1st Sunday of Advent Cycle C 2021 (’00)

Sunday 28 December 2021 (’00)  lstSUNofADVENT : C

1. JER33 14-16

  • Read 32:1 – 33:26! Yahweh’s&ThePeople’s Struggle, for Fidelity-inCovenant!
  • What are TheFiveCriteria by which to discern ‘Yahweh ‘sPresence’?
  • ‘Covenent!’: The effectual-embrace of Yahweh&People that makes Him freeingly- actual in&from&towards-all! But, who’d want such a dangerous lover?       
  • ‘YahwehOurIntegrity!’: &What ‘name’ for our own local church?
  • What is analogous in my world,to TheDavidicDynasty & itsDauphins?

2. THE PSALM 24:4-5, 8-9, 14

  • Read 2-1(25):l-221 But will embodying Yahweh’s ethical priorities enhance me?
  • In TheCelticTiger, what Resources&Needs&Behaviours represent Yahweh?
  • ‘Way&Path&Truth!’: Yahweh’s imperative, to free those enslaved by ‘OtherGods!’
  • What are TheOthcrGods if not TheResoucesNeedsBehaviours that oppress me!
  • How, if at all, is Yahweh  (as distinct, say, from  Dionysus&Hermes&Elohim &Aphrodite&Hades etc) impinging on me? &What’s the cost of warding Him off?

3. 1THESS3:12 – 4:2

  • Read 2:17 – 5-28! Paul addresses the confusion&concern&pessimism of GreekChristians in face of the imminently-expected ‘SecondComingOfJesus’!
  • How effective is Exhortation&Threat, for the faithful embodiment of ‘discipleship?
  • How do contemporary  ‘letters to the church’ (which’!) compare with 1THESS?
  • Write a100word letter to ‘the adult christians’ of Northern Ireland!

4. LK21:25-28, 34-36 (Why is ‘TheFigTree’ omitted?)

  • Read 21 :5-36! Imaginings of Persecution, EndTime, SecondComing, TheDay’
  • In this ‘apocalypse’ what is being ‘unveiled’ about the state of my local church?
  • What are we doing about

The alurming ecological crisis?

The distress of millions from hunger&depredation?

The pullulating violence, substance-abuse, &greed?

The unabated credulity&flattery&selfdeception?

The collusive refusal to pay the high cost of freedom?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Well .. ‘ ‘Well is-right! y’  shoulda been above there this mornin’.  ”What.. ” .. t’ hear  ‘im tryin’ t’put th’ wind up us! pretendin’ t’  be spakes from th’  man-above  . ‘ ‘All in dubble-dutch I suppose .. ‘Signs up in th’  sky, things here things there, floods

An’ th’ enda’ th’  world! makin’ out it could be soon, for  th’  joobily” ‘More o’ that global warnin’ , all millarkey for what’s ,worth!’ ‘I  just let ‘im flow gently  sweet afton, what could I do!  when a spake o’ th’ oul’ Canon came t’ me as clear as day, his great musical voice, no mike nor nothin’!’ ‘Nowadays begod, even with dessibels,  y’ can’t hear .. ,, ‘He usedta stand there, comin’ up t’ Christmas,  “Th’Time  t’Remember Th’Poor!’  he called  it, an’  he’d let it out like an orchestra, “It’s always Advent, He’s ahalways close by, don’t be put off be threats nor nothin’… !!! ‘Aw I loved that man…’ ‘…”One thin above all… “‘  ‘Aw say it for   ‘im!’ ‘… “Don’t be fooled  be all  th’  oul’ talk, just watch out for ‘Im, comin’ there a  natural as babies an’ beggars an’  birds !'”

‘Aw it still brins a tear! But, boys a’ boys, it’s a quare changed world!’


Which is preferable? Comfort without freedom? Or freedom without comfort?

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