22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle A 2023 (’05)

Sunday 3 September 2023 (’05) : 22ndSUNinORDINARY : A

1. JER20:7-9!

‘SeducedOverPoweredLaffingStockInsultFireWeariness’! Be a ‘Prophet-of-Yahweh’?!

2. PS62:2-6, 8-9!

This Song-of-Lover-for-Beloved! What makes TheTempleDivinity so alluring to some?

3. ROM12:1-2!

What are The5Characteristics of ‘TheNewMind-of-TheAdultDisciple’? Have I any?

4. MT16:21-27!

MyStruggle-for-Discipleship, how do I distinguish ‘God’sWay’ from ‘Man’s/Woman’s’?

More&more TheTime is being fulfilled, &I am surrendering into TheAll-Loving Embrace of TheFather’sBreath! I know I’m being carried on HerWings, not whither nor how I desire it, but as She creates each moment! I’ve had many premonitions of this Stream-of-Grace, from that day I steppt into Jordan, &submitted to being Drowned-in-TheBreath! Though even that was but TheBeginnings-of-TheGreatMetanoia! I knew that TheTester-of-TrueFaith would henceforth never leave me, not has He! His constant onslaught on my Fidelity-to-TheBreath has surely been the direst of burdens! yet, of a truth, this brief span of years has been a time for me of unmixt happiness! Praise&Thanks to TheFather-of-AllCompassion! I’ve been tested in every way, not only by Slanders-of-TheSpirits, &TheScheming-of-TheReligiousAuthorities, &Persecution by some of my own clan! But, more disappointingly, by opposition from my own closest circle of followers, TheTwelve! They too, I know, are coming to appreciate the radical nature of this Ministry-of-Wholeness-for-All! that it’s not just a set of doctrines or wisdom-sayings to interpret & argue-about, but that it’s inaugurating a Way-of-TheBreath that hasn’t been contemplated since TheBlessedOne RescuedTheWretched People-from-TheSlavery-of-Egypt! Any testing&burden is worth this Ministry! The cost is great in every way, nothing less than everything! As I said to Kephas in one of his regular moods-of-rejection, ‘The progress of this Ministry-of-TheBreath will demand the resolute substitution, once for all, of Heaven’sWay-of-Compassion for Human Reckoning…’ May it continue to be so, when I depart…!

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