2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 17th Jan 2021(’00)  2nd Sun Ordinary Time: B

1    1Sam3:3-10, 19

  • Read 1:1-3:21! The Birth&Presentation&Call ofSamuel-the-Anointer-ofKings!
  • Where or what or who is ‘TheSanctuaryOfYaweh’ in my world?
  • When I’m ‘called’, how do I distinguish ‘Yahweh’sCall’ from ‘HighPriest’sCall’?
  • How does ‘TheHighPriest’ separate ‘Yahweh’sWord’ & his-own’Word’?
  • Imagine, he lived in ‘Yahweh’sSanctuary’, but was ignorant of Yahweh!
  • What indications have I, that ‘Yahweh is with-me, &upholds my behaviours!?
  • Boy&ManInReligiousIntimacy! But no hint of Scandal or Deprecation! Why is this?

2    THE PSALM: 39:2,4, 7-10

  • READ 39(40).1-17!Passionate manifesto of a disciple of Yahweh!
  • &Will a woman experience these dark&bright sentiments differently from a man?
  • Patrick makes this image hi-won at a crucial juncture of TheConfession! (#12&20)
  • could the ‘rituals of worship’ possibly be a cheap&futile substitute (understood byYahweh!) for a radical listening-to-Yahweh that ‘becomes-flesh’ as me-myself?
  • What if adultChristians are either encouraged or constrained to be mealymouthed?
  • &enable either as mnisters or disciples to speak-out in ‘TheGreatAssembly’?

3    1Cor6:13-15, 17-20

  • Read 6:1-20! Can I glimpse the problematics that incite such religious indignation?
  • &How would this language strike our soi-disant unbuttoned&uninhibited society?
  • What ways do I poerceive myself sharing ‘OneBody&OneBreath’ with ‘TheChrist’?
  • How pervasive his arguments about ‘Fornication&Body&Breath&God’sProperty’?

4    Jn1:25-42

  • How did they understand John’s phrase, TheLambOfGod? (EXOD12:43-13.16!)
  • Why would someone want to ‘follow’ anyone referred to as ‘TheLambOfGod’?
  • What are the 5BestTitles for Jesus of Nazareth in myChurch&Community?
  • Look! Which 3People effectually enabled me-as-adult to encounter Jesus?
  • How did Andrew decide that Jesus was ‘TheMessiah”?
  • Since he ‘recognised’ Him, why did TheBaptisr himself not ‘follow’ Jesus?

5    The presence&action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

‘Sir’! Those many titles they bestowed on you, &that I’m sure you’re proud to bear..’

‘Friend! Titles or other honours I’ve never sought! Nor do I even now as we speak! even as would-be-unassuming as ‘sir’! They are a burden on me, &more so on those who use them towards me!’ ‘Sir! With respect! You have once again surprised &disturbed me! How can the honour that is your due, &your eternal significance for your followers, be emblazoned apart from those thrilling celebratory titles! LambOfGod, AnointedShepherd,  LaffterOfTheStars,

GathererOfThePresence, MirrorerOfTheGreatWisdom , HeavenlyMan, Lightning&ThunderOfTheFace, FeederOfMessengers,  InnerBreathOfCovenant, TheNameAmongstUs…’  ‘Friend! Pleased I am to have surprised&disturbed you’ So, I repeat, titles are are a burden that is without fruit! Unless the puffiness of rancid myrrh be counted as fruit!’ ‘Sir…’ ‘Friend, always I sought to temper the intemperate ardour of my followers, &I continue to do so! Meantime, between you&me let the honourable word ‘friend’ suffice! All of Heaven’s richness hides there, if you are wise enough to see it!’  ‘Sit, you have enabled me to see! henceforth it is ‘friend’! Friend-forever…!!’

6  RIDDLE Which is more necessary? Listening or looking or alerting?

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