19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 7thAug 2022 (’01): C: 19thSUNinOrdinary

1. WIS18:6-9

  • Read 18: 1-25! Expansion of the ancient ExodusNarrative!
  • a good example of homiletic&chauvinistic ‘exegesis’! But is it ‘wisdom’? &’inspired’?
  • How is this ‘selfrighteousness’ perpetuated in the ‘christian churches’?
  • & Their unselfcritical obsession with seeing each other as ‘heretical’ or ‘schismatic’?
  • What 5Blessings&5Dangers are associated with contemporary ‘discipleship’?
  • Is this excerpt a ‘program’ for a tightly-knit, paranoid, patriarchial ‘church’?

2. THE PSALM 32:1,12,18-20.22

  • Read 32(33) 1-22! The worshippers’ complex relatedness with ‘Yahweh’!
  • But for an unfolded adult-awareness, is it credible? Or necessary?
  • Have ‘worshipful’ modes of being ‘christian’ left us fangless&gormless?
  • &Just too susceptible to ‘TheDivinities’ & ‘TheAuthorities’ & ‘TheMedia’?
  • Though again it must be asked, ‘Who gives a curse for adult education’?
  • ‘Help&Shield!’ ‘Help’ to do what? ‘Shield’ against what? &Whom? &Why?

3. HEB11:1-2, 8-19

  • Read 10:19 -12:13! Explorations of ‘faith’ by a cleric/theologian’
  • In 25 words, myUnderstanding&Experience of ‘faith’?
  • Will this ‘statemental’ discourse usurp the primacy of ‘narrative’?
  • How can homilists undertake to tell other adults ‘how it is’?
  • In my church, are ‘Faith&Obedience’ pushed? But not ‘Wisdom&Responsibility’?
  • What are my 5Anchors? my%RoleModels? My 5Resources?
  • Who influences me most? ClergyPoetsGossipsLoversAncestorsEnemiesBossesOr?
  • Which 3 ‘GreatlyConfide’ in me? &in which 3 do I ‘GreatlyConfide’? (Great!’)

4. LK12:32 – 48?

  • How is the ‘Master/Slave’ dynamic embodied in my local church?
  • In which 7’Situations-of-myLife’ am I ‘master’? Or ‘slave’? &Are these valences
  • ‘inevitable’? &How might I overcome such ‘inevitability’?
  • How are women-disciples & men-disciples negotiating power&initiative?
  • In 35 words, what’s my unvalued&unfolded&inalienable ‘Treasure’?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Honest Gertie! I must say I didn’t like that-there above this morning!’ β€œGod, Cissie, tell-us’ was-it.’ ‘Sumpin’ th’ man-above said in th’ readin’.’ ‘Aw well, OK, no sweat!’ ‘about servants.’ ‘Oh’ sota threatenin’ them with gettin’ bet-up be their owner’ ‘But Cissie. It’s th’ man-above! so it must be game-ball’ ‘I-know, Geretie! But I still says to t’ meself, β€œIs it right of ‘Im, God bless ‘Im, t’ be threatenin’ th’ poorsods like that’ bad enuff t’ be slavin’ all hours f’r peanuts.’

Peanuts is right! As my fellasayswhe he wants t’ be rude!’ ‘..there’s too much a’ that, lookin’ down on th’ workers’ Cardle Mark was right! It’s all chains an’ no daisies f’r some of us!’ ‘Not t’ mention peanuts hisself!’ ‘ Y’r man tried t’ take the harm out of it’ makin’ out it was a spiritual favour He meant! gettin’ bet-up, that is!’ ‘But Cissie…’ ‘..but Cissie saw through him! He has just one more chance t’ show respect f’r th’ workers! After that, it’s arriverderci roma!’ ‘Cissie, y’can speak that sorta french t’ Gertie all day.!!’

6. RIDDLE TheEssence-of-Discipleship? FlatteryBuddabilityCompassion



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