25th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 18th September 2022 (’01) 25thSUNinORDINARY C

1. AMOS8.4-7

  • Read 8:1-14! A vision of ‘Fruit” &A sombre smouldering spiteful Word-of-Yahweh­ against-TheNorth! Wailing Siience Darkness Famine Delirium Destitution!
  • If this excerpt is not addressed to us, why bother to listen or respond? Unless to tut- tut about Amos’ or Yahweh’s obsessive rage, or TheNortherners’ complacency?
  • What if I need Marxist or anti-globalist thinking to mediate Amos’ truth?
  • In 30word , as a member of G7 or G8, how’d I respond to Amos’ truth?

2 THE PSALM ll2 1-2, 4-8 (Surely v9?)

  • Read 112(113) 1-9′ But is He seated perhaps a little too high to reach them?
  • Unless ‘Christians’ become HIsHeart&Hands&Feet’ An unpalatable paradigm’
  • ‘WithThePrinces’: What signs that such anarchic action is valued or encouraged?
  • &Who in my loca1 church is advocating on embodying this ‘egalitarian ethic’?
  • Essentially since our ‘spirituality’ risks being self regarding&xenophobic’
  • What would have to happen, were 112 7-9 to become our local church’s AIM?

3 1TIM2 1-8 (&Surely vv9-15, with appropriate irony )

  • Read 2 1-15! Revealing the power-structure&pecking-order in that church’
  • What about this writer’s portentous ‘exegesis’ of ‘Adam&Eve’? Does this tendentious ‘exegesis’ (or ‘exsegesis’) then generate the social order? Or, vice-versa?
  • If ‘woman is saved through childbearing’ (non-married too?), what of men?
  • How is all of this ‘explanation’ linked with the controversy about ‘Women’sOrders ‘?
  • What is the central core of this carefully-manicured excerpt”
  • ‘NoAngerOrArgument” But what else have ‘men’ contributed to ‘Christianity’?
  • 4. LK16.l-13
  • Read 16 1-31! Listen, baby’ If I don’t look after numero uno. who else will?
  • ‘Child-of-ThisWorld or Child-ofLight!‘. Which-is-what? &Which-am-I?
  • ‘Trust!’. What is this overused word, in-truth? Which 5People do I truly trust?
  • Which 3People truly trust me?
  • From 100p, what goes to God Market Media State Poor Chapel Family Friends

5 The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

One day, ThcPractisingSceptic launched the conversation on a strong note’ ‘Have you ever considered the story of TheWastefulButCunningSteward, as throwing light on yourChurch’s extreme ambivalent relation to money?’ Now TheOfficialBelever sallied forth belligerently’ ‘I utterly scorn&reject an your rancid&typically jaundiced insinuations about TheBody-of-Christ!’ ‘For example, clerical disquiet at falling collections ”A total fiction ”&The refusal to place ThePoor squarely at the head of church priority.. ‘ ‘Another slander ‘ ‘&Most of all, the encouragement of christians to be saves, both of God&Mammon ‘ ‘Well ‘ ‘ sordid laissezfaire that contradicts Christ’s own fearsome declaration in Lukc16” ‘It suits you, of course, to quote TheLord ‘ ‘Not at all! I never do so without reluctance’ But it suits you to ignore the thrust of my words with your weak disclaimer’ Think carefully’ Money is the iceberg against which TheBark-of-Peter has fatally struck.!!’

6. RIDDLE ThePoor!

A rhetorical ‘mother-of-pearl’?

An increasingly-threatening political petard?

The key to religio-planetary wisdom?

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