24th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 12 September 2021 (’00): 24thSUNinORDINARY : B

1. IS50:5-9

  • Read 50.4-9! TheThirdSong ofYahweh’sSlave!
  • Why was Yahweh’sSlave maltreated? (Read TheFirst&SecondSongs’ 42.1-4; 49:1-6)
  • Which ‘help’ is more crucial to TheSlave? that in ‘Torture’, or that in ‘Court’?
  • In my own struggle, what resources do I count as ‘Yahweh’sHelp’?
  • What ‘case’ is being brought-against contemporary ‘YahwehSlaves’?
  • How would I discern If someone belonged to ‘Yahweh’ or ‘TheOtherGods’?

2. THE PSALM : 114;1-6, 8-9

  • Read 114(115):119! Public thanks of one delivered from distress by ‘Yahweh”
  • ‘Death/TheTomb/Sorrow&Distress!’: Some biblical terms for physical or mental suffering, rejection, failure, aloneness, depression etc! Summed-up as ‘Sheôl’!
  • What remedies are offered now, for the manifestation of Sheôl, ‘depression’?
  • In 50words, what is the origin&nature&endurance&healing of ‘suffering’?
  • What substance in the rhetorical wishthink that ‘Yahweh Protects TheSimple!’?
  • Glimpse how this total psalm is a hypothetical source of ‘ThePassionNarrattve’!

3. JAMl:14-18        

  • Which important ‘goodworks’ are being ignored or condemned in myChurch?
  • Is ‘faith’ about ‘language’ ‘allegiance’ ‘powerstructure’ ’embodiment’ or what?
  • Is there a tendency to ‘pray for&about things’, rather than ‘do-them’?

&To keep ‘faith’ infantile&fuddyduddy, rather than risk a dangerous adult praxis?

  • Which is more urgent, to-venerateJesus, or to-activelybeHimineveryway?

4. MKS:27-35           ,

  • Read TheGreatThreefoldArgyBargy! 8:2210 52! FramedByBlindStories!
  • ‘TheChrist!’: Very familiar, OK! As Title&Prayer&Blessing&Curse&CasualWord! But what of Peter? Hid he mean ‘The powerfulBreathof Yahweh’sCallToFreedom’?
  • ‘Jesus’Death!’: Was it planned necessarry inevitable unforeseen accidental or what?
  • My best biblical Image&Title&Story through which to understand&embody-Him?
  • How would ‘Peter’ have shown a ‘divine’ rather than a ‘human’ way-of-thinking?
  • Is myCommunity is trying to prevent ‘Jesus’ from speaking or behaving rashly?
  • Has the danger of being a ‘disciple’  been made sufficiently clear to adultChristians?

5. The presence&action of the BlessedOne, as it like this?    

‘In every page of the Gospels, there seems to be a desire to conceal or deny the fact that Jesus’ ministry ended in utter failure! instead of accepting  this, all sorts of  .. ‘That’ll do now! I won’t tolerate meretricious slanders on the inspired truth of TheHolyWritings!’   ‘Surely it’s obvious to anyone who has given up  fuddyduddy&infantile ways of thought…’ ‘This is what comes from marinating your addled ,walnut of a so-called brain in Nietzsche’s bloated ravings! A dip in the Angelic Doctor’s limpid stream would serve you better!’ TheOfficialBeliever pursed his lips & nodded smiling, pleased that this latest attack on inspired truth had been decisively

repulsed! All the more devastating therefore ThePractisingSceptic’s shocking riposte!

‘If your own  faculties  weren’t  poisoned  by  Aquinas’  pseudoAristotle, you’d  have

recognised long since the derivative&tendentious nature of the Gospel! But, at your

age, to begin the quest for real faith…?‘        

6. RIDDLE   Suffering! Which is preferable?

Avoid Endure Embrace Remove or Process it?

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