!

In 15words, who or what am I actually livingfor? How will I Know-Christ-in-the-Spirit? What will Enable-Me-to-Be-in-Christ, &BE-a-NewCreation…?

4.  Mk: 35-41!

What if in every tight corner, TheMaster encouragingly admonishes His selfstyled disciples, ‘Why are you so scrumped-by-this? How is it you’ve No-Faith?’Wow, Lord! Are you saying that FAITH will enable me to transform every storm…?

RIDDLE! How will puny-me overcome the crushings-of-ocean?

  • In every situation, good or bad, I cast my cares upon TheLord?
  • Realise, that all, or most, emergencies are self-created!
  • Build up a strategy of self-reservation through disciplined prayer!
  • Learn to recite St Patrick’s BreastPlate totally-from-the heart!
  • Enter into The Baptisim-of-TheHolySpirit with utter sincerity!

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