23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 5th September 2021 (’00): 23rdSUNinORDINARY : B

1. IS 35:4-7

  • Read 34:1- 35:10! The unsated revengefulRageOfYahweh,against the traditional aggressors (eg Edom etc), in favour of the oppressed (eg blind etc)!
  • If  this ‘Yahweh’ hasn’t been ‘superseded by the god-of-love’, as some naively claim!

But is still more active than ever, though perhaps in other guises!

  • Apart from ‘wishful thinking’, what evidence is there, of a ‘ god-of-love’?
  • Who are The20CategoriesOf the Oppressed in Irish Society?
  • In what ways are these, ‘as-Yahweh’, preparing ‘vengeance&retribution’?
  • Would ‘wrestling with biblical narrative’ make me more dangerous&endangered?
  • After all, what did Jesus have&do, but wrestle-for-His-life with ‘TheJewishBible’?

2. THE PSALM : 145:7-10     1

  • 145(146).1 -10! Read very carefully the combination of Wisdom&fantasy!
  • What realistic ‘song’ can I offer to ‘Yahweh’?
  • What ‘trust’ am I credibly (or not) placing in ‘princes&mortals’?
  • Who, if not me & my cohort, is ‘,theFreeing&HealingYahweh’?

How will I overcome Shame&Fear&Gullt, so as to speak-up in TheAssembly?  

  • Why am I allowing men&women of straw to keep me in diminishment?

3. JAM2:l-5

  • Read 2.l-26! Which, myCommunity or James’s, is the convincing hypocrite?
  • But is the convention of ‘TheTwoStandards’ so prevalent as to be totally invisible?
  • Of course it’s alluded to, but why are  christians soaisy-oisy about it?
  • James’ ‘synagogue scenario’, how is it being incarnated in ‘my Church?
  • Or, are there sound practical reasons for perpetuating such ‘ aristocratisms’ ?
  • ‘Poor according to theWorld’&’Rich in Faith’&’Heirs to TheKingdom’! Spiffing  how these phrases can slip by, in the current poor state of ‘Liturgy of theWord’!

4. MK7:31-37 

  • ‘ TyreSidonGalileeDecapois’”  Just a geographical antimacassar? or, wow..  ?
  • Does this story hint about His actual techniques as-healer?
  • Why oh why are all adult Christians not thoroughly trained-as-healers?
  • Which raises a deeper question, Who could hold such a ministry?
  • If this story was deeply-imbibed as my local church’s FirstCommandment, what . .

5. The presence&action of the Blessed One, is it like this?

‘Sir! Your healing of the deaf&dumb! How did you make those unfortunate wretches whole again?’ ‘Friend! In all my coming&going, everything I did was accomplished by Heaven’sBreath!’ ‘Heaven’sBreath, sir! &How did you manage to possess the surpassing prize, which bestowed such power in every realm?’ ‘Not a prize nor a possession, friend! But sheerest gift of The One who sent me to offer TheGoodnewsOfFreedom to all!’ ‘Not only the deaf&dumb . .?’  ‘Friend!  In Heaven’sEyes all are deaf&dumb, all arestill entombed in Egypt!’  All, sir ? How can you say that all..’ ‘Friend’ Not only TheTemple&itsSlaves-of-Power, not only the wretched sick&infirm, but my ownFamlly, my ownDisciples” ‘Sir! What are you saying? Is no one free… ‘ ‘Everyone is deaf&dumb&blind! Only a new creation will satisfy Heaven’s Yearning! Yourself too, friend! Cease this chattering, &once-for-all be filled with HolyBreath! Nothing else is life ..!!’                 1

6. RIDDLE Yahweh’sHealing! Which? Literal Symbolic Ecclesial Cosmic?

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