1st Sunday of Lent Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday Mar 6th  2022(2001) 1stSUNinLent C

1. DEUT26:4-10

  • Read 26:1-19! Within this semi-paranoid, semi-jingoistic, ‘CultureCreed’, largely dictated by TempleInterests, can I yet glimpse a genuine ‘Yahwism’?
  • Or is it acceptable to trample others’ Land&Culture, if ‘God’ says ‘OK! Do-it’!!?
  • How did He end up in ‘The Temple’, rather than persevere in ‘TheWilderness’?
  • ‘ThisLand’! ‘Canaan’ So, is this ‘creed’ an anachronistic re-reading of ‘history?
  • Namely, ‘We subjugated these people, so how can we retroactively legitimate it?’
  • What! Is ‘Yahweh’ so susceptible to the manipulations of storytellers?

2. THE PSALM: 90:1=2, 10-15

  • Read 90(91) 1- 16! But how can the weak Yahweh so marvellously protect?
  • What, in my experience of Yahweh, makes Him worthy of such trust?
  • Isn’t this psalm mostly the tendentious wishful-thinking of a court-poet?
  • ‘TheLion&TheGreatSerpent!’: What power can trample these? (Read GEN 3!)
  • ‘I-am-with-you!’ Yahweh’s-own-mantra! &CanI carry such-weakness?

3. ROM10:8-13

  • ‘NoDistinction!’ This dangerous incredible ‘word’! What? not only to be on-my-lips for devotion, but in-my-heart for valuation&embodiment!
  • Wow! Who knows what risquéités Paul’s proclaiming in ROM as-a-whole!
  • But then, isn’t ‘the true church’ safe! ‘cos who reads him anyway, except to carp!
  • ‘CallOnTheName!’: Could access to ‘TheDynamicsThatMakesWhole’ be so simple?
  • If my ‘christian formation’ predisposes me to ‘avoid wholeness’ Just prattle&dither!

4. LK4:1-13

  • Read 1:5 – 4:44! Christian re-telling of ‘exodus narratives’!
  • ‘Temptation’!Strenuous experiential testing of the realness of ‘faith-n-Yahweh’!
  • However what if ‘YahwehFaith’ is importantly different from ‘ChurchFaith’?
  • What 20 situations&Exemplars are testing either my ‘Yahweh-‘ or my ‘ChurchFaith?
  • These 3Moments-of-YahwisticTesting’!

Which ‘exodus’ narratives are reflected in each?

What scenarios in my-own struggle-for-integrity are evoked?

Can I release this narrative from it pietistic shackles?

  • ‘TheDevil’! Which other divinity wouldn’t enjoy subverting Yahweh? (DT6:4-25)

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Sir’ Your time in the wilderness, wasn’t it really about TheWorld, TheFlesh,&TheDevil? A retreat, before you began your true work! Preaching TheGoodNews!’ ‘Friend, you speak in specious, but faded&empty words!’ ‘Your pardon sir! but how could… ‘ ‘Always, friend, from myDeath-in-Jordan to myDeath-by-Temple’s Resentment, I was always in TheWilderness! I was filled-with-TheBreath! I was tested in every way, to embrace TheOtherGods!’ ‘Surely, sir, that’s what I meant…’ ‘TheTruth, friend, is not the seemingly meaningful words beloved of TempleScrutiny! Truth is my costly embrace of TheEnslaved! how I might free them from TheSilkenShackles of Ignorance*Fear&Contagion!’ ‘Ah, sir! Such temerity, the cost…’  ‘Friend! Be filled with TheBreath! &then, what you call Temerity will be TheNewExodus-from-Egypt!!’


            Which is preferred? Live ‘faith’ vicariously through biblical ‘cherrypicking’?

            Or step into our contemporary wilderness, ‘Filled-with-TheHolyBreath’?

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