13th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 26 June 2022 : 13TH SUN in ORDINARY .C

1. 1K19.16, 19-22

  • Read 19 1-21 Yahweh’s Prophet? Cowardly&violent&pious at-once?
  • Why does ‘Yahweh/TheLord’ seem to encourage&condon e’political assassination’?
  • Are the’seemly’ bits of 1K19 de-contexted here, to present an edifying posy?
  • The habit of constantly referring to ‘God’, does this allow for ‘nuance’?
  • Or, importantly, for separating the teacher’s or preacher’s ‘personal vagaries?
  • Elijah’s&Elisha’s ritual-behaviours’ Familiar ? Outlandish? Banal?
  • What if a ‘YahwehDrivenProphet’ threw their cloak over me, & beckoned?

2. THE PSALM . 15:1-2 5, 7-11

  • Read 15(16) 1-11 Song of a very-enthusiastic Devotee-of-Yahweh
  • Were such devotees able to visualise ‘Yahweh’?Say, as Animal? Or Fire?
  • What 10 factors are creating in&for me a conviction ofSafety&SelfValue ?
  • Presumably others addressed their divinities with comparable prayer-formulas, & inner experience!, So, how will Yahweh, in particular, or God make a difference ?

3. GAL 5.1, 13-18

  • Name 20 LifeSituations in which I embody ‘real freedom? * Name 20 LifeSituations in which I glimpse I’m entrapped or enslaved?
  • ‘LedByTheSpirit

What is my Understanding&Experience of this awesome life-style?

How am I being encouraged&trained to embrace&endure it ?

Can I name 10 adults in my local church who-truly-live-thus ?

If I’m not struggling for this, what else is worth a torn snotrag ?

4. LK9. 51-62 

  • ‘FireToBurnSamaritans’ What sort of self-righteous ‘DiscipleRage’ 
  • Would he also have rebuked TheBurnersOf’Witches&Heretics&Deviants’? 
  • How can one hear these ‘SwordsPlunged,Rather, InDisciples’ ? 
  • You follow me for comfort, but what of the homeless who-embody me?
  • Disciples, dissolve ties, &burn, as I did, with unwavering flame!
  • You will never falter, only if you are unremorsefullyin TheBreath’
  • ‘ Wa-wa’ Leave Jesus alone, ADBI’ Don’t be rummaging our naive faith’

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this ?
‘ What’s th’ sweat? Y’ seem a bit around th’ collar…’ ‘A’m just down from Mass’. I left early …’ ‘D’ja get sick? a bad pint or a soggy …’ ‘Looka, mind y’r hp ‘ ‘OK, no bull!’. ‘F’r once I decided t’ listen t’ th’ stuff an’ f’r once I could hear the warblers …! ‘God, another miracle,’ ‘As th’ oul’ Canon usedta say, “Listen, t’ y’r cost’ Ignore t’ y’r cost!”…’ ‘Aw, th’ more I rember back t’ that man!’ ‘Anyway’ I never heard th’ man above like that before! I prob’ly thought he was a sorta Sacred Heart! in a red dressin’ gown, like… ‘Course it’s red! but wha’ja hear, that has y’ all…’ ‘If I closed me eyes, it sounded like th’ oul’ Canon..’ ‘Y’mean socialist? an’ no pious mullarkey?’ ‘Yeah! no compromise, comrades!!”…’ ‘Aw, I loved that man!’ No wonder I nearly fell outa me stannin’, beside Th’ Little Flower! ‘Come on! wha’ja hear?’ He said that real Cathcks ‘d have no bedsa their own! An’ had to lave th’ dead there an’ go an’ preach! An’ if y’ ever blinked, y’ wouldn’t getta heaven!’ ‘Begod, no wonder y’re all custard ‘n’ jelly! Even th’ oul’ Canon ‘d find that a dose, saint an’ all as ‘e was!’

6. RIDDLE Which? ThePiousDrivenness-of-Elijah ?
TheBreathRootedness-of-Paul? TheExodusFlungness-of-Jesus?

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