14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 3rdJuly 2022 (’01) 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time C

  1. IS66:10-14
  • Read 66:1-24! What a moody ending to a moody book!

Is Yahweh relativising TheTemple&ItsWorks&Pomps?

& that ‘TheHumble&ContriteInSpirit’ are temple & worship?

  • Peace!’ If this means ‘wholeness’ have I glimpsed it yet?

Or will I settle for Suppression-of-Conflict, Economical Prosperity, AHidden Wound?

  1. THE PSALM 65:1-7, 16, 20
  • Read 65(66):1-20 Celebration of ThePriorities of ‘Elohim,’ TheTempleDivinity!
  • TremendousDeeds! : Reflected in creation narrative of Gen1.1-2:4a!
  • Name!’ The power of ‘Elohim’ is to control&give-form to ‘Chaos!’
  • AllTheEarth!’ : In light of the dark&bright of 2Milleniums of ‘ChristianHistory!’ how do I understand the response-verse of this vested-interest psalm?
  1. GAL6: 14-18 Paul’s dynamic language! Stimulating&scurrilous&noteworthy! Is anyone nowadays able to cut through the inherited gobbledygook?
  • What have contemporary ‘adult christians’ to brag about?
  • Cross!’ A total lifestyle of DisciplineRenunciationAwarenessFreedom?
  • What is the equivalent of ‘circumcision’ for all adultChristians?
  • If I were to accept ‘Baptism’ now, with full heart, what would I renounce forever?

What new priorities would I embrace? What modes of assessment?

  1. LUKE10: 1-12, 17-20
  • Read 10 1-42! Explorations of HeartService rather than lipservice!
  • In what ways are HisInstructions vital to my local church?
  • Why are ‘HisInstructions’ so specific&realistic&inconvenient&sulky? And why are they being offered-out to us in this eucharist (boo-hoo), as ‘goodnews-for-now?
  • What if beggars (and such itinerant ‘preachers’) are the ones who ‘fulfil’ all-this?
  • In what sense do the threats of vv13-16 apply to myChurch?
  1. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Gran&Effie, Effie&Gran! Innocent cunning, cunning innocence! Earth’s ears&eyes, Earth’s dusk&dawn! Each loved the other for being a doorway into wisdom’s exuberant weavery!

Gran!’ ‘Yes, a thaisge?’ ‘Sam threw Boysie’s mobile in his pinta milk ‘cos he laffed at her spare tyre, an’ he ran off gulpin’. ‘O my goodness..’ ‘..So Mam nudged Sam with her wrinkly, “Better hop over to Boysie’s an’ give th’ poor sob the kissapiece…” ‘My dear how…’ ‘Gran! The Kissapiece? Is it a flower like Chuckie’s Mam gives her when she’s narly?’ ‘If he doesn’t like flowers..’ maybe she’d talk soft, or kinda droopy-face..’ “Boysie, sorry about your..” “Sorry I made ya gulp…” But Gran, kissapiece! It just now went crunmbly behind my mouth! Kiss-a-piece’ ‘Sam ‘ll hafta kiss …a piece…of Boysie’s…hand! To make up, not to be so narly on her!’ ‘An what’ll Sam do then Effie? Effie put the crumbles together again in her ever-alert weavery…another thread a-trembling.. ‘Gran’ kissapiece! The piece-prossis! Sam an’ Boysie ‘ll start a kissapiece-prossis! O great great!’ & Gran&Effie lafft&lafft!!

  1. Riddle

Who and what is delivering peace? TheMedia ThePoliticians TheMilitants TheIndustrialists? Or whoever struggles to marry ‘Citizenship&Discipleship?

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