Feast of Christ the King Cycle B 2021 (’03)

Sunday 21 November 2021(‘03): Feast of Christ the King B

1. DAN7:13-14 (A somewhat breathless craythur, godwot?)

  • Read 7:1-28! Perhaps Daniel’s most impressive&influential ‘dream’!
  • Or is there a mingling of two or more ‘dreams’, so as to enhance ‘TheSon-of-Man’?
  • Anyone in my local church, or in IrishSociety, receiving ‘visions/dreams’? With an ‘inscape-of-significance-for-now’? Artists of all sorts?
  • ‘Cos nowadays, ‘Daniel’ might write a play or a poem? Or paint a tableau?
  • Might the ‘BeastsVision’ be of equal urgency in our own time of threat? Or the ‘prophetic words’ be hidden in GraffittiVandalismStressAddiction….
  • ‘Son-of-Man!’: Sure, ‘TheHuman’ receives ‘sovereignty’! But, compassion….?

2. THE PSALM:92:1-2,5

  • Read 92(93):1-5! What are TheTrueCharacteristics -Yahweh’sRule

(That is, HisFirstCommandment), as distinct from the fantasies of this psalm?

  • ‘Cos ‘Yahweh’sWeakness-cum-Compassion’ was concealed by vested interests!
  • How is my local church managing to cross-the-bridge between ‘WorshipDevotion PiousCaution’ & ‘IncreasinglyActivePresence-in-TheModernWorld’?
  • Is old Roncalli’sConviction shared by anyone? ThatFlaunting&FlatteringTheOldWineskins is totally futile! That TheNewWine is hidden in TheModernWorld!
  • Maybe the excerpt wonders, ‘Is TheEmperor clothed? Or even there at all’

3. APOC1:5-8

  • Read 1:1-20! The VisionaryAnnouncement of ‘John'(which one?) to The7Churches’!

&His strange ‘seeing-of TheHumanOne’!

  • What if each ‘HumanOne’ (including myself) has dimensions of ‘Strange Unknownnesses’ that are rarely adverted-to, explored, or valued? Why-is-this?
  • Isn’t it a cliché now, that we ‘barely know ourselves’? That we lack the incentive, let alone the skills, to venture past ‘low-water-mark’!
  • In what ways has Jesus preceded me, sifting motivations&entrancements?
  • The series of statements-about-Jesus in this excerpt! Which one opens TheMystery?

4. JN18:33-37  (Why is the crucial v38 omitted?)

  • Read 18:1- 19:42! TheDramaticDialectic between Jesus&TheManyOthers!
  • ‘King!’: Many times in JN! What energies had formed around TheExpectedKing?
  • Is this dialogue somewhat evasive or ironic? Or a set of ‘riddles’?
  • Isn’t it likely that Jesus&Pilate, granted they spoke the same language in any ‘factual scenario’ behind this ‘created narrative’, had very different notions of ‘truth’?
  • What understanding of ‘truth’ is generally accepted in my local church?
  • ‘Truth’!: ‘Yahweh’sDynamism’ as the most reliable ‘Priority’ to build my life in!
  • Why is Jesus regularly endowed with a ‘kingship-of-this-world’?

5. RIDDLE   What is the essential ‘truth of Jesus’ kingship’?

    He is the most thoroughgoing Witness, to ‘Yahweh-as-TheLifeStyle’!

    He is TheProfaneMessiah, subduing through HisServants ‘Earth’sKings’!

    He is hidden, far from pomp, in the Distress-of-TheModernWorld!

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