26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’03)

Sunday 26st Sept 2021(‘03): 26h SUN in ORDINARY B


  • Read 11.1-35! Another notorious Yahweh-narrative, as it seems! Much of the negotiation is between Yahweh&Moses! But Yahweh keeps HisOptions always!
  • In terms of the storyteller’s agenda, is it significant ThePeople ultimately blamed?
  • The choice of excerpt, does it make all seem benign&genial? But wouldn’t it change everything totally, if Moses’ wish was fulfilled?
  • Whatever about ‘ConfirmationRhetoric’,  where is the evidence that Yahweh has actually ‘GivenHisBreath’ to all the adult disciples in my local church?
  • Even ‘TheElders’ in the excerpt! They ‘spoke once in ‘TheSpirit’, &then, mum…

2.THE PSALM: 18:8, 10, 112-14 (Tho’ the whole psalm is worth a bar!)

  • Read 18(19):1-14! A devotional exchange for Yahweh’s Work&Law&Redemption!
  • ‘TheLaw-of-Yahweh!’: ‘LoveMe! By loving each other, &everyone, unselfishly’!!
  • Have I found that my struggle to embody this ‘Biggie’ truly revives my soul?
  • What are The7Evidences of ‘TheRevival-of-MySoul’?
  • What are The7Evidences that it’s ‘ImbuedMeWithWisdom’?
  • Has this total psalm come from a WisdomEnvironment, unlike NUM above? ‘Cos it represents a very different ‘Yahweh-in-Action’, less ‘bi-polar’!
  • How prevalent in my local church is anxiety about hidden or forgotten ‘sin’?


  • Read 5:1-19! Warning to TheRich(who-them?), Exhortation-to-Patience, Prayer-is-Powerfull-in-ManyWays, Care-for-OneWhoFallsAway! Anything that touches me?
  • Will this excerpt be condescendingly shrugged-off? As if we were not very ‘rich’?
  • If I read it slowly&carefully, does it assume for itself more ‘actuality”?
  • To what extent is our indulgent lifestyle ‘corroding’ our ‘total health’?
  • Is a sort of ‘karma’ being accumulated by unselfaware life-in-the-world’?
  • My ‘first-world’ consumption of food&energy, at whose expense is this?
  • TheInnocent? In IraqCroatiaWestAfrica? Children&Media? Threadbare Catechesis?

4, MK9:38-43, 45, 47-48

  • Read 9:2-49! The disciples inability to comprehend HisImpendingDeath!
  • Why are ‘disciples’ forever trying to redeem Jesus from HisOwnDifficultChoices?
  • ‘NotOneOfUs’: Has this criterion been over-invoked, despite what Jesus says?
  • &Has ‘OneOfUs’ been uncritically used, so as to condone all sorts of ‘falsity’?
  • Can I adequately value the passion that underlies all these Jesus-Sayings’?

           Anyone who is not against us, is for us!

           Even a cup of water, for Chrissake, is rewarded!

           Whatever causes you to sin, recognise it, & take resolute action!

  1. RIDDLE      Why isn’t my local church struggling,

                                       That all adults receive TheBreath-of-Yahweh?

                                       That all souls are revived, &imbued-with-Wisdom?

                                       That our wealthy lifestyle is seen in-context?

                                       That our chauvinistic self-righteousness be rooted out?

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