27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’03)

Sunday 3rd Oct 2021(‘03): 27th SUN in ORDINARY B

1.GEN2: 18-24

  • Read again, slowly&alertly, 2:4b-3:24
  • What is the overall impression?What moods&questions does it engender?
  • Name the principal characters, & how they relate to each other?
  • In what way is it hinted that TheWoman is inferior, or Superior, to TheMan?
  • What is the central concern of TheStoryteller?
  • To what extent is this story being embodied in my local church?
  • What is TheDoctrineOfOriginalSin? Is it still important?
  • Why is the impression given that only TheMan is expelled from TheGarden?

2.THE PSALM: 127

  • Which of the imaginings of ‘marriage’, GEN 2 or PS127, rings more true to me?
  • What are the biblical underpinnings, &the theological raison d’etre, &the liturgical appropriateness, of contemporary ‘marriage’? What is its main priority?
  • ‘Fear-of-Yahweh’!: In 30 words, sketch this, & its importance for ‘marriage’!
  • Handlabourer/Vine/Olive!: Was ‘TheFearOfYahweh’ used as a socialiser?                        To keep people simple, no ulterior desires, no footbanging from the pews?
  • In our contemporary concern for family/values, is an imagining that is socio-theological being imposed (if-so, who?) on a reality that is quite other….


  • Read 1:1-2:18! Insistence on the distinction between God, TheSon, TheAngels, HumanBeings! So that it is to be clear TheSon came to redeem Humans not Angels…
  • How, &Why, did this ‘Temple Theology” become attached to Jesus-of-Nazareth?
  • Thge perennial emphasis on Jesus’ ‘Death’, how has this marked ‘TheChristianPsyche’?
  • ‘Sons&Brothers!’: Just a generalisation for ‘all of us’? Easily rectified by ‘inclusive language’? Or a declaration that all this is a masculine worldview for males?
  • In the present ‘return-of-the-angels’, will Jesus be trampled or embraced?

4.MK10:2-16(&A shorter form also! Like a choice of dress or skirt?)

  • What is the connection between marriage&divorce&emigration?
  • What was the ‘test’ contained in ThePharisees’ question to Jesus, & its format?
  • What is to see if he would follow Moses? Or if He carried a ‘higher prescription’?
  • ‘Unteachable!’;(Hardness-of-Heart/NRSV) Stupidity? Recalcitrance? Lack-of-Empathy-with-Yahwism? Or was ‘divorce’ given credence ‘through Moses’?
  • In TheGardenStory, isn’t it arguable that the situation was ‘virtual divorce’?
  • Which is preferable? ChaoticMarriage, or CoordinatedDivorce?
  • What is the ‘officIal position’ with regard to divorced people with regard to The Eucharist?
  1. RIDDLE What’s the best arrangement for contemporary Christian Marriage?

                 Build up from TheBible a rationale for indissoluble wedlock!

                 Create the very best socio-theology of sexuality&marriage&earth?

                 Choose a committee in each diocese of women&men to oversee marriage?

                 ‘Continue in the present medieval rut! ‘cos God looks after His-own!

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