3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle B 2021 (’00)

Sunday 24th Jan 2021(’00)  3rd Sun Ordinary Time: B

1    JON3:1-5, 10 (what about verses6-9?)

  • Read 1:1 – 3:11! What if Yahweh orders me to offer ‘conversion’ to my Enemies?
  • &If ‘Justice’ must take precedence even over what were regarded as ‘Absolutes’?
  • What connections between this story, &TheExodusNarratives?
  • ‘Niniveh’ Assyrian royal city! Hated&cursed&feared! (Read NAHUM 1 -3)
  • what is the equivalent of ‘Niniveh’ in IrishSociety? Or in the contemporary world?
  • To what extent is myChurch still infected by exclusivism&narrowness in spite of the intention of John23&VastII to embrace ‘aggiornamento’!

2    THE PSALM  24: 4-9

  • Read 24(25):1-22! Desideratum! be ‘yahwistically’ moral, no matter what!
  • ‘Paths/Ways/Truths!’  The behaviouralPriorities of Yahweh!
  • ‘Stray/Humble/Poor!’ Who are these? &How is ‘Yahweh’ accompanying them?
  • How are we actualising the rather vague ‘wishful thinking’ of this poem?
  • But what if ‘Yahweh’ is an insatiable ‘Lover’?

3    1Cor7:29 -31

  • Read 7:1-40! whence did he derive these opinions concerning ‘sexuality’?
  • ‘Brothers’!: What would the ‘Sisters’ have to say to Paul’s dispositions?
  • Did he write with the (mistaken) conviction that the ‘world’ would soon end?
  • How valid are the gnomic sentiments of this possible misleading excerpt?
  • Especially the prescription about ‘wives’ in our increasingly-lax ‘sexual climate’?
  • ‘TheWorldAsWeKnowIt’!: who gives even a yawn about our ecological supercrisis?

4    MK1:14 -20

  • What exactly is ‘TheGoodNews’ in this initial proclamation of Jesus?
  • If an itinerant preacher came into town shouting this, how would I respond?
  • In 35 words, can I re-cast Jesus’ proclamation in ‘contemporary language’?
  • Why’d even biblical fishermen be interested  in ‘catching’ anything apart from fish?
  • Why does he appear to have ‘called’ no women in the beginnings of ministry?

5    The presence & action of the BlessedOne, is it like this?

The lake,  Kinnereth, I both loved&hated her! Sure, she offered me fish, though probably unwillingly, &as a trap to lull me into becoming careless! I know she intended to gather me in her arms, maybe on my 40th birthday, & drag me a limp frog into the realm of Sheol, which was spread wide like the dragon’s jaws not too far beneath the placid  but frighteningly moody surface of Kinnereth! The fish & the  placid I loved , but the jaws & the moody I hated&feared! but listen, Heaven suddenly snatched me away from it all, its messenger Jeshua from Nazareth, walking urgently back&forth along the skirts of the land,  shouting&persuading&appealing to the fishermen! ‘Leave all this futile combing the waves, children! The time of decision is surely upon us! Come now with me! Comb the horrid places of the land for Heaven’s lost ones!’ All the men on our stretch laffed, & threw rotten weed at the stranger! But something moved in me, was it Kinnereth daring me, or me her? Anyway, I still remember it with amaze, I leapt out of the boat with its entangled nets, nodded to my brother, &we both followed Yeshua, quickly learning &repeating his shouting goodnews! &Did I finally escape the dragon? Well, that’s another story….

RIDDLE. Whose priority in these excerpts is nearer mine?

                                                 Jonah’s or Paul’s or Jesus’?

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