24th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C 2022 (’01)

Sunday 11th September 2022 (’01) • 24thSUNinORDINARY • C

1. EXOD32 7-11, 13-14

  • Theomissionof3212! Pious softmindedness? Problem in apologetics or theodicy?
  • Desire not to have any jarring word that might disturb the dogmatic slumber of all?
    • Read 32.1-35′ TheBull-of-Gold’ But how did AaronthePriest escape the ‘plague’?
    • Why are ‘thepeople’ blamed&puinshed for what was Aaron’s collusive sin?
    • Is this another e’\’.ample of ‘double-standardism’? (Read NUM12! &Growl”)
    • This active Yahweh/MosesDebate’ itsequivalent in mvlocalchurch?
    • How are the variantperspectiveson‘IrishPaganSocietv‘ in active-dialogue”

2. THE PSALM 50·3-4, 12-13, 17, 19 (Another unlovinghatchet-job’)

  • Read 50(51)·1-19′ A Lugnaquilla of ‘TempleSpirtuality” Great!
  • In 1OO words, intuit&re-express this from my own experience of Aloneness Stain AncesteralGuilt Callowness Crushedness Asphyxia GlumnessDumbness Disallusion’
  • Has the traditional ‘Therapy-of-TheLost’ been largelyforfeitedbyTheChurches?
  • &Is this linked with the official ‘churchpolemic’against‘NewAge&Cults’?
  • Why was the versatile spectrum of ‘ChristHealing’ in disciples allowedJ to atrophy?
  • What is even preciouser-than-heaven? WholenessonEarth, &of-Earth!

3 1TIM112-17

  • Read 1.3-20′ What is The5ProngedCrisis at large in Timothy’s local church?
  • How do I understand, ‘HeCameToSaveSinners!’? Weren’t they already being ‘saved’ in mainstream Judaism” Or, has the phrase a ‘hidden meaning’?
  • What assures me, thatIhave-been,ambeing,orwillbe,‘saved’?
  • &If TheOtherGods are irresistably&simultaneouslyoffering‘salvation’?
  • In what ways has ‘grace’ flowed in me, as ‘afully-paidup-disciple’?

4. LK15 1-32 (A fine large helping’)

  • In what sense are‘sinnersthepriority in myChurch? &Inwhatsense-not”
  • What is theaccceptedmeaningof‘sinnner’ (in homilies etc) in my local church”
  • ‘Lost&Found-m-TheLocalChurch’

Who (Sheep/Coin/YoungerSon) are presently‘lost’ inanyway?

What is beingdone (ornot) In regard to them? &By whom”

What ‘resources&opportunities‘ are being sought? Or squandered?

Is joy-at-the-returnof-theLost either resented? Or begrudged”

5 The presence&achon of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Well, Gertie, drink to me only’ We got the prodigal son again above this mornin’…’

‘Y’r man, is it, that walked outa th’ boat?’ ‘No, remember, he wasted ‘is substance

livin’-righteously-‘ ‘Oh-‘-‘His-oul’-fella-sol’ thewhole-place, lock-stock-&bardle’-an!.,- wait f’r it, gave th’ young fella, th’ prodigal, that 1s, about 20grand t’ go ‘way an’ kick

up ‘is heels” ‘Begod, my fella ‘s always goin’ on about ..’ ‘But he ran through th’ bread in a week or ten days. .’ ‘Typical little ‘ ‘An’ listen, went back wi’ this sob story,_an’ th’ oul’ fell.- was all over ‘im ‘ ‘God, th’ slob ..’ ‘Head a’ wit says, that’s th’ way th’ man-above ‘s like! all over ya if y’ come back, no matter what y’ve done” ‘What? are y’ sure? th’ man-above? a’ y’ all right? all over ya?’ ‘Gertie, a’m on’y quotin’ th’ man’ an’ he’s on’y sayin’ is stuff ‘ ‘Cissie, that’s what I mean’ God, y’ve got me goin” A’m gonna check this out’ An’ I will, even if I’ve t’ ask th’ man-above meself .’Oh ‘

6. RIDDLE Which is actually the most important for me? Being Sinner, Saved, Disciple, or Lost?

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