21st Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A 2023 (’05)

Sunday 27 August 2023 (’05) : 21stSUNinORDINARY : A

1. IS22:19-23!

‘Yahweh-of-Armies’ dismisses&appoints! But who is actually making the ‘decisions’?

2. PS137:1, 3, 6-8! (&Whose interests are ‘dismissing&appointing’ this psalm?)

Experientially, what basis have I for Trust-in-Yahweh-of-TheWildernessCovenant?

3. ROM11:33-36!

‘Knowledge-of-God’! Ha! Do preachers&others-who-go-on-about-‘God’ ever read this?

4. MT16:13-20!

Is this story actually a ritual-of-initiation for ‘TheLeader-of-TheTwelve’?

‘At long last, begod! I hear somethin’ dacent above this mornin’…’ ‘Wha’? Don’ tell me th’ statcha appeared til her fav’rite man…’ ‘Watch i’…’ ‘On’y a wee slag…’ ‘Y’r man musta been inspired…’ ‘…I saw a duck swallyin’ a nelephint…’ ‘…right in th’ middle a’ th’ thing, what does ‘e say…?…”A’m told y’r oul’ Canon had a fav’rite sayin’, in connection wit’ th’ gospel t’day! Bridie Faherty tol’ me on th’ First Friday…”…’ ‘Hey, that’s me sister in th’ half-parish! She’s th’ on’y one of us that still goes anywhere…’ ‘…”…an’ pay attention now, it’s well worth rememberin’! OurDivineLord, comrades, handed it t’ Peter, not ‘cos ‘e was th’ Pope! but an ordin’ry Joe Soap leck you an’ me, who always did what ‘e could! Never howlin’ nothin’ against ‘im!!”…’ ‘Aw, I reely loved that man!’ ‘Well, y’r man sorta redeemed hisself there this mornin’…’ ‘An’ good f’r Bridie too! Let ‘er hang in there, feedin’ ‘im more a’ th’ oul’ Canon…’ ‘Begod, it’d make a great differ, too…!’