16th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 17 July 2022 (’01)  16thSUNinORDINARY : C

1. GENlS:1-10

  • Read 18.1-33! Three modes ofYahwehEncounter! Birth&Death&Justice!
  • How do I understand ‘YahwehShowmgHimselfas-ThreeMen’?
  • What biblical stories are evoked by this circumstantial extract?
  • ‘StandingNear! ‘. Theyto-Him, Heto-Them! (JN19:25f)
  • Is ‘Yahweh’sVisit’’ for Abraham? Or Sarah? (Or indeed, for Isaac!)
  • To what extent is conception&birth, even today;mvolved with divinities?

2. THE PSALM . 14.2-5

  • Insofar as women might dwell on TheHolyMountain, would they act similarly?
  • In my local church, which ministries demand these attitudes&skills?
  • Are there any significant lacunae in this summary? Or is ‘Yahweh’ interested only in a limited spectrum of ‘Virtues’? &Not, say, in Ecology?
  • Is it envisaged, perhaps, that little of this would apply to mere ‘laity’?
  • If it’s imagined that ‘Yahweh’ detailed this litany, then how did it take place?
  • In my local church, who sets the standards, &promulgates the rules? (What??)

3. COL1 2428

  • ‘Body!’: That which creates sohdar1ty mth others &with the species’ &TheEarth1
  • &What are the sigmflcant aspects of ‘Body’? Skm Blood Organs .’l Or ?
  • That which I call ‘TheChurch’, why 1s it also called ‘TheBodyOfChnst’?
  • How 1s the wnter of COL so selfconf1dent about TheMystery&TheChnst&God?
  • Why does he thmk1t 1s useful to suffer for his clients?
  • &Why does he thmk that ‘Chnst’ has still to suffer, ‘ForHisBodyTheChurch’?
  • ‘ChnstAmongYou!’: But is 1t ‘Yahweh, or one of ‘TheOtherGods’, that anomtsus? D1ony us or Hermes, arguably? Odm or Nerthus? Or Wisdom-the-Devalued?

4. LK10 38-42

  • How can I discern&imagine the relations among this archetypal ‘trinity?

Why is Jesus also called ‘TheLord’ (a if this represents a ritual’)?

Martha-theWelcomer may own the house (&/or Mary too?)!

Is Jesus caught in a rivalry? &Is He more empathic to Mary?

Is Mary excessively passive, like-‘Lazarus’ in LK16:19ff?

Perhaps ‘TheLord’ is more challenged by Martha?

Martha’s ‘distraction’! Does she want ‘help’, or a chance to ‘listen’?

  • In what ways is this ‘ritual’ significant for my local church?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

no, I am not assuaged! not so much TheMaster, tho’ really I didn’t comprehend His enigmatic words earlier! my sister I mean, crouched there like a half-empty wine-skin, drinking it all in, everything for her as usual! I let them walk on me, even TheMaster seemed to mock me, talking in that, like a rabbi, ancient wisdom! Ignoring my request, not the first time, left with a mountain of work, only encouraging her, our brother too always did, making it worse between us! we haven’t spoken· for over a year, He probably noticed I didn’t address her, but tried to get Him to, but I was ignored, even tho’ she was drinking it all in, I knew she knew’ people use me as it suits them, I imagine I’m like Sarah, tho’ I don’t have even Sarahs prospects’ what was it He said, ‘onething! the better-part”? could it be what I deeply desire? anyway, TheMaster hardly looked at me as He spoke! it’s all left me plunged in unbearable despair

6 RIDDLE Whose Hospitality is crucial? TheFamilys? TheChurch’s? TheEarths?

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