2nd Sunday of Christmas Cycle C 2022 (’10)

Sunday 2 January 2022 (’10) . 2ndSUN of CHRISTMAS : C

 1. SIRACH24.1-2, 8-12!

Who is this DivineFemmine, ‘Wisdom/Chokmah’? Where is She in my local church? All the dignified rhetoric, &yet women have so long been treated as second-class...

2.PS147:12-15, 19-20!

‘Peace/Wheat! Was this Prosperity&Food available to all, or only the privileged? Why is this pious Wishful-thinking so prevalent in ThePsalms, &passed on to us?

3. EPHl:3-6, 15-18!

How inspiring, Paul’s prayer for TheEphesians! Is such a prayer being offered for us? ‘AdoptedSons’! Does he mean to exclude Women? Or is it just ‘stylistic’?

4. JNI:1-18!

‘TheWord’! The story ofYahweh’sInitiative, to Bring-ThePeople-out-of-Enslavement! This-Deed-became-Flesh-in-TheLife-of-Jesus! Always, He-Aimed-to-Free-from-Slavery!

RIDDLE! ‘Why is Yahweh’s-Initiative-in-TheExodus basically unacknowledged?’

  • We prefer to remain in TheSlavery-of-Obedience-to-TheChurch’!
  • It all sounds a bit foreign! &Isn’t really dealt-with inTheCaddykissim!
  • It’s not politically-correct, ID either Temple or Church, to be mentioing ‘Yahweh’!
  • Essentially, it’s just a trifle too Jewish for RomanCatholics!

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