2nd Sunday of Lent Cycle C 2022 (’01)

                                                Sunday 13th March 2022 (’01)      2nd Sunday of Lent Year C

                                                            ADBI notes from Sun 11th.March 2001

1. Gen 15.5-12, 17-18 (vv13-16, something too blatant?)

  • Read 15 1-21! A nomadic charter! The fantasy of becoming a ‘settled people’ through
  • The Promises&Exertions of their intimately-bonded divinity!
  • Nile-to-Euphrates! Would the indigenous peoples  have to leave, die, or be enslaved?
  • Why do the ‘patriarchal’ narratives portray such a ‘user-friendly-Yahweh?’
  • In contrast, say, to the moody unfrabjous divinity of the ‘exodus’ stories?
  • ‘Justified!’ : If I am totally-rooted-in-Yahweh, I am thereby ‘right-with-Him!’
  • How do ‘YahwehConversations’ (as in this story) take place nowadays?
  • The techniques&symbolisms&theatrics of ‘Covenant,’ where are they for me?

2. THE PSALM 26.1, 7-9, 13-14

  • Read 26(27) 1-14! TheShoutSong of the totally-committed to TheMoodyOne!
  • Or is it also just another of TheTemple’s rhetorical flourishes? (Read IS6!)
  • What about a world,

           Where night (apart from full moon) was darkness-enveloped?

           Where ‘normal life’ was at risk from marauders famines plagues?

            Where ‘philosophy’ and ‘science’ were unavailable, for ‘alternative answers!’

           Where a religious elite basically unaccountable, basically ran the show?

           Where dreams feelings symptoms accidents failures were ‘spirit-induced!’

3. PHIL3. 17-4:1 (Why is a shorter form offered?)

  • Read1 1-4:23 Glimpse of the Vicissitudes of Preachers&theirCommunities!
  • Is this English Version (Jerusalem) somewhat starchy&euphemistic?
  • In my world, what are The10Characteristics of ‘AnEnemyofChrist’sCross?
  • What about Paul’s 4BriefPreacher’sBites concerning them?
  • In what sense can ‘TheLordJesusChrist’ subdue TheWholwUniverse?
  • ‘Faithful-in-the-Lord!’  What above-all enables me to behave in my world as Jesus did in His? & is this important  resource scarce, or renewable?

4. LUKE 28-36

  • Read 9:1-62 Narrative tableau exploring the disciple’s ambivilant  many-sidedness.
  • ‘Moses&Elijah!’  Two blocks of extremely varied and overflattered narratives!
  • ‘Mountain!’ Every mountain is Sinai! & Whoever climbs it Frees-from-Egypt!
  • What indications in this narrative, that Jesus is ‘TheOneWhoIsToCome?’
  • Why does Peter seemingly want to ‘retain’ Moses&Elijah with them?
  • Did the early desciples find it difficult to accept that ‘JesusAloneSuffices?
  • But have i too been enabled & encouraged to ‘TransformHim’ into-my-now?
  • What significant ‘ transformational factors’ did the desciples endure there?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

Amen! TheNew&EternalCovenant-of-the-BlessedOne! Made in This-One’s blood&Breath&Bone! Consummated all the days & all the nights! Between Yochanaan’s

Shout-at-Jordan & This-One’sShout-at-Golgotha! TheTwoPlaces-of-GreatBreath! & like

FullMoon between TheTwoBeginnings, Moment-of-Stillness, Moment-of-Fire! On Holy Thabor, Mountain-of-Ascents, TheAngel-of-TheAncestralPilgrims embraced This-One!

TheBirth&Death-of-This-One into TheKiss-of-Shekinah! TheLongedFor, TheUnimaginable The Unlosable!  TheSeal-of-Total-Investment-of-TheName! Amen!

6. RIDDLE    Which ‘ExodusImage’ is paramount? WildernessRamCovenantSea MountainTestingCloudComplainingFireSerpentTentFlood?

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