18th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 31 July 2022 (’01) C: 18thSUNinOrdinary

1. ECCLES/QOH1: 1-2, 2:21-23

  • Read 1:1-2:26! A very contemporary pessisism? A very ancient wisdom?
  • ‘Vanity!’ What 10AmbitionsStructuresRelationshipsTeachings did once endow with value&meaning? But subsequently were revealed to be empty&unfruitful?
  • What 10LifeProjects do I reckon, &by what criteria, to be of substance, &of worth?
  • Why are so many ‘adult christians’ eaten up by anxiety&resentment?
  • In my world-experience, how is women’s ‘stress’ different-from, &related-to, men’s?

2. THE PSALM 89:3-6, 12-14, 17

  • Read 89(90) 1-17! What sort of ‘refuge’ this, that is yet so unsatedly ‘angry’?
  • In what ways is ‘Yahweh’ a ‘refuge’ for my local church?
  • &What other ‘refuges’ is my local church perhaps finding ‘refuge’ in?
  • What 10Refuges&ExcapesFrom’ ‘true discipleship’ have I discovered?
  • Which other narrative divinities, apart from ‘Yahweh/Jesus’, have rapidly become central, &are invoked&embodied also by ‘Christians’, in IrishSociety?
  • Why do ‘church leaders’ turn a blind eye to Dionysius, Hermes, Aphrodite?

3. COL 3:1-5, 9-11

  • Read 2:1- 3:17! Wa-wa! The unforeseen implications&consequences of ‘Christ’!
  • What 15Facets of ‘TheChristMystery’ are actively impinging on my ‘life’?
  • By what criteria do I distinguish, as-adult, ‘heavenly’ & ‘earthly things’?
  • Will exhortation alone avail to ‘kill’ those sexual ‘aberrations’?
  • Surely a most-adequate-adult-education is needed! But who offers or desires this?
  • ‘No room for distinction’ Hollow laffter please, in the ‘christian churches’!

4. LK12:13-21

  • Read 12:1-29! Exploration of the values that underpin ‘discipleship’!
  • But haven’t the rampant ‘values’ of IrishSociety strangled ‘discipleship’!
  • ‘Avarice!’ Who is not consumed by ‘creeping anxiety’, concerning JobsMortgageHealthChildrenSuicideImpotenceRivalsGuiltMeaningBellaFiguraStalkers!
  • Why is the response of ‘IrishChristians’ to the modern world so pathethic!
  • What 10Aspects-of-TheEarth have I been taking-for-granted, boo-hoo?

5. The presence&Action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Avarice!’ ThePractisingSceptic was quietly reflective! ‘&if it’s not that, it’s laziness or fear! Why are Christians so prone to all these’ ‘Christian all you want..’, TheOfficialBeliever interjected, ‘but just leave Catholics out of your tendentious drift! They’re’ ‘They’re worse, if anything! like spoilt children, taking everything for..’ ‘Excuse me! are you referring to TheChosen of TheLord! Catholic Action’s always been at the forefront’ ‘ Look’ all have the same virus’ Christian selfcentredness , every Church is marinating in narcissistic ostrichism!’ ‘O you’re such an obnoxious pedant! Listen to TheMaster’s great parable! The rich man & his harvest & AlmightyGod calling him “Thou fool”’ ‘No crowd bends&spins the unfortunate parables better than yours! Black can be white &white can be..’ ‘ How dare you come snorting&pawing the dust about TheTrueChurch! Like someone on for trampling the pearl of faith ‘ ‘ All bluster! If you’d any wit, never mind humility or selfawareness, you’d ‘ ‘ O why do I bother! Your sort always wants the last word! But TheAlmighty whom we represent, will have the last laff ‘ ‘ Well&good’ but who’ll be the laff on..?’

6. RIDDLE Which? UtterlyLove-TheEarth? GoAllOutForHeaven? HedgeMyBets?

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